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Hastings, 1819
Type: 3rd rate ; Armament 74
Purchased : Jun 1819 ; Disposal date or year : 1886
BM: 1760 tons ;
Propulsion: Sail - Screw
Machinery notes: 200

1 Jan 1820 built of teak.


1830 Chatham

26 Apr 1834 Preparing for service on the Lisbon station.

Portsmouth 7 Jun 1834 arrived from Sheerness, for the Lisbon station.

Portsmouth 14 Jun 1834 Sails in a day or two for the Tagus.

Tagus 12 Jul 1834 The packet reports that she remains.

Lisbon 12 Oct 1834 In the Tagus.

Lisbon 26 Oct 1834 Remained.

14 Nov 1835 is reported to be at Lisbon.

25 Nov 1835 is reported to be at Lisbon.

Lisbon 19 Dec 1835 in the Tagus.

Lisbon 9 Jan 1836 seamen from the ship were sent ashore on Wednesday to help put out a fire at the Palace.

Lisbon 11 Sep 1836 in the Tagus.

Lisbon 29 Oct 1836 in the Tagus.

Lisbon 24 Oct 1836 a ship's boat carrying mail to the outward-bound mail ship came into contact with her paddle-wheels as she was brought alongside and was destroyed, throwing the 14 occupants into the River Tagus, to be rescued by local boatmen.

Lisbon 25 Jan 1837 in the Tagus where it is reported that influsenza was endemic amongst the British squadron, causing a number of deaths.

Lisbon 13 Feb 1837 flag ship of the British squadron in the Tagus, Vice Adm. WH Gage.

Lisbon 16 Apr 1837 reported to be in the Tagus.

24 Apr 1838, Portsmouth, departed for Quebec with Lord Durham and party, with the Dee and Charybdis.

13 Feb 1839 at Malta.

13 Feb 1839 Malta The Hastings, on her return from Mahon, is to remain at the disposal of the Queen Dowager.

Jan-Feb 1839 Port Mahon, in consequence of the death of the Master of the brig Marnhull, John White. Captain Loch, of the Hastings, put Mr. Woodger on board to take her to Liverpool.

16 Mar 1839 at Malta.

18 May 1839 Portsmouth Up to the moment of our going to press there is no appearance of the Hastings, with the Queen Dowager on board Her Majesty was expected to leave Lisbon on the 7th inst. for England.

23 May 1839 Portsmouth arrived at Spithead with the Queen Dowager on board, from Lisbon and Vigo.

1 Jun 1839 Portsmouth All the articles supplied to the Hastings, 72 for the use of the Queen Dowager, are ordered to be landed at this dockyard : she is to be re-fitted as a sea-going line-of-battle ship.

15 Jun 1839 Portsmouth At Spithead.

1 Jul 1839 Captain F. E. Loch, late of the Hastings, appointed to Inspector-General of the Coast Guard, Scotland, vice Knight, deceased

28 Jul 1839 Portsmouth will be mustered to-morrow by Admiral Fleeming, paid wages on Monday, and sail for Lisbon on the following day. Midshipman C. D. B. Kennedy, and First Class Thomas Barnabas Hanham, appointed to the Hastings

2 Aug 1839 Portsmouth departed for Plymouth and Lisbon.

8 Aug 1839 Plymouth, arrived on Sunday from Portsmouth, and sails to day for Lisbon.

23 Aug 1839 arrived Malta.

29 Sep 1839 departed to join the fleet at Beshika Bay.

13 Oct 1839 Malta it is reported that the Pembroke was expected from Beshika Bay, where she was to be replaced by the Hastings.

12 Oct 1839 Malta departed to join the squadron at Beshika Bay on Sunday last.

2 Nov 1839 Mate W. H Moubray, appointed to the Hastings

5 April 1840 Malta, is reported to have departed from Smyrna to Vourla.

24 Jun 1840 with Sir John Louis' squadron beating up the Tenedos passage, en route for Vourla.

20 Jul 1840 departed from Vourla on a cruise.

3 Aug 1840 arrived Eriseos, Mytelene.

7 Aug 1840 departed round to Mytelene.

9 Sep 1840 arrived Beyrout, with the Ganges, Bellerophon, Thunderer, Zebra, Castor, Wasp, Phoenix, and Cyclops.

15 Sep 1840 captured Batroun - see p. 315 at at

1-2 Oct 1840 operations at Beyrout. See of 17 Nov 1840.

21 Oct 1840 departed from Beyrout for Malta.

4 Nov 1840 Malta arrived from Beyrout, with sick and wounded from the squadron.

23 Nov 1840 Malta, received pratique and was to be hove down to have her damages made good.

18 Dec 1840, reported to be at Malta.

Aug - Nov 1840 Capture of Acre and operations on the coast of Syria. Turkish Medals awarded to the Officers and Men employed during the Campaign. 16 Oct 1844 those onboard between 9 Sep - 10 Oct 1840, and at the bombardment of St. Jean D’Acre, on the 3 Nov 1840, will be paid their respective proportions of the grant voted by Parliament for the said services.

2 Jan 1841 Lieutenant John A. Shears appointed to the Hastings ; Commander Douglas Curry, appointed to the Hastings ;

15 Mar 1841 at Malta, orders to return to England have been cancelled.

7 Jun 1841 arrived at Gibraltar, from Tarragona.

16 Jun 1841 Gibraltar, waiting a wind for England.

29 Jun 1841 had departed from Gibraltar for England a few days previous.

20 Jul 1841 arrived Plymouth Sound from Malta, to have her defects made good. She is ordered to refit and return to the Mediterranean.

