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Duke of Wellington, 1852

1852 Windsor Castle (1852) renamed Duke of Wellington 1852. See also Windsor Castle (1852)

11 Mar 1854 departed Spithead, with the fleet, for the Baltic - see p. 413 at

15 Apr 1854 captured Russian brig Patrioten [Prize Money per London Gazette of 21 Jul 1857].

13 Jun 1854 the French fleet joined the British in the Baltic at Baro Sound - see p. 419-> at

10 Aug 1854 guns were landed and sent up to the British battery, in charge of men under officers from the Edinburgh, Duke of Wellington, and Euryalus - see p. 423-4 at

1855 Bombardment of Sveaborg

4 Feb 1856 At Spithead

23 Apr 1856 Present at Fleet Review, Spithead ; Captain Caldwell CB

1860 Guard Ship of Sailing Ordinary, Devonport

1 May 1863 Portsmouth. Commissioned for Harbour Service and as Receiving Ship, Portsmouth.

1864 Home Station, Receiving Ship at Portsmouth. Reports of VD etc. and Small Pox onboard. Number of Cases of Disease and Injury.

1870 Flag Ship, Portsmouth - 49 guns

23 Jan 1871 7 ship's stewards will appear at a Court Martial to be held on board tomorrow, these will include H.W. Harkoom of the Agincourt ; S. Vine of the Boscawen ; C. Townshend of the Inconstant ; E.J. Knight of the Achilles ; J. Munday of the Warrior ; W. Carline of the Pembroke ; and A. Ingleton of the RN Barracks at Sheerness.

1 Jan 1878 commissioned at Portsmouth

1879 Flag Ship, Portsmouth - 25 guns

1879 Tenders, "Earnest," "Fire Queen", "Medina", "Sprightly"," Victory"

Apr 1886 Portsmouth

1 Apr 1888 New books opened

1890 C-in-C Portsmouth. Staff onboard are also borne for duties at Lisbon Hospital ; Haslar Hospital ; Recruiting. 1890 Tenders: "Fire Queen"," Magnet", "Ant", "Victory"

1902 some observations by an officer who lived on board her for a short period at this time.