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Cyrus, 1813
Type: 6th Rate ; Armament 20
Launched : 8 Jan 1813 ; Disposal date or year : 1823

1813 some comments on the design and building of the Cyrus and Medina.

Deal 10 Aug 1814 Came down from the River and departed with the outward-bound convoy for Portsmouth.

Plymouth 21 Sep 1814 departed on a cruise.

Falmouth 31 Dec 1814 arrived with the Dutch ship, Rotterdam, 64, in tow, from the Texel, with the loss of mizen mast, fore and main top-mast, carried away in the late gales.

Falmouth 7 Jan 1815 departed on a cruise.

Falmouth 11 Mar 1815 arrived from a cruise.

Plymouth 15 Jul 1815 Has detained and sent in the Trois Frere, from Bourdeaux.

Plymouth 25 Jan 1816 arrived from a cruise.

Plymouth 27 Jan 1816 departed on a cruise.

Plymouth 22 Feb 1816 Came in from a cruize.

Portsmouth 8 Feb 1817 In harbour.

27 Nov 1821 based on Cork.

5 Jan 1822 is supposed to have been ordered to Plymouth to be paid off and re-commissioned.

26 Dec 1822 has detained and sent in to Cork the Bausee, smuggling lugger from Flushing, laden with 1,300 bales of tobacco, &c.

30 Apr 1823 Put up for sale [per London Gazette of 17 May 1823].