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Donegal, 1858
Type: 1st rate ; Armament 101
Launched : 23 Sep 1858 ; Disposal date or year : 1925
BM: 3245 tons ; Displacement: 5461 tons
Propulsion: Screw amd sao;
Machinery notes: 800 hp

1860 Channel Squadron

2 Apr 1861 last Saturday a court-martial took place at Plymouth on T A Newman, a Royal Marine, of HMS Donegal, who, while on duty on the cabin of Capt. Broadhead, stole some 60 from the cabin. He pleaded "Guilty" and was sentenced to receive 48 lashes, be imprisoned for six months, mulcted of all pay, and dismissed from HM service.

30 Apr 1861 Donegal is reported to have been sighted with her squadron off Plymouth, but appears to have departed for Portland.

6 Aug 1861 is reported to be back in Plymouth Sound.

11 Nov 1861 At Plymouth, embarking Royal Marines for the expedition to the West Indies.

14 Nov 1861 departed yesterday for the West Indies.

6 Dec 1861 Donegal is reported to have call at Madeira for coal.

16 Dec 1861 Donegal arrived Jamaica.

23 Dec 1861 departed from Jamaica for Bermuda

29 Jan 1862 It is reported that the Donegal, now at Bermuda is now to sail to Vera Cruz, Mexico, following "pacific news received from Washington...."

30 Jan 1862 It is reported that HMS Conqueror has gone ashore on Rum Cay in the Bahamas and the Donegal, with other ships, has been sent to rescue survivors and stores etc.

30 Apr 1862 Reported to be back at Bermuda, from Mexico.

23 May 1862 arrived Plymouth, having departed Vera Cruz 8 Mar, and Bermuda 6 May, carrying invalids from the navy, marines and army from Mexico, where the RMs suffered a number of deaths from the climate.

1 Sep 1864 Commissioned at Devonport.

1 Sep to 31 Dec 1864 Home Station. Number of Cases of Disease and Injury.

1870 Particular Service (Tender to Duke of Wellington) 81 guns

1879 Late Screw, 2nd Rate, Portsmouth.

1886 Renamed Vernon, torpedo school