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Edinburgh, 1811
Type: 3rd rate ; Armament 74
Laid down : Nov 1807 ; Launched : 26 Jan 1811 ;
Disposal date or year : 1866
BM: 1772 tons ; Propulsion: Sail / Screw (1846)
Machinery notes: 450

4 Jul 1811 gone down to St. Helen's.

28 Aug 1811 arrived Portsmouth from a cruise in the Atlantic.

11 Sep 1811 departed Portsmouth to join squadron off Flushing.

14 Sep 1811 arrived Deal : to join the fleet of Flushing.

17 Sep 1811 departed Deal to join the fleet off Flushing.

16 Oct 1811 is off the North Foreland, and expected to arrive in the Downs this evening.

5 Nov 1811 Remains in the Downs, due to adverse winds.

1 Jan 1812 Dropped down to St. Helen's, for the Mediterranean.

6 Jan 1812 departed from St. Helen's, for the Mediterranean.

8 Jan 1812 arrived Plymouth from Portsmouth, now in Cawsand Bay ; will sail this week for the Mediterranean.

9 Jan 1812 arrived Plymouth Dock from St. Helen's and departed almost immediately for the Mediterranean.

18 Aug 1812 With the Fleet off Toulon.

18 Jan 1813 the Edinburgh in company with the Unite captured the vessels Bea and Masshauda. Unfortunately the problems with the Playmate, see next para., were repeated with these vessels.

16 Feb 1813 the Edinburgh in company with the Ajax and Pilot, detained the vessel Playmate.
24 Apr 1817 announced that copies of accounts of sale and proceeds' of the Playmate, to be lodged in the Registry of the High Court of Admiralty, on the 12 May 1817. Unfortunately though, for those entitled to the prize money from that time on things didn't seem to go as smoothly as they shoulda : the estate of the agent responsible for paying the prize money had gone bankrupt and therefore subsequent payments of the prize money were made in instalments, thus, presumably not amounting to the full sum due.
25 March 1822 notice was given that distribution of the dividends received by the Treasurer of this Institution, from the estate of Messrs Lark and Woodhead, in the undermentioned prize cases, will commence on 10 Apr next. Whether any dividends were paid in the interim I know not, but the final dividend of 5¼d. in the pound due in this respect, didn't become due to be paid by the Examiner of Prize Accounts until 2 Jul 1850.

13 April 1813 captured the vessel Caro Soliman. Unfortunately the problems with the Playmate were repeated with this vessel.

5 Sep 1813 a part of a squadron involved in operations in and off the port of D'Anzo.

22 Jul 1850 balance of Prize Monies due 1813 paid, following the bankruptcy of the agent appointed to make payment.

24 June 1814 remains Genoa.

7 Aug 1814 Remained Port Mahon.

13 Nov 1814 arrived Portsmouth from the Mediterranean with a convoy of transports, and merchantmen, now under quarantine at the Motherbank.

16 Nov 1814 came into Portsmouth from quarantine.

6 Dec 1814 paid off.

1830 at Portsmouth in ordinary.

21 Jul 1832 the Nelson, along with the Hibernia, Bellerophon, Edinburgh, Benbow, Spartiate, Pembroke, President, Naiad, Amphitrite, and Trincomalee, it is noted, in the Hampshire Telegraph, were brought forward to be commissioned last summer, at considerable expense, and except for the Spartiate, Edinburgh, and President, and are now to be put back into Ordinary, also at some expense.

10 Nov 1832 to be brought forward for commission.

14 Nov 1832 was taken into the basin.

26 Nov 1832 taken into dock.

24 Dec 1832 was undocked at Portsmouth.

23 Nov 1833 in Portsmouth Harbour.

23 Nov 1833 refitting in Portsmouth basin.

7 Dec 1833 refitting for the Mediterranean.

4 Jan 1834 fitting out at Portsmouth.

21 Feb 1834 went out to Spithead to wait for orders.

1 Mar 1834 at Spithead.

11 Mar 1834 departed Spithead for Plymouth and the Mediterranean station.

12 Mar 1834 arrived Plymouth from Spithead and will sail in a few days for Malta.

13 Mar 1834 In Plymouth Sound.

3 Apr 1834 The Barham spoke with the Edinburgh in the Gut of Gibraltar, en route for Malta.

29 Apr 1834 Malta.

22 Jul 1834 arrived Vourla from Mytelene, and has since departed to Scalanova and Nauplia.

21 Aug 1834 arrived Off Vourla from a cruise off Mytelene.

27 Sep 1834 With the squadron at Vourla.

19 Dec 1834 Vourla Bay.

31 Jan 1835 is reported to be at Malta.

9 Feb 1835 departed Malta with a squadron for the Vourla, where it arrived circa 15 Feb..

1 Jul 1835 with the Mediterranean squadron, in the Levant, off Cape Sapienza.

16 Oct 1835 arrived Malta from the Levant.

8 Dec 1835 at Malta.

7 Mar 1836 in Valetta harbour preparing for the Spring/Summer cruise.

11 Jun 1836 is reported to have returned to Malta from a cruise on 16 May, and departed on 25th to resume her station with the squadron in the Archipelago.

