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Illustrious, 1803
Type: Initially 3rd rate ; Armament 74
Launched : at Brent's Yard, Rotherhithe 3 Sep 1803 ;
Disposal date or year : 1868
BM: 1746 tons

Circa 5 Nov 1803 has been fitted out as a depot ship for provisions at Sheerness, for the more expeditiously supplying such ships of war that may arrive at that place with provisions. All seems rather strange for a new ship, only launched 2 months ago, especially since BWAS notes that she was commissioned Nov wonders if they've got the wrong vessel ?

Circa 12 Nov 1803 Capt Sir Charles Hamilton, Bart., apptd to the Illustrious.

27 Nov 1803 will drop down from Woolwich to Long Reach, to take in her guns and powder, &c. as soon as possible.

12 Dec 1803 proceeds from Greenhithe, enroute for the Nore, to be manned etc.

Circa 21 Jan 1804 the Illustrious, Capt Sir Charles Hamilton, is embarking her guns and powder at Long Reach, and is reported to be nearly ready for sea.

2 Jun 1804 arrived Spithead from the Downs.

6 Jun 1804 departed Spithead to join the Channel Fleet.

May 1805 Spithead, for foreign service

7 Jul 1805 Illustrious and Ramillies captured the French privateer Josefine.

Circa 31 Jul 1805 departed from Tortola with a convoy.

1 Jan 1807 departed Plymouth for the Mediterranean.

7 Mar 1809 with Admiral Lord Gambier who relieved Rear-admiral Stopford's in command of the blockade of Basque Roads.

17 Mar 1809 anchored in Basque roads. 11 Apr the use of fire ships, explosion-vessels, and Congreve rockets against the French fleet at Basque roads and the results thereof.

21 Jan 1810 departed Spithead with a convoy.

Sep 1810 Cape Station

21 Nov 1810 off the island of Rodriquez preparing for a joint naval and military expedition to take the Isle of France, where they arrived on 28th, and the capitulation was signed on the 3 Dec.

24 May 1811 Caroline and Phaėton departed from Penang with their convoy, arriving Malacca 1 Jun, and were joined by the Illustrious : departed for High Island, where they arrived 3 Jul.

3 Aug 1811 arrived Chillingching, on the coast Java and disembarked troops, having been joined by the frigates Modeste, and Bucephalus. The invasion of Java terminated with the surrender of Dutch and French forces on 16 Sep.

6 Nov 1813 Passed by Plymouth up Channel last evening with a small convoy from the East Indies.

22 Nov 1813 departs Portsmouth tomorrow to the eastward with Marines.

1830 Portsmouth

18 Jun 1832 along with the Marlborough to be cut down to a 52-gun frigate.

20 Oct 1832 was taken into the basin this morning, previous to being docked.

24 Oct 1832 more urgent requirements mean that Donegal was taken into dock in her place....thus docking delayed until 30 Oct 1832.

8 Nov 1832 taken into dock at Plymouth to be cut down to a frigate.

29 Dec 1832 is to be repaired and not cut down, as originally suggested in the Hampshire Telegraph.

9 Jul 1841 to be prepared for service as flag ship in the West Indies and North America.

12 Jul 1841 taken into Portsmouth Basin on Monday and docked Wednesday.

31 Jul 1841 Purser Joseph Mason, appointed to the Illustrious.

7 Aug 1841 has been commissioned at Portsmouth.

14 Aug 1841 commissioned by Captain John E. Erskine ; Commander Fulford ; Lieutenants Wallace Houston, R. S. Hewlett, C. H. Beddoes, G. K. Ogilvey, and G. B. Rutherford, James E. Katon, W. H. Kenney (additional) ; Master James Brown ; Surgeon Dr. Gilbert King (Deputy Inspector of Hospitals) ; Assistant-Surgeon J. C. Bowman ; Mates H. D. Rich, W. H. Baugh, and R. L. Bedford ; Second Master H. Dormer ; Midshipmen G. C. Lloyd and Allen Percy ; Royal Marines.- Captain Hugh Evans, Lieutenants P. H. Fellowes and C. F. Menzies, appointed to the Illustrious.

21 Aug 1841 Lieutenant Winthrop (additional) ; Mates L. U. Hammet, R Inglefield, and 0. Borland ; Midshipmen F. Warren. and H. Grant ; Volunteers 1st Class R. Hepburn and J. Elliot, appointed to Illustrious.

