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Hannibal, 1810
Type: 3rd rate ; Armament 74
Launched : 1810 ; Disposal date or year : 1833

Portsmouth 21 Apr 1811 arrived from Lisbon.

Deal 24 May 1811 arrived from Portsmouth bound to the Baltic.

Deal 26 May 1811 departed to join the Baltic fleet.

Deal 12 Sep 1811 arrived, from the Baltic.

Deal 17 Sep 1811 departed for the Texel.

Harwich 25 Oct 1811 Remains in Hosely Bay.

Harwich 12 Dec 1811 arrived and remains in Hoseley Bay from the Dutch coast.

Deal 15 Dec 1811 arrived from the Texel.

Deal 26 Dec 1811 departed for Portsmouth.

Portsmouth 4 Mar 1812 Is ordered to Plymouth.

Portsmouth 27 Apr 1812 departed for off Cherbourg.

Plymouth 10 Nov 1812 Came in to victual and refit, after a six month cruise off Brest.

Plymouth 15 Nov 1812 Went up the harbour to be refitted.

Plymouth 9 Jan 1813 Has been refitted and is now anchored in Cawsand Bay.

Plymouth 11 Jan 1813 Remains.

Portsmouth 29 Nov 1813 departed for off Cherbourg.

Portsmouth 12 Dec 1813 arrived from off Cherbourg.

Portsmouth 16 Dec 1813 departed for off Cherburgh.

Portsmouth 24 Dec 1813 departed for off Cherburgh.

Portsmouth 26 Jan 1814 arrived from off Cherbourg.

26-27 Mar 1814 Sparrow, Hebrus and Hannibal discovered the two French 40-gun frigates Etoile and Sultane to the north-west of the Isle de Bas, steering for Saint-Malo, in thick weather, and departed in chase, the Hannibal after the Sultane, which she soon captured, and Hebrus and Sparrow after the Etoile, who eventually lowered her flag to the Hebrus.

Portsmouth 28 Mar 1814 arrived with the Sultan French frigate, 44, which she captured on Saturday last off the Isle of Bas.

Portsmouth 20 Apr 1814 Goes to Cork for convoy.

Portsmouth 12 Aug 1814 Has passed this port with a convoy bound to the Thames.

Deal 13 Aug 1814 arrived with a part of the Leeward Island convoy and departed for the river on the 14th.

Portsmouth 16 Aug 1814 arrived from the Downs.

Portsmouth 18 Aug 1814 departed for Plymouth, to be paid off.

1830 Lazaretto (quarantine ship) at Milford.