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Formidable, 1825
Type: 2nd rate ; Armament 84
Launched : 19 May 1825 ; Disposal date or year : 1906
BM: 2289 tons ; Displacement: 3594 tons

1 Jan 1820 building or ordered to be built, with a circular stern.

1830 Sheerness

16 Feb 1835 is reported to be commissioning as Flag Ship in the Medway.

15 Sep 1840 Woolwich, The Formidable will be completed at Chatham with all possible despatch, and she and the Monarch are two of the ten ships-of-the-line, which, it is said, are ordered to be brought forward for immediate service.

19 Sep 1840 Medway is getting ready for commission and the shipwrights are working 13 hours a day on her.

2 Dec 1840 is ready for commission being masted, and all her stores prepared.

26 Dec 1840 Chatham, has had her lower masts rigged and topmasts pointed, and is ordered to be sent to the Sheerness ordinary, where they will remain until required for sea.

1 Mar 1841 at Sheerness.

27 Aug 1841 Chatham, has been commissioned.

28 Aug 1841 Captain Sir T. Troubridge, C.C. ; Lieutenants R. H. B. Rowley, Hon. G. D. Keane and John F. Warne ; Purser G. Nicholls ; Mate W. H. Connolly, appointed to the Formidable ;

4 Sep 1841 Volunteer 1st Class P. Lakin, appointed to the Formidable.

7 Sep 1841 the Monkey left Woolwich for Sheerness, with Royal Marines for the Formidable.

11 Sep 1841 Lieutenant Thomas Mitchell, appointed to the Formidable

18 Sep 1841 Naval Instructor T. Eastman, appointed to the Formidable.

2 Oct 1841 Master James Tonking, acting, appointed to the Formidable.

6 Nov 1841 Mates M'Naghten and Isaacson ; Midshipman H. G. Simpson, appointed to the Formidable.

20 Nov 1841 Volunteers First Class H. M. Bingham, appointed to the Formidable.

11 Dec 1841 Captain Sir Charles Sullivan, Bart., appointed in command, in place of Captain Troubridge, promoted.

25 Dec 1841 is under orders at Chatham, for the Mediterranean, and is expected to depart shortly for Spithead.

1 Jan 1842 news received at Portsmouth, from Sheerness, advises that the Formidable is nearly ready for sea.

Circa 15 Jan 1842 was joined at the Downs by the Warspite and Vindictive. All three will sail for Ostend to escort the King of Prussia to England, with the steamers Firebrand and Sheawater, who are expected to join the squadron tomorrow, from Woolwich.

29 Jan 1842 is understood to have sprung her capstan, which will now need to be repaired before she goes anywhere.

29 Jan 1842 is reportedly at the Great Nore awaiting repairs to be made to a sprung capstain.

19 Feb 1842 arrived Portsmouth from the Downs.

21 Mar 1842 departed Spithead for the Mediterranean with the Queen.

28 Mar 1842 anchored at Gibraltar, 7 days from Spithead.

Circa 5 Jun 1842 about to cruise off the east coast of Spain.

9 Jun 1842 the Thunderer departed Malta for Gibraltar to relieve the Formidable, which is then due to return to Malta.

4 Jul 1842 departed Gibraltar for Cadiz.

16 Jul 1842 at Gibraltar.

25 Jul 1842 at Gibraltar.

18 Aug 1842 at Gibraltar.

26 Aug 1842 at Gibraltar, where the Royal Standard was raised on Prince Albert's birthday, and a Royal Salute was fired.

15 Sep 1842 at Gibraltar.

2 Nov 1842 Rodney arrived Gibraltar from Malta, to relieve the Formidable.

21 Nov 1842 was supposed to depart Gibraltar having been relieved by the Rodney.

29 Nov 1842 struck the ground heavily 14 miles to the west of Barcelona, whilst doing about 4 knots. The following day with the assistance of the Rodney, which arrived on the 30th, and many other vessels, the Formidable was hauled off just before midnight, having thrown her guns overboard and started and pumped out her water. The ship was towed to Barcelona, and from there to Port Mahon.
She lost her rudder, and damage was done in several places to the false keel, and there are 2 leaks forward and another in the bread-room, and is making about 8 inches an hour. Plus, in view of the fact that she was thumping on the ground other damage may have been done, to the extent that if she had remained aground much longer it was thought by some experts that she would have been "erased from the Navy List."

The Cyclops arrived to assist with the recovery of the guns and rudder, and the Belvidera arrived at Barcelona on the 2nd to assist.

30 Nov 1842 is reported to have gone aground off Barcelona, and was got afloat using a couple of steamers, having landed her guns and stores.

20 Dec 1848 Sheerness

1860 Flag Ship, Sheerness

3 July 1860 Commissioned Sheerness.

Dec 1862 Flag Ship, Sheerness

1864 Stationary Ship, Home Station, Sheerness. Number of Cases of Disease and Injury.

1869 Training Ship

1870 Training Ship, Bristol

1879 Training Ship, Bristol

1890 Training Ship, Bristol