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Endymion, 1797
Type: 5th Rate ; Frigate ; Armament 50 (24-pdr. )
Launched in Randall's Yard, Rotherhithe 29 Mar 1797 ; Disposal date or year : 1868
BM: 1277 tons

13 Oct 1797 engaged the Brutus.

30 Apr 1798 captured the French privateer Revanche on the Irish station.

10 May 1798 captured the French privateer Huits Amis on the Irish station.

May 1798 captured the French privateer Brutus on the Irish station.

Sep 1798 captured the French privateer Sophie on the Irish coast.

20 Nov 1798, Capt. Sir T. Williams, Knt. departed as convoy to Lisbon.

Jan 1799 captured the Spanish privateers La Prudentia, schooner, 1 gun, 8 swivels, 34 men, and La Casualidad, 6 guns, 8 swivels, 40 men, during her passage from Lisbon to England.

19 Jan 1799 Plymouth, arrived the Maria, of Exeter, Captain Tickle, and the Chelmer, of Malden, Captain Stone, both from Oporto, laden with wine and fruit, for this port and Exeter. They departed from Oporto the 1st instant, in company with seventy-five sail, under convoy of the Endymion, of 44 guns Captain Sir T. Williams, and left the fleet, all well, last Friday evening.

19 Mar 1799 at Spithead.

11 Nov 1799 Plymouth, arrived from St. Helena with letters for the East India Company.

2 Dec 1799 Plymouth, departed to the eastward with a convoy.

4 Dec 1799 arrived Portsmouth.

4 Feb 1800 Portsmouth, departed with the San Fiorenzo, Venus, and Topaze, with troops for Ireland.

21 Feb 1800 Portsmouth, arrived the Endymion and Amazon, with the Trelawney, from Liverpool for Leghorn laden with bale goods : she was taken about ten days since by La Bourgonville French privateer, of 18 guns, and retaken by the Endymion. The Amazon captured the privateer, which, it being very dark, the next night run on board the Amazon, and sunk. Although it was blowing a strong gale of wind, and the sea running very high, the vigilance, activity, and attention of Captain Riou and his officers saved all the officers and crew.

10 Mar 1800 Portsmouth, departed the Endymion, 44, Captain Sir T. Williams; Arethusa, 38, Captain Wolley ; and Champion, 24, Captain Hamond, with a convoy for the Mediterranean. The two former accompany them only a part of the voyage.

Apr-May 1800 captured the Spanish privateers San Josef, lugger, 4 guns, 38 men ; El Intripido, lugger, 2 guns, 21 men ; La Paix French ship letter of marque, pierced for 20 x 9-pounders, but only carrying 10 guns and 44 men, bound from Nantes to the Isle of France ; and the French privateer Scipio, 18 x 9-pounders, and 149 men, belonging to Bourdeaux, on passage to the Mediterranean.

14-17 May 1800 Portsmouth, arrived from a cruise, and has brought in with him two large French privateers, which he captured.

17 May 1800 at Spithead. Advises that when in company with the Champion and Mediterranean convoy, she fell in with a Portuguese Brazil ship, deeply laden, totally dismasted and abandoned : this ship, after considerable exertion, was put into a navigable state, and towed by the Champion into Gibraltar.

2 Jul 1800 Portsmouth, departed with the Topaze, and Castor, to Cowes.

28 Jul 1800 Plymouth, arrived the Bourdelais, 28, Captain Manby, from the westward islands, on the 28th ult. fell in with the Straits convoy, homeward bound, under care of the Endymion, 44, in lat. 48. 10. N. long. 7. 30. W. going large, with a fresh breeze.

9 Sep 1800 Portsmouth, arrived with the Active, from a cruise.

4 Nov 1800 Portsmouth, departed on a cruise, but was forced to return, owing to strong gales.

1 Dec 1800 Portsmouth, departed with the Loire, and Gorgon (store-ship), for St. Helenís.

5 Feb 1801 the Childers arrived Spithead from Lisbon with a convoy, from whence she departed three weeks since. Two days previous to her sailing, the Endymion frigate, the Thomas Williams, arrived there with his Royal Highness Prince Augustus on board.

10 Feb 1801 arrived Spithead from Lisbon, bringing home, as passenger, the Hon. Captain Boyle, late of the Cormorant.

17 Feb 1801 departed Spithead, the Endymion, Capt Williams, for a cruise.

23 Mar 1801 departed Spithead for Lisbon, to bring home his Royal Highness Prince Augustus.

6 Apr 1801 was reported by the Falmouth packet King George to have arrived Lisbon, and was supposed to be departing Lisbon circa 28 Apr with the Lisbon convoy for England.

