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Eagle, 1804
Type: 3rd rate ; Armament 74
Launched : at Messrs Perry's dock yard at Northfleet 27 Feb 1804 ; Disposal Date : 1926
Disposal Details : lost by fire ;
BM: 1723 tons ; Displacement: 2340 tons

27 Feb 1804 orders have been received for her to be prepared for sea "without loss of time."

Circa 5 Mar 1804 Capt D Colby apptd to the Eagle, fitting for the flag of R.-Adm Thornborough.

April 1805 captured the French privateer Empereur on the Leeward Island station.

May 1805 With Rear Admiral Cochrane

21 Apr - 12 Jul 1806 operations, with the Army, along the coast of Naples, in support of the Prince of Hesse.

late 1807 stationed at Palermo.

21 Feb 1808 joined in Palermo bay by R.-adm. Strachan's squadron.

2 Mar 1808 joined Lord Collingwood's squadron off the island of Maritimo. 6 Mar received news that the French fleet had been at sea for a month and departed in search, which continued for a week or two after the French fleet had returned to Toulon on 10 Apr. Leaving Vice-admiral Thornborough with a sufficient force to blockade Toulon, Lord Collingwood departed for Gibraltar and Cadiz, to contribute his aid to the cause of the Spanish patriots.

15 May 1810 is reported by the Leda to be at Cadiz.

Sheerness 29 Jan 1810 departed for Portsmouth.

Deal 1 Feb 1810 Came down from the River.

29 Apr 1810 At Cadiz.

Deal 15 Apr 1811 arrived from the westward.

24 June 1811 Reported to be off Corfu.

27 Nov 1811 in the Adriatic, chased the French frigates Uranie and Corceyre, and brig-corvette Scemplone, capturing the Corceyre, with troops, and laden with wheat, and military stores etc.

16-17 Sep 1812 off Cape Maestro near Ancona, ship's boats captured 2 gun boats and captured or destroyed 21 out of a convoy of 23 vessels.

29 Apr 1813 the ship's boats of the Elizabeth and Eagle captured 4 armed merchant vessels whilst 3 ran themselves on shore.

8-20 Jun 1813 the ship's boats of the Elizabeth and Eagle involved in actions on the coast of Istria.

3 Jul-4 Aug 1813 the ship's boats of the Milford, Elizabeth, Eagle, Bacchante, Weasel and Haughty involved in actions at Fiume, Porto-Ré, Bocca-Ré, the fortress of Farasina, Rovigno, the island of Ragosniza.

5-29 Oct 1813 Milford, Eagle, Bacchante, Wizard and Mermaid involved in actions in and off the port of Triest.

Portsmouth 16 Apr 1814 arrived from the Adriatic, Trieste (8 Mar).

Portsmouth 18 Apr 1814 Released from quarantine and departed for the Downs.

Portsmouth 21 Apr 1814 departed for the Downs.

3 May 1814 Reports suggest that she is to be paid off at Chatham.

1830 Chatham. Reduced to 50 guns.

Portsmouth 19 Feb 1831 Is reported to have been commissioned ?

5 Dec 1840 Portsmouth, has been ordered for commission at Chatham within the last few days.

16 Dec 1840 Portsmouth, although reported as commissioned has not yet hoisted her pendant.

13 Apr 1841 Chatham, is being got ready for commission.

6 Nov 1841 at Chatham, and is ordered to be prepared for commissioning. [Since the Admiralty was having problems recruiting sufficient men for other ships being prepared for sea service, one wonders if they may have abandoned the idea of proceeding with the Eagle ?]

24 Sep 1842 is ordered to be fitted for commission at Chatham - is this some ruse - as the Chinese used to say in pigeon.....never happen !

1846 South America and River Plate

20 Dec 1848 Devonport

1860 Portsmouth, Training Ship, reduced to 50

1 July 1862 Liverpool. Commissioned as RNR Drill Ship for Service at Liverpool.

1864 Home Station, as RNR Drill Ship at Liverpool. Number of Cases of Disease and Injury.

1870 RNR Drill ship, Liverpool, reduced to 16

1 Jan 1873 Recommissioned at Liverpool

1879 RNR Drill ship, Liverpool, reduced to 12

1 Apr 1881 New books opened

Apr 1886 Liverpool

1890 RNR Drill ship, Liverpool

Lent to R.N.V.R. Mersey Division

Aug 1914 Liverpool

1918 Eagle renamed Eaglet.