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Flamer, 1831
Type: Gunvessel ; Armament 6
Launched : 11 Aug 1831 ; Disposal date or year : 22 Nov 1850
Disposal Details : Wrecked 14 miles off coast of Monrovia near Salt Pun Light. Com. Jas. St. Leger.
BM: 495 tons ; Displacement: 510 tons
Propulsion: Paddle

Jan 1832 is reported to be nearing completion at Woolwich using Mr. Morgan's high pressure principle, with his patent wheels, which, following a recent trial in the steam ship Confiance, when she got off a lee shore, was well received.

9 Jul 1832 it is reported that attempts to install Mr. Morgan's high pressure principle engines is to be abandoned and others have been ordered to be fitted in their place.

22 Sep 1832 is being fitted with Bolton and Watt's engines, for the packet service to the Mediterranean, and it is hoped she will be ready at the end of October.

5 Oct 1832 departed down the R. Thames from Woolwich to try her engines, and it is hoped she will be ready for sea in a week to 10 days.

29 Oct 1832 arrived Portsmouth from the Westward with seamen for the squadron. She departed again on Wednesday.

4 Nov 1832 arrived Falmouth from Woolwich.

18 Nov 1832 arrived Gibraltar.

30 Nov 1832 departed Gibraltar for Malta with mail.

11 Jan 1833 arrived Portsmouth.

2 Feb 1833 at Woolwich.

2 Mar 1833 arrived Portsmouth on her way to Falmouth.

20 Apr 1833 arrived Portsmouth from the Mediterranean.

26 May 1833 Has departed Falmouth in search of the Columbia, whose engines have failed.

30 May 1833 arrived Falmouth from a search for the Columbia.

3 Jun 1833 departed Falmouth for the Mediterranean, with mails.

27 Sep 1833 fitting out at Woolwich.

28 Oct 1833 departed Portsmouth to the eastward.

29 Oct 1833 arrived Plymouth from Portsmouth, for Falmouth and the Mediterranean.

30 Oct 1833 arrived Falmouth from Woolwich.

6 Nov 1833 departed Falmouth for the Mediterranean, with mails.

13 Dec 1833 arrived Gibraltar from Falmouth, and having departed for Malta was in collision off Capo de Gat, and has returned here to repair.

29 Dec 1833 arrived Falmouth from the Mediterranean.

1 Jan 1834 Employed on various home port services.

2 Jan 1834 arrived Plymouth from the Mediterranean, via Falmouth, to refit.

9 Jan 1834 arrived Portsmouth from Plymouth, and departed for Woolwich on Friday.

26 Jan 1834 arrived Falmouth from the Mediterranean.

13 May 1834 arrived Falmouth from the Mediterranean.

8 Jul 1834 arrived Gibraltar from Falmouth, last from Cadiz.

21 Aug 1834 arrived Plymouth from Malta, last from Falmouth, where she landed her mail.

12 Jan 1835 is reported to have arrived at Barbadoes, whence she departed for Trinidad and Antigua.

10 Aug 1835 Renard arrived Falmouth from St Thomas's with mail. She reports that the Flamer could not sail to Jamaica, so many of her crew having died from yellow fever, and many of the remainder being ill. Similarly the Vestal, which arrived from Bermuda, from Jamaica on 12 May, had lost her surgeon, 2 midshipmen and 24 seamen to yellow jack.

Circa 28 Oct 1835 is reported to be at Barbadoes.

11 Nov 1835 at Barbadoes.

Circa 21 Feb 1836 was reported to be at Antigua.

7 Jun 1836 is reported to be carrying mails between the various islands in the West Indies (2 May).

11 Mar 1837 arrived Portsmouth from Woolwich with stores for the North Star, for the British Legion serving in Spain. Having discharged her stores she departed for Plymouth.

4 Jan 1840 calls at Portsmouth on her way to the West Indies.

25 Jan 1840 Plymouth, departed on Monday for the West Indies; but put back on Tuesday, on account of the westerly gale.

15 Feb 1841 at Barbadoes.

3 Apr 1841 Assistant-Surgeon W. C. Sproule, appointed to Flamer, vice Pascoe, invalided.

Circa 18 Sep 1841 was at Barbadoes when the troop ship Columbia touched there, en route from Antigua for England.

25 Nov 1841 remained at Barbadoes when the packet Megaera departed for Plymouth.

1 Jan 1842, was reported to be at Barbadoes, by the packet Alert.

C 14 Feb 1842, at Barbadoes when the troop ship Atholl departed for Portsmouth.

C 8 May 1842 was at Barbadoes when the Pique departed for England.

19 Oct 1842 arrived Spithead, last from Plymouth, and departed later in the day for Woolwich.

2 Nov 1842 is due to be paid off at Woolwich.

20 Dec 1848 Woolwich

22 Nov 1850 the loss of the Flamer, on a reef about 14 miles south-east of Monrovia, lat. 6. 10 N., about 250 miles from Sierra Leone, in the night.

Whilst steering for the Salt-pun Light it is reported to have gone out, so they headed off shore for the night but went ground and became a wreck. The Cyclops and the French steam-frigate, El Dorado attempted to pull her off the reef, but to no avail. The Hound also rendered assistance and her commanding officer was eventually to carry out a survey on the Flamer, as a result of which she was condemned.

Much of the stores of the Flamer were saved, but this brought on coast fever amongst the crew, some 30 of whom have been sent home as invalids in the Cyclops, and transferred to the Naval Hospital at Haslar : master's-assistant Mr. Cock died.

A Court-martial was to be held into the cause of the accident.

Apr 1851 the wreck of the Flamer has been abandoned to the Liberian government