HMS Eclair

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Eclair, 1801
Type: Schooner ; Armament 10
Taken : 17 Jan 1801 ;

15 Jan 1801 captured a vessel from a convoy off Guadeloupe.

17 Jan 1801 Daphne, Cyane, Hornet, Garland captured the French schooner Éclair, purchased into the service.

5 Feb 1804 engagement with the French privateer Grand-Décidé, of 22 long 8-pounders.

5 Mar 1804 ship's cutter cut out the French privateer-schooner Rose.

16 Mar 1801 departed Barbadoes with the Leviathan, Andromeda, Unité, Drake, Hornet, Fanny, armed brig, and Alexandria, tender, with 1,500 troops for Grand Saline Bay, St. Bartholomew.

25 Mar 1801 leaving sufficient troops and the Proselyte, Hornet, and Drake to defend the island the rest of the troops were embarked and the squadron departed for St Thomas's on the 26th. The Unité was to be detached with the prisoners to Martinique.

12 May 1803 a letter as dated from Barbadoes reports that the Centaur, Argo, Emerald, Heureux, Cyane, Osprey, Gauchapin, Drake, Netley, and L'Eclair are now gone to Martinique, and the Venus and Hornet cruise off Guadaloupe.

May 1805 Leeward Islands

1809 Renamed Pickle