21 Jun 1836 departed Corfu for Patras.

22 Dec 1836 arrived Lisbon from Gibraltar with marine artillery.

7 Jan 1837 is expected Portsmouth hourly.

10 Jan 1837 is to be paid off at Portsmouth and put into ordinary.

15 Jul 1837 is expected to be commissioned here in a few days.

16 Sep 1837 was taken out of the basin Thursday and is now alongside a hulk.

1838-39, part of a squadron looking after British interests on the coast of Mexico. See p. 305 at

2 May 1839 Jamaica departed for Bermuda.

10 Jul 1839 at Halifax.

10 Aug 1839 Lieutenant James Inglis, appointed to Edinburgh, vice Lieutenant R. F. Cleaveland promoted to the rank of Commander.

10 Aug 1839 Portsmouth arrived on Wednesday evening, 21 days from Halifax : she came into harbour yesterday, and is to refit as soon as possible. She was hauled on to a slip to-day, to be examined, but is only lightly damaged in her false keel, and will be ready for sea in a few days ; her bottom was found very foul, being thickly studded with coral vegetation, in many places to a depth of eight or nine inches ; her copper has been on for 12 years, and though in excellent condition, it may have lost that galvanic principle, which usually keeps marine animal-algae from adhering to it.

17 Aug 1839 Portsmouth Lieutenants Henry S. Hawker, appointed vice Sibbald ; and W. Clark, appointed to the Edinburgh, vice Spettigue, promoted

7 Sep 1839 went out to Spithead Tuesday to await orders.

7 Sep 1839 Clerk Mr. Richard A. Godson, appointed additional ; and Clerk Mr. George James Starr, appointed to Edinburgh.

8 Mar 1840 at Vourla.

22 Apr 1840 arrived at Smyrna from Vourla,

16 May 1840 Master's Assistant A. J. Barnard, appointed to the Edinburgh

24 Jun 1840 with Sir John Louis' squadron beating up the Tenedos passage, en route for Vourla.

1 Jul 1840 Powerful and Edinburgh despatched to patrol off the coast of Syria.

12 Aug 1840 arrived off Beyrout.

14 Aug 1840 off the old castle and town at Beyrout.

9 Sep 1840 at Beyrout.

11 Sep 1840 Beyrout, the Cyclops opened fire on troops in the south part of the bay.

12 Sep 1840 Beyrout, the Princess Charlotte, Ganges, Benbow, Edinburgh and Revenge bombarded General Soliman's troops ashore.

14 Sep 1840 Beyrout, The bombardment continued and the allied troops fortified their positions.

1-2 Oct 1840 operations at Beyrout. See of 17 Nov 1840.

31 Oct 1840, Mate R Jenner, (1832) of the Edinburgh, promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. ;

22 Oct 1840 at Beyrout, where sickness has spread amongst the squadron., Mr Boyle, the purser, having died.

2 Nov, 1840 arrived off St. Jean d’Acre.

3 Nov, 1840 bombardment of St. Jean d’Acre. Killed. 2 seamen, 1 drummer royal marine, 1 private royal marine. Wounded. Commander F. D. Hastings slightly; Mr. John Davies, Master, slightly; Mr. Joseph Plimsoll, Assistant-Surgeon, slightly; Mr. Henry Boys, Midshipman, slightly; 1 seaman, 1 boy, slightly; 1 serjeant royal marine slightly. Egyptian forces evacuate St. Jean d’Acre overnight and the town was occupied on the 4th by the Turks. See of 1 Dec 1840.

8 Nov 1840 off St Jean d’Acre, 2,000 prisoners have been sent away in the Bellerophon, Thunderer, Revenge, and Edinburgh, to Beyrout. See of 15 Dec 1840.

21 Nov 1840 Purser James Pinhorn, appointed to the Edinburgh ;

Aug - Nov 1840 Capture of Acre and operations on the coast of Syria. Turkish Medals awarded to the Officers and Men employed during the Campaign. 16 Oct 1844 those onboard between 9 Sep - 10 Oct 1840, and at the bombardment of St. Jean D’Acre, on the 3 Nov 1840, will be paid their respective proportions of the grant voted by Parliament for the said services.

