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Defence, <-1814-1848->
Type: Revenue cruiser ; Armament 10

Circa 31 Dec 1814 armed with 10 guns as an Revenue cruiser under the command of Jon Lepper, based on the Plymouth Station, and responsible to the English Board.

Jul 1830 - England

23 Sep 1830, Lowestoffe, is reported to have parted from here anchors and cables in a gale, whilst in the Roads.

The Hampshire Advertiser of 28 Apr 1832 announced the death of Mr. Hugh Hughes, son of Dr. Hughes, of Plymouth, who was accidentally drowned off Hythe whilst cruising in the revenue cruiser Defence.

4 Jun 1832 captured off Farr Light the French smuggling lugger L'Espoir, of Boulogne, with 210 tubs of spirits and 2 bales of tea, which were landed at the Custom House, at Hastings.

2 Jul 1840 Lieutenant John Hains, Coast Guard, appointed to Defence.

1 Aug 1842 based at N. Yarmouth, Lieutenant John Hains still in command.

16 Jun 1845 Lt GF Westbrook apptd to the Revenue cruiser Defence vice Lt Hains.

20 Dec 1848 Revenue Vessel.