18 Apr 1801 remained in the Tagus when the Falmouth packet departed for England.

30 Apr 1801 the arrived in the Tagus.

4 May 1801 departed the Tagus the Lapwing and Endymion with their convoy of about 50 sail for Spithead.

24 May 1801 whilst the Endymion arrived at the Motherbank, and was put in quarantine with her part of the convoy, the Lapwing took the remainder of the convoy to the Downs.

27 May 1801 taken out of quarantine and departed Spithead with a convoy of Portugal traders for the Downs.

31 May 1801 departed Spithead with sealed orders.

3 Sep 1801 departed St Helena with a convoy of East Indiamen for England.

29 Oct 1801 the Falmouth packet King George spoke with the Endymion 24 hours before the King George arrived at Falmouth. The Endymion was accompanied by a convoy of about 20 East Indiamen.

31 Oct 1801 arrived in the Downs, where she parted with her convoy of East Indiamen, who sailed for the River.

8 Nov 1801 arrived Spithead the Endymion, from St Helena, last from the Downs.

28 Dec 1801 departed Spithead with his Royal Highness Prince Augustus on board, for Lisbon.

13 Apr 1801 captured the French cutter privateer Le Furie, mounting 14 guns and 64 men, in sight of part of the Portuguese Brazil convoy that had been dispersed in a gale of wind, and were totally unprotected, and for whom the Furie was cruising.

8 Nov 1801 arrived Spithead from the Downs.

5 Feb 1802 went out of harbour to Spithead.

Circa 24 Feb 1802 Mr. Flyn, Midshipman of the Endymion, is made a Lieutenant.

18 Apr 1802 the Endymion and Aurora are to be paid off tomorrow, and then recommissioned.

Circa 24 Apr 1802 Captain Larmour apptd to the Endymion.

Circa 25 May 1802 Mr. Collyer, Purser of the Endymion, is appointed Purser of the Fame.

6 Jun 1802 came into Portsmouth harbour from Spithead, to be paid off.

13 Mar 1803 the Grampus being intended for the flag of Adm Gambier, Capt Caulfield is to quit her and has been apptd to the Endymion, in command.

6 Apr 1803 commissioned at Portsmouth by Capt Paget.

11 May 1803 went out of harbour this morning to Spithead.

9 Jun 1803 departed Spithead to join the Channel Fleet.

20 Jun 1803 arrived Plymouth the French brig national corvette Colombe, detained on the 18th by the Dragon, 74, and the Endymion, 44, a prize.

25 Jun 1803, captured the French ship-corvette Bacchante, which was added to the British navy, under her French name.

6 Jul 1803 arrived Portsmouth the Bacchante.

27 Jul 1803 Plantagenet, in sight of the Endymion and Rosario captured the French privateer Atalante, 20, 150 men, from Bourdeaux, after a long chase ; 4 British sailors were reputed to have been on board her, lately from the Ville de Paris.

2 Aug 1803 arrived Plymouth, between the Island and the Main, L'Ardor, French frigate, 36, but mostly in the hold, and 30 men, from with money and stores, from Martinique, to L'Orient, and 2 brigs from St Domingo, prizes to the Endymion.

6 Aug 1803 came into Plymouth Sound to land her numerous prisoners. Between them, the Endymion, Thunderer, and Plantagenet landed near 400 French prisoners, who were marched to the Mill Prison, Plymouth.

14 Aug 1803 captured the French privateer General Moreau on the Home station.

20 Sep 1803 arrived Plymouth the Endymion, Capt Paget, from the westward.

25 Sep 1803 departed Plymouth on a cruise to the Westward.

15 Nov 1803 arrived Plymouth Sound from a cruise to the Westward.

Circa 5 May 1804 Mr Thompson, apptd master of the Endymion.

May 1805 Portsmouth, refitting (Per Steel).

28 Dec 1806 with the consul, Mr. Arbuthnot on board, anchored in the Dardanelles in company with the Canopus, and subsequently returned to Constantinople. 31 Jan 1807 joined the squadron anchored in Azire bay., having on board the British ambassador and suite, and the British merchants late of Constantinople ; with whom the frigate, having cut her cables, had departed an the 29th. 1 Feb the squadron weighed, and anchored off the island of Tenedos.

11 Feb-3 Mar 1807 With Sir John Duckworth on what some have described as his somewhat less than successful expedition to Constantinople. 14th anchored off Cape Janizary, ships' boats used to rescue men from the burning Ajax. 19th steered for Constantinople. 2 Mar returned to the Mediterranean.

