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Elizabeth, 1807
Type: 3rd rate ; Armament 74
Launched : 1807 ; Disposal date or year : 1820

Early Nov 1807 departed as a part of a squadron under R.-Adm. Sir W. S. Smith, for the Tagus, where they commenced a blockade on the 17th.

29 Nov 1807 escorted the Portuguese Royal Family to lat. 37° 47' N., long. 14° 17' W., where, having detached 3 ships, R.-Adm. Smith returned to blockade the Tagus, now occupied by a Russian squadron, where he was joined by a squadron under Commod. P Halkett.

Portsmouth 10 Jan 1811 Came into harbour.

Portsmouth 22 Mar 1811 Is appointed convoy for Lisbon.

Tagus 22 Apr 1811 Remains.

Lisbon 11 Jul 1811 Remains.

Falmouth 25 Aug 1811 arrived.

Portsmouth 19 Mar 1812 departed in pursuit of a French squadron.

29 Apr 1813 the ship's boats of the Elizabeth and Eagle captured 4 armed merchant vessels whilst 3 ran themselves on shore.

8-20 Jun 1813 the ship's boats of the Elizabeth and Eagle involved in actions on the coast of Istria.

3 Jul-4 Aug 1813 the ship's boats of the Milford, Elizabeth, Eagle, Bacchante, Weasel and Haughty involved in actions at Fiume, Porto-Ré, Bocca-Ré, the fortress of Farasina, Rovigno, the island of Ragosniza.

Off Cape St. Vincent 16 Aug 1814 Reported to be cruizing in the area.

Gibraltar 17 Dec 1814 Remained.

Gibraltar 13 Jan 1815 Remains.