HMS Illustrious

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Illustrious, 1789
Type: ; Armament 74
Launched : 1789 ; Disposal date or year : 20 March 1795
Disposal Details : Wrecked in a gale, on the rocks near Avenge, crew saved ; Captain Thomas Lennox Frederick.
BM: 1616 tons
Complement: 584

Apr / May 1793 departed under the command of Captain Thomas Lennox Frederick, as a part of a squadron for the Mediterranean Fleet, then to be based off Toulon.

Early Aug 1794, Illustrious, Captain Thomas Lennox Frederick, departed Bastia with Lord Hood in the Victory in pursuit of a French squadron, which sought safety of Gourjean bay. Leaving a squadron to blockade the French the Admiral returned to Corsica to continue operations. Due to stormy weather driving the British out to sea the French squadron was able return to Toulon.

9 Mar 1795, the Mediterranean fleet departed from Leghorn, sighting the French fleet the following day. At daylight on the 13th Adm Hotham sent out the signal for a general chase which ended the following day with the capture of the Ca-Ira and Censeur and the fleets heading off in opposite directions.

17 Mar 1795, the loss of the Illustrious.