8 Dec 1840 Marmorice Bay, had arrived from Beyrout.

2 Jan 1841 Commander W. Clark, appointed to the Edinburgh ; Lieutenant John Blackmore, appointed to the Edinburgh;

12 Feb 1841 at Malta.

5 Mar 1841 Malta, has bent sail and is preparing for sea : her destination is reported to be Alexandria.

14 Mar 1841 Malta, arrived from having watered at Syracuse.

10 Apr 1841 Master George Wright (acting), appointed to Edinburgh from Dido, vice Davis, invalided. Mate _____ Maryatt, from Ganges appointed to Edinburgh ;"

27 Apr 1841 arrived at Gibraltar, for England.

29 May 1841 at Plymouth.

12 Jun 1841 Plymouth, is ordered to Spithead, to refit ; is short on complement, having discharged men who had completed four years.

12 Jun 1841 Chaplain Rev. P. Somerville, appointed to the Edinburgh ;

11 Jun 1841 Plymouth, departed for Portsmouth.

14 Jun 1841 arrived and now refitting at Spithead.

26 Jun 1841 Purser James Pinhorn, appointed to the Edinburgh, to be Secretary to Rear Admiral Thomas.

3 Jul 1841 Portsmouth, was towed into harbour to be paid off.

14 Jul 1841 Plymouth, was paid off into ordinary. The following medals, pensions, and gratuities were awarded:
A. Thompson, quarter-master, a medal, gratuity of £15, and pension of £27. 16s. ;
Thomas Fleetwood, ship's corporal, a medal, gratuity of £7, and pension of £22 ;
William Tye, gunner's mate, a medal, gratuity of £7, and pension of £25. 16s.;
Serjeant Trescott, a medal, and a gratuity of £7.
James Drudge, ship's cook, is not entitled to the medal and gratuity, having only served 20 years.
The Humane Society have awarded a medal to Benjamin Young, second captain of mizenmast, for saving the life of a woman who fell overboard. On paying off, the ship's company disposed of the proceeds of savings of liberty liquor, in the following manner:-
To the widows of two petty officers who had lost their lives in the ship, £5 each ; to the Seaman's Hospital, £5 ; to the Seamen and Marines' School, Bath-square, £5., to the Orphan Seamen and Marines' School, £5 ; to defray the funeral expenses of J. Canard, a shipmate, who died the day the Edinburgh arrived at Spithead, and was buried by desire of the crew, at Kingston, underneath the tablet they had erected to the memory of those who fell at Acre, £7 - Total, £32.

14 Jul 1841 whilst at Spithead it was noted that married men were allowed to have their wives on board, and "liberal" leave was granted. Leave was stopped once she came into harbour, whilst the ship's rigging etc. was dismantled and she was de-stored etc.

2 Sep 1845, Admy. Order, to fit for steam guard ships. Reduced to 56 (26 x 42 pdr., 66 cwt., ; 26 x 32 pdr., 42 cwt. ; 2 x 56 pdr., 85 cwt. ; 2 x 8 inch., 65 cwt.)

20 Dec 1848 Steam Guard Ship, Portsmouth

11 Mar 1854 departed Spithead, with the fleet, for the Baltic - see p. 413 at

15 Apr 1854 captured Russian brig Patrioten [Prize Money per London Gazette of 21 Jul 1857].

13 Jun 1854 the French fleet joined the British in the Baltic at Baro Sound - see p. 419-> at

Circa Jul 1854 the Lightning and Alban surveyed a channel between Lumpar and Ango Islands which was used on 28 Jul by the Edinburgh, Hogue, Amphion, Blenheim, and Ajax to approach fort Bomarsund - see p. 422 at

6 Aug 1854 Edinburgh assisted with the protection at the landing of troops near the Tranvik Point - see p. 420 at

10 Aug 1854 guns were landed and sent up to the British battery, in charge of men under officers from the Edinburgh, Duke of Wellington, and Euryalus - see p. 423-4 at

11 Aug 1854 guns were landed and sent up to the British battery, in charge of parties of men under Lieutenants from the Edinburgh, Hogue, Blenheim, and Ajax - see p. 423-4 at

16 Aug 1854 bombardment and capture of Bomarsund - see p. 424-> at

1855 Bombardment of Sveaborg

1 Mar 1858 Commissioned at Sheerness.

3 Mar 1856 Asst. Paymaster FF Miller ; at Dublin

23 Apr 1856 present at Fleet Review, Spithead ; Captain Hewlet, CB

1860 Coast Guard Service, Leith District, Queen's Ferry, North Britain [Scotland]

1 Jan to 29 Feb 1864 Home Station : Stationary ship. Number of Cases of Disease and Injury.