28 Aug 1841 Chaplain A. Fielding ; Midshipmen J. Henderson, and W. Lapidge ; Volunteers 1st Class E. Stone and T. Ramsay ; Volunteer 1st Class W. Elphinstone ; Naval Instructor A. Lane, appointed to the Illustrious.

4 Sep 1841 Assistant-Surgeon J. C. Bowman (1834) of the Illustrious, promoted to Surgeon.

10 Sep 1841 Woolwich, Second Master Stephen Spain, appointed to the Illustrious. Assistant-Surgeon C. K. Keverin, appointed to the Illustrious, vice Laird."

18 Sep 1841 Master's Assistant W. C. Pyper, appointed to the Illustrious.

2 Oct 1841 Second Master J. Gallon, appointed to the Illustrious.

6 Oct 1841 Portsmouth, was taken out of dock.

16 Oct 1841 Lieutenant J. Sibald (from the Syren), appointed to the Illustrious.

23 Oct 1841 Portsmouth, is ordered to get ready for sea with all possible despatch, and her complement is increased to 600 men.

6 Nov 1841 Mates W. W. H. Stewart and J. Boyce, appointed to the Illustrious.

10 Nov 1841 Portsmouth, was towed out to Spithead, and paid wages on the 12th and sails next week, weather permitting.

13 Nov 1841 Master Mr. Pope, appointed to the Illustrious.

16 Nov 1841 Portsmouth, departed for North America, with Sir C. Bagot, the Gov. Gen. of Canada designate.

20 Nov 1841 put into Falmouth owing to strong adverse gales, and proceeded on Tuesday. Mate E. A. Inglefield, and Volunteers First Class J. L. M'Leod, appointed to the Illustrious.

27 Dec 1841 Lieutenant John Pollard Davey appointed the Illustrious.

30 Dec 1841 arrived New York, from Portsmouth, with Sir Charles Bagot on board, Gov. of Canada and suite.

7 Feb 1842 due to depart Bermuda for Jamaica with the Spartan and Rover, per the Winchester, departed Bermuda 4th inst.

19 Feb 1842 is reported at Portsmouth to have arrived Bermuda, from England.

9 Mar 1842 the Cleopatra reports that she was due to depart shortly from Barbadoes for Granada.

10 Mar 1842 the Illustrious, with the Pique, Fair Rosamond and Spitfire departed Barbadoes for Antigua and Jamaica.

5 Apr 1842 departed Jamaica with the squadron for Honduras and Belize to resolve some local political problems.

6 Apr 1842 at Jamaica, and with summer approaching is shortly expected to depart for Halifax.

12 May 1842 returned to Havannah from off Belise in the Gulf of Honduras. It has been reported that Midshipman Fred. Warren probably saved the life of a seaman recently when they were working aloft and a bowline in the after part of the fore top got around his leg.

Circa 21 May 1842 was reported to have departed Havannah for Belise to see how things are going on, and is then expected to return to Bermuda and Halifax, N.S.

30 Jun 1842 the Hydra arrived Port Royal, Jamaica, reporting that she had departed Honduras with the Illustrious, Spitfire, Fair Rosamond, Charybdis, which were bound for Bermuda.

23 Jul 1842 having arrived Bermuda from Belize departed this day for Halifax.

24 Aug 1842 at Halifax.

1 Oct 1842 at Halifax when the Volcano and Resistance departed for England, and would depart for Bermuda mid October with the rest of the squadron on their annual migration south to the West Indies for the Winter months.

18 Oct 1842 remains at Halifax.

4 Dec 1842 departed Bermuda, initially under tow of the Carron, and later by the more powerful steam mail boat Tweed.

Jan 1848 Portsmouth, in Ordinary (reserve).

20 Dec 1848 Depot Ship in Ordinary, Portsmouth

1854 Gunnery ship

1854 fitted out at Portsmouth as a training ship for Naval Cadets. The Implacable was commissioned for the same purpose at Devonport, but was found to be surplus to requirements.

1 Jan 1859 replaced by the Britannia as training ship for Naval Cadets at Portsmouth.

1860 Flag Ship and Guard Ship of Sailing Ordinary, Portsmouth