8-11 Nov 1810 captured the French privateer Milan, of 14 guns and 80 men, Captain M. Pierre Lepellerier, following a chase of over 2 days and some 400 miles, which is described at page 220 of Basil Hall's book Fragments of voyages and travels: including anecdotes of a naval life : available in Google books.

Plymouth 16 Jan 1811 Sent in the Woodbridge, American schooner, for Bourdeaux.

Plymouth 26 Jan 1811 departed to the westward.

Plymouth 30 Mar 1811 departed.

13 Oct 1811 minor incidents off the coast of Northern Ireland. See page 162 of Fragments of voyages and travels: including anecdotes of a naval life ... By Basil Hall, available in Google Books.

Cork 10 Dec 1811 arrived Monday last from Loughswilly, having experienced very severe weather.

Cove 23 Dec 1811 Has made a signal for convoy to Portugal.

Cork 26 Dec 1811 departed with a convoy of transports for Portugal.

15 Jan 1812 Endymion, and Leopard sighted two French frigates and brig and gave chase, but soon lost them.

Plymouth 15 May 1813 Was undocked last night.

Plymouth 4 Aug 1813 departed for Portsmouth.

Portsmouth 10 Aug 1813 Gives instructions for the convoy to Quebec, Newfoundland and north American.

Portsmouth 16 Aug 1813 Is ordered to America.

Portsmouth 23 Aug 1813 Has signalled the ships bound to North America to prepare to sail.

Portsmouth 25 Aug 1813 departed with the outward bound convoy for Newfoundland, Quebec and Halifax.

23 Oct 1813, arrived Halifax, with a convoy from Cork, 46 days.

28 Jan 1814, at Bermuda.

7 Feb 1814 captured a U.S. privateer, the 3 gun schooner Meteor, with 32 men.

7 Mar 1814 the boats of the Endymion, Pelorus, and Rattler captured a U.S. privateer, the 15 gun vessel Mars, with 70 men.

7-8 Apr 1814 ships' boats of the Hogue, Endymion, Maidstone and Borer destroyed a number of vessels, including 3 privateers, near Pettipague point, about 15 miles up Connecticut river.

15 Aug 1814 the Armide and Endymion captured the U.S. privateer schooner Herald, 17 guns, 100 men, arrived Halifax, N.S., 19 Aug.

23 Aug 1814, arrived Halifax, from a cruise.

23 Aug 1814, arrived Halifax, the American privateer Invincible Napoleon, 22 guns, and 60 men, detained by the Armide, Endymion, and Pique.

26 Aug 1814 Dragon, Endymion, Bacchante, Sylph and 10 transports with troops, departed from Halifax, Nova-Scotia, for the river Penobscot. The expedition was joined on the 31st, off the Metinicus islands, by the Bulwark, Tenedos, Rifleman and Peruvian.

1-3 Sep 1814 the fleet came to anchor off the fort and town of Castine and on the 2nd the Peruvian, Sylph and ships' boats headed up the up the Penobscot looking for the frigate Adams, at Hamden, which was set on fire by the defending US forces before they escaped inland.

17 Sep 1814 Pylades arrived Halifax, from Penobscot with the Endymion and Sylph.

9 Oct 1814 Endymion when off the shoals of Nantucket, detached his boats to capture the American privateer brig Prince-de-Neufchatel, but they were repulsed with a serious loss.

31 Oct 1814 Endymion received from the Saturn, to replace the severe loss she had sustained, one lieutenant, four midshipmen, and 33 seamen and marines.

9 Nov 1814 Saturn arrived Halifax, from a cruise, with a number of wounded men from the Endymion.

Towards the close of the year 1814 Majestic, Endymion and the Pomone cruised off the port of New York.

14 Jan 1815 bad weather blew the squadron blockading New York out to sea, and it being surmised that the vessels blockaded in New York would have taken the opportunity to escape the squadron went in search.

15 Jan 1815 Majestic, Endymion, Pomone and Tenedos discovered the President 2 miles ahead and following a long chase she was eventually captured off Sandy Hook.

17 Jan 1815 further bad weather blew up from the eastward following the action, as a result of which the Endymion lost her bowsprit and her fore and main masts ; the President carried away all three of her masts and several of her guns were thrown overboard.

25 Jan 1815 Endymion arrived at Bermuda with her prize.

8 Mar 1815 the President and Endymion, departed from Bermuda for England, arriving 28 Mar at Spithead : the President was added to the navy list, but was broken up in 1818.