31 Jul 1841 Lieutenant Andrew Smith (b) appointed to the Hastings ; Purser George V. Oughton, appointed to the Hastings.

7 Aug 1841 Mate E. Lacey, appointed to the Hastings

10 Aug 1841 Charles Doyle Kennedy, Hastings, passed for Lieutenant at the Naval College.

14 Aug 1841 Lieutenant Douglas Reid, appointed to the Hastings ;

4 Sep 1841 Lieutenant Arthur Lowe (1831), Gunnery Lieutenant of the Hastings, promoted to Commander.

21 Sep 1841 arrived Malta, from Plymouth.

4 Oct 1841 departed Malta, for Syracuse, for water.

9 Oct 1841 Purser G. V. Oughton (from the Hastings), appointed to the Queen, vice Purser James Nicholls, appointed to the St. Vincent. Purser Edward Owen, appointed to the Hastings vice Oughton.

11 Nov 1841 at Gibraltar : three boats crews from the Hastings and Implacable placed in quarantine having gone on board the bark Magnet, from the Levant, which had run on board the Hastings when arriving in port.

11 Dec 1841 it is reported at Portsmouth, in a letter from the Hastings at Gibraltar, that as a result of the present diplomatic situation the Hastings is expected to remain at Gibraltar for the duration of the winter. Presumably circumstances changed ?

18 Jan 1842 arrived Spithead from Gibraltar, and now at St Helen's awaiting the right weather to sail round to the River to be paid off, but since the fog hasn't lifted, it has been decided to pay off the ship, here, at Portsmouth, all standing, and for her to be re-commissioned as flag ship for the second in command on the East India Station, Sir Thomas Cochrane, C.B.

18 Jan 1842, arrived Spithead from the Mediterranean, and ordered round to the River to be paid off, and had to anchor at pending the fog clearing. After 3 days it was concluded that she would make an ideal flag vessel for Sir Thomas Cochrane, who was shortly due to depart for the East Indies station, so the Hastings remained at Portsmouth and was paid off all standing and recommissioned by Captain Bruce. However, it was subsequently (Feb) learned that the Hastings was in need of new decks so was replaced by the Implacable at Plymouth.
One wonders if this was another case of inter-dockyard rivalry, whereby the Master shipwright of one yard might attempt to reverse a situation engineered by another Dockyard ie here we have Portsmouth, for apparently practical reasons, attempting to take over the Hastings, but this being reversed by Plymouth, where for good reason or ill, we'll never know, but nevertheless it was interesting to note that about this time Admiralty had ordered the Master Shipwrights of the Royal Dockyards to meet and sort things out so that the public weren't being charged for what appeared to be personal rather than official opinions of the Master Shipwrights, particularly when it came to building new vessels, where they were ordered to reach a standard by which they could all agree, so that in the future the work of one dockyard was undone by another and redone again to meet the opinion of the Master Shipwright of that yard.

29 Jan 1842, due to be paid off at Portsmouth.

3 Feb 1842, paid off at Portsmouth.

"10 Oct 1842 to be fitted as an ""Advanced Ship,"" at Portsmouth, her masts, spars, and rigging, are to be prepared, fitted, ticketed, and housed in the Dockyard, and the ships are to have their bulk heads put up, their anchors, chain cables, and tanks on board, and their armament is to be kept ready in the Gun Wharf.".

Jan 1848 Portsmouth.

20 Dec 1848 East Indies

Feb/Mar 1849 The Sarah Louisa reports the Hastings to have gone from Hong Kong to the Bogue, to protect British interests.

1 Oct 1849 Boats of the Hastings, with the Fury and Columbine carried out operations against pirate vessels near Hong Kong. See for detail. 3 June 1851 an account of the bounty money granted for the destruction of certain pirates and piratical vessels by the Columbine and Fury, assisted by a party of officers and men belonging to Her Majesty's ship Hastings, on the 1st October 1849, will be forthwith delivered into the Registry of the High Court of Admiralty, according to Act of Parliament.

8 and 22 Oct 1849 Anti-pirate operations H.M. Sloops Columbine and Fury, H.E.I.C.'s steam ship Phlegethon, with officers, men and boats from H.M.S. Hastings - see p. 644-> See also p. 357-> at at

3 - 6 Mar 1850 Medea, with men from the Hastings destroyed a number of pirates vessels.

25 Jan 1851 Departs from Hong Kong

3 Mar 1851 Bounty monies due from the destruction of pirate vessels from 3-6 Mar 1850, now payable.

20 Apr 1851 It is reported at Portsmouth that the vessel had arrived at Calcutta.

9 May 1851 At Trincomalee.

4 Jun 1851 Accounts for Bounty money due for operations carried out on 1 Oct 1849 have been deposited with the High Court of the Admiralty.

30 Aug 1851 East Indies.

Sep 1852 arrived off Rangoon - see p. 379 at

Oct 1852 Ships' boats of the Winchester, Hastings, Fox, and Sphinx, with vessels from the HEIC, proceed up the Irawadi - see p. 379 at

5 Apr – 20 Dec 1852, ship's company involved in 2nd Burma War, and annexation of Pegu (now known as Bago, Myanmar), for which they were due prize money for capture of booty.

1855 Screw blockship 60 guns

23 Apr 1856, Present at Fleet Review, Spithead ; Captain Fanshawe

1860 Training Ship for RNR at Liverpool

1 July 1862 Commissioned at Liverpool.

1864 Stationary Ship, Home Station, Sheerness. Number of Cases of Disease and Injury.

1870 Block Ship, Devonport

1870 Coal hulk

1879 Devonport. [Not allocated]