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Enterprise, 1848
Type: Survey sloop ;
Launched : 5 Apr 1848 ; Disposal date or year : 1903
BM: 471 tons

20 Dec 1848 Discovery Ship. Particular Service.

28 May 1850, the Herald departed Hawaii for the coast of Kamtschatka, and arrived at Chamisso Island 15 Jul. Orders having been received for the search for Franklin and his expedition to continue, the Plover headed north, followed shortly afterwards by the Herald, but as the latter was supposed to meet the Enterprise and Investigator she didn't proceed too far from Cape Lisburne, the latter arriving at the end of July, and continued on for the ice.

25 Jun 1850 arrived Honolulu.

30 Jun 1850 Sails for the North in search of Sir John Franklin's missing expedition.

4 Sep 1850, the Herald arrived at Port Clarence where the Plover and Enterprise were anchored. The Herald assisted the Plover settle in for the winter at Grantley harbour before she departed for Honolulu.

20 Apr 1851 It is reported at Portsmouth that the vessel had arrived at Hong Kong from Sandwich Isles.

30 Aug 1851 Arctic Exploration.

17 April 1855 Capt Collinson, CB, to be paid off at Woolwich - possibility of courts martial - ship shut up in ice for 3 years and away for 5 years - Morning Chronicle - 17 April.

1860 Coal (hulk) Depot for Northern Lighthouse at Oban.

1870 Coal Depot for Northern Lighthouse at Oban.

1879 Coal Depot for Northern Lighthouse at Oban.

1890 Lent to the Board of Trade.