Jul 1830 Plymouth.

20 Jun 1833 in Hamoaze, commissioned by Captain S. Roberts.

Jun 1833 is reported to have been fitted with Earle's fire-engine pump, which was trialled on board the Druid.

20 Jul 1833 In Hamoaze.

1 Aug 1833 In Hamoaze.

5 Sep 1833 In Hamoaze.

9 Sep 1833 Went out to the Sound.

14 Sep 1833 In the Sound.

18 Sep 1833 arrived from Portsmouth.

28 Sep 1833 arrived Cork.

23 Nov 1833 arrived Plymouth from Lisbon for repairs having been on shore when entering the Tagus.

11 Dec 1833 Undocked at Devonport.

12 Dec 1833 in Hamoaze.

2 Jan 1834 in Hamoaze, fitting out.

25 Jan 1834 at Spithead.

2 Feb 1834 departed Spithead for the Mediterranean.

19 Mar 1834 Remains.

23 Mar 1834 was expected to depart Malta shortly for Smyrna.

23 Mar 1834 In Valletta harbour.

5 May 1834 The ship's boats assisted the Magic, bound to Liverpool, off the sands at Smyrna, opposite St Jame's Castle.

22 Jul 1834 arrived from Mytelene, and have since departed to Scalanova and Nauplia.

21 Aug 1834 arrived Vourla from a cruise off Mytelene.

27 Sep 1834 With the squadron off Vourla.

19 Dec 1834 at Vourla Bay and had a case of plague onboard following contact with the merchant vessel Spitfire.

31 Jan 1835 is reported to be at Malta.

9 Feb 1835 departed Malta with a squadron for the Vourla, where it arrived circa 15 Feb..

1 Jul 1835 joined the Mediterranean squadron, in the Levant, off Cape Sapienza.

26 Aug 1835 has departed Malta with a squadron to Cadiz.

14 Nov 1835 is reported to be on the south coast of Spain.

19 Dec 1835 reported to be at Corunna.

23 Aug 1836 arrived Lisbon from Corruna. Her Master, Mr. Cromby, is reported to have died after a long illness.

11 Sep 1836 is reported to be in the Tagus.

30 Oct 1840 Captain Hon. F. W. Grey, appointed to the Endymion.

5 Nov 1840 Plymouth, The Endymion, 38, was commissioned on Wednesday, by Lieutenant H. G. Morris.

20 Nov 1840 Portsmouth, Mercury tender departed for Devonport, with 30 supernumeraries for the Impregnable and Endymion.

21 Nov 1840 Lieutenants John B. Marsh, H. T. Laye ; Assistant-Surgeon Thomas Hart ; Mates Augustus Frederick Webster and W. Moorsom, appointed to the Endymion.

At some time during the period 1839-42 engaged in the Operations in China. Officers and Men serving on this ship during this period may be eligible for a Medal. See p. 288 at

2 Jan 1841 Chaplain Rev. George Bellamy, appointed to the Endymion.

2 Feb 1841 Plymouth, departed for the East Indies.

27 Feb 1841 Masters Assistant Christopher Grigg, appointed to the Endymion. Boatswain John Covey ; Gunner William Conybear, appointed to the Monarch.

24 Jun 1841 arrived Bombay from Aden, having sprung her mainmast en route from England to the Cape of Good Hope, where she put in to refit ; and when en route from the Cape to Aden got ashore on a reef in the Mozambique Channel, and has come to Bombay to make good the necessary repairs to her hull, which should probably last until the end of the Monsoon.

16 Oct 1841 Mate Henry Chads (1839), of the Endymion (acting), appointed to the Nimrod, promoted to Lieutenant.

20 Nov 1841 Volunteers First Class H. Kelham, appointed to the Endymion.

4 Jan 1842 at Aden, and would appear to have exchanged words with respect to slavery with the Sheriff of Mocha, and Capt Grey. Found at p. 107 in FO 84-438 Admiralty Letters 1842 Jan., available at the National Archives for free download.

7 Apr 1842 departed Saugor, East Indies, for China.

5 Jul 1842 at Chusan.

16 Jun - 29 Aug 1842, expedition up the Yang-tse-Keang, to the end of hostilities and signing of the Treaty of Nanking. See p. 300-> at and

20 Dec 1842 Hong Kong, departed in company with the Dido and Wolverine, with a convoy, for Singapore.

20 Dec 1848 Devonport.

1860 Receiving Hulk, Devonport.