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Geyser, 1841
Type: 1st class sloop ; Armament 6
Launched : 6 Apr 1841 ; Disposal date or year : 1866
BM: 1055 tons ; Displacement: 1379 tons
Propulsion: Paddle
Machinery notes: 280

29 May 1840 is ordered to he laid down in HM dockyard Pembroke

6 May 1841 Woolwich, The Driver arrived with the Geyser, recently launched at Pembroke Dockyard, to have her engines fitted by Messrs. Seaward and Co, at Limehouse.

23 Oct 1841 is at Limehouse, having her engines fitted, and is expected to leave shortly for Sheerness to carry out her trials.

25 Oct 1841 carried out trials down the River.

29 Oct 1841 Woolwich, in harbour.

31 Oct 1841 left Woolwich for Sheerness, to be coppered and made ready for sea. She took with her Royal Marines for the Alfred.

8 Dec 1841 was commissioned at Sheerness.

9 Feb 1842, Chatham, permission has been granted for the vessel's pinnace to be fitted with a screw, powered by a 5 or 6 horse power engine produced by the Disc Company.

26 Mar 1842 preparing for sea at Woolwich.

9 Apr 1842 the vessel's pinnace, fitted with a disc engine and Commander Carpenter's propellors was tried on the river and found to answer very well. She went up to Hungerford Market, where she was inspected by the Admiralty.

11 Apr 1842 refitting at Woolwich.

25 Apr 1842 is due to depart Woolwich for the River for trials of her machinery and armament.

25 Apr 1842 departed Woolwich for the North Sea in order to trial her armament of 115 cwt. guns, accompanied by the Black Eagle with the Admiralty Board on board to observe same.

28 May 1842 is trialling her engines and proving her compasses off Greenhithe.

25 Jun 1842 is reported to be departing Woolwich shortly.

2 Jul 1842 is reported to be due soon at Spithead, from the eastward, to be paid advance of wages before departing for foreign waters.

7 Jul 1842 arrived Spithead from the River with orders for the Mediterranean.

9 Jul 1842 came into harbour to coal preparatory to sailing on Monday.

10 Jul 1842 departed Spithead for the Mediterranean with 10 officers and 100 men for the vessels on the station.

25 Jul 1842 arrived Malta from England in 15 days.

26 Aug 1842 in port at Valetta.

15 Sep 1842 in port at Valetta.

15 Sep 1842 following the trial of Sergeant Baynes, R.M., he was reduced to the ranks for contemptuous conduct. The newspaper report comments that this seems a really unhappy ship, presumably following other similar problems that haven't appear in the press ?.

22 Sep 1842 departed Malta for a circuit around the Island with the Devastation, and exercises, before departing for Corfu with the Howe.

26 Sep 1842 arrived at Corfu and towed in the Howe.

29 Oct 1842 is to depart Malta with 2 companies of the 42nd Regt., for Corfu, to replace the 97th Regt., who killed a resident at Zante and wounded another, following a fracas, whilst trying to steal wine from a bar.

8 Nov 1842 at Corfu, where they were to be stationed with a view to suppressing the kind of piracy that had been carried on along the Albanian coast for many years, and since it was almost impossible to catch them in the act, a system of passes, similar to that used in the East Indies a few years back with some success, was to be introduced for all trading boats on the coast, and thus any boat without a license or pass would be seized.

25 Nov 1842 arrived Malta with the Cyclops from Corfu and Zante.

30 Nov 1842 departed Malta for the Ionian Islands.

1846 The Levant

20 Dec 1848 Cape of Good Hope

16 Feb 1850 The Geyser saves survivors of the barque Childe Harold, wrecked on Dassen's Island with the loss of Captain Byres, 12 Feb, and transports them to Cape Town, the Childe Harold having only left that port on about 11 Feb.

10 Feb 1851 At Rio de Janeiro

11 Feb 1851 detained in Lat. 23° 21' S. Long. 44° 0' W., off the Island of Marambaia, the slave brig Mangano, Manoel Gomes d'Oliveira Magano, master, which was sent for adjudication to the Vice-Admiralty Court at St. Helena, and on 5 Jun 1851 sentenced to be restored to her master without costs.

6 Apr 1851 writes a report describing the state of the slave trade at various estates and locations on the coast of Brazil between Santos and Marambaia, including Albroa Bay ; Dois Rios ; Sombrio ; Perrequé ; Bahia de Sono ; Larangeiras ; Cairacus (Martin da Sa) ; Casatiba Bay.

23 May 1851 joined the Cormorant off Guarapari, who had been sent to cruise this part of the coast before returning to Rio de Janeiro to coal.

9 Sep 1851 at Itabapoama, on the coast of Brazil : carrying out an anti-slavery cruise in the region of Benevente and Piumé.

29 Jan 1856 Mid WN Tufnell apptd ; for service in the Black Sea.

24 Feb 1856 arrived in the Mersey with stores and provisions for the Resolute.

23 Apr 1856, Present at Fleet Review, Spithead ; Commander Tower

24 Jul 1857 is reported by the Flag Officer's ship Castor at Simon's Town to be about to depart for a cruise to the East Coast of Africa, which in recent years has usually lasted about 9 months.

26 Jul 1857 also instructed to call at East London with passengers and forage, this being a period when the Dutch Boer residents and the Kaffirs were causing trouble ashore along the SE coast of Africa, diverting resources away from the fight against the slave trade on this station. Was then to proceed to Delagoa Bay and Quillimane to intercept supposed French vessels on the look out for "emigrants," as mentioned by the Hermes to the Flag Officer at Simon's Town.

1860 Devonport.

23 Jun 1860 Devonport. Commissioned for Service on the Home Station as a Storeship.

1864 Home Station. Number of Cases of Disease and Injury.