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Impetueux, 1794
Type: 3rd rate ; Armament 74
Taken : 1 June 1794 ; Disposal date or year : 1813

1795 Captured as Amerique (America) at the Battle of 1 June 1794, but since there was a vessel already in the Navy List with this name she was renamed Impetueux, thus replacing the Impetueux, captured on the same date, which was accidentally burnt in Aug 1794.

21 Dec 1796 chased a part of French squadron from Toulon.

8 Mar 1797 Impetueux and others captured the French privateer Vautour in the Channel.

11 Jun 1797 Impetueux and others captured the French privateer Zoée on the coast of France.

23 Jul 1797 captured the French privateer Petite Cherie.

16 Jan 1799 arrived Spithead.

17 Mar 1799 Portsmouth, sailed with the Magnificent for the Channel fleet.

27 Mar 1799 Plymouth, remains with the squadron in Cawsand Bay.

1 Apr 1799 Plymouth, sailed to join Lord Hugh Seymour

25 Apr 1799 cruising off Brest.

8 Jun 1799 Plymouth, reports received here advise that 16 ships of the line and 4 frigates were detached by Lord Bridport for the Straits.

7 Jul 1799 joined the Mediterranean fleet off Minorca.

14 Aug 1799 looked into Brest to confirm the arrival of the joint Franco-Spanish fleet.

4 Oct 1799 Plymouth, letters from L’Impeteuex, 84, dated from off Brest, state that the combined fleets had top-gallant-yards across, sails bent, and appeared ready for sea. As soon as the wind is fair Lord Bridport proceeds with 40 sail of the line off Brest.

1 Nov 1799 Plymouth, arrived from Lord Bridport's fleet the Formidable, 98, Impetueux, 84, Defiance, 74, and Canada, 74. The remainder of the fleet, 31 sail of the line, passed up for Torbay. The fleet experienced very heavy gales of wind in their late cruise.

20 Feb 1800 Plymouth, arrived from the coast of France, L'Impetueux, 84, Capt. Sir E. Pellew, Bart, and the Shannon 44.

16 Mar 1800 Plymouth, passed by Lord Bridport from Torbay, with 15 sail of the line and four frigates, to join the Channel fleet off Brest. His lordship was joined off the Sound by the Impetueux, Canada, and Russell.

24 Apr 1800 Torbay, sailed with the Channel Fleet, under the command of Sir Alan Gardner.

17 May 1800 Plymouth, arrived from off Brest, with the Captain, and Neptune.

22 May 1800 Plymouth, sailed with the Canada for Torbay.

1 Jun 1800 a part of a squadron detached from Channel fleet to Quiberon bay and the Morbihan to aid the royalists.

25 Aug 1800 operations in support of the Army against the harbour of Ferrol on the coast of Spain.

29-30 Aug 1800 ship's boats of the London, Renown, Impétueux, Courageux, Amethyst, Stag, Amelia, Brilliant, and Cynthia capture the French ship-privateer Guépe. See also p. 238, of Vol 4 of Naval Chronicle.

12 Oct 1800 Plymouth, arrived with the Renown, Captain, Courageux, and Superb, from the secret expedition. Since the failure at Ferrol the above squadron has been cruising in the Bay. The Impetueux knocked off her false keel on some rocks in a bay near Ferrol.

13 Oct 1800 Plymouth, went into Barnpool.

15 Oct 1800 Plymouth, went up the harbour and was stripped directly, and goes into the large dock the next tide to have her keel and bottom examined.

29 Nov 1800 Plymouth, has received orders to relieve the Caesar, on the station off the Black Rocks.

11 Dec 1800 Plymouth, sailed to join the flying squadron off Brest and relieve the Caesar.

10 Feb 1801 sent in the Danish dogger, Two Brothers, Keeroff, master, from Bergen, to St Croix, with gin and hams &c., detained by the Impetieux.

26 Feb 1801 arrived Plymouth Sound from the coast of France.

5 Mar 1801 departed Plymouth Sound for Torbay.

21 Mar 1801 arrived Plymouth Sound the Danish brig Tree, Haard, master, bound from Barcelona to Guernsey, with brandy, detained by the Impetieux and Robust.

6 Apr 1801 arrived a large French brig prize to the Impetieux on 24 Mar.

8 Nov 1801 remained in Torbay.

9 Nov 1801 departed Falmouth, for Plymouth.

12 Nov 1801 arrived Plymouth Sound from off Rochefort after a cruise of six months : last from Torbay and Falmouth, to shelter from the recent most dreadful weather.

19 Nov 1801 the Impetueux, in Cawsand Bay, received orders to victual for five months, supposed for a foreign station.

28 Dec 1801 some sailors of the Impetueux, 84, Captain Sir E. Pellew, Bart, drank so excessively of raw spirits as to expire in a few hours ; another seaman laid down before a fire in a Public House at dock intoxicated, and expired almost instantly.

31 Dec 1801 the Impetueux, 84, Capt Sir E. Pellew remained in Cawsand Bay and was been joined by the Neptune, 98 ; Prince, 98, and Childers, 14.

8 Feb 1802 the Impetueux remains in Cawsand Bay.

3 Mar 1802 orders received at Plymouth to pay L'Impetueux, 84, and the Mars, 74

14 Mar 1802 remains in Cawsand Bay.

9 Apr 1802 departed Cawsand Bay for the Sound to go into Hamoaze to be stripped and paid off, however as she came abreast of Mill Bay the wind failed her and she lost way and was blown back towards the Sandgrave Rocks, and it was necessary to let go an anchor bringing her to within a ship's length of the rocks, and following a cannon signal for distress the duty ships' boats in harbour came to her aid and she weighed again and was warped up to her buoy, her sails being unbent as she went, and her masts stripped before she got abreast of Mount Edgcumbe.

18 Apr 1802 L'Impetueux, 84, paid off at Plymouth on Friday last, and was laid up in ordinary ; and yesterday 400 of her crew shipped themselves directly on board several Liverpool traders in Hamoaze, for Bristol and Liverpool, and other ports in St George's Channel, without going on shore at Plymouth.

25 Apr 1802 at Plymouth, the following anecdote of two seamen of the Impetueux, 84, deserves to be recorded : the day the ship was paid off, two seamen came to the pay table rather intoxicated ; Sir Edward had told them he would punish any men that were disorderly before hauling down his pendant. He had these two men ticked up, read the articles of war, and gave them a dozen each ; when sober the next day the poor fellows finding how ill they had behaved, went to his lodgings and would not leave him till he granted them pardon, which he did, and the seamen departed in high good humour for having obtained his forgiveness.

4 Oct 1802 went into dock at Plymouth, the Impetueux, 84, and remains in dock with the Tonnant, 84, Mars, 74 ; Terrible, 74 ; and Fisgard. 48, to be repaired.

10 Dec 1802 remains in dock at Plymouth, the Tonnant, 84 ; Mars, 74 ; Terrible, 74 ; Impetueux, 84 ; Fisgard, 48 ; and Nemesis, 32.

13 Apr 1803 the following ships are now in dock at Plymouth undergoing repairs : in the double dock : Warrior and Terrible ; in the south dock : Fisgard ; in the middle single dock : Impetueux.

9 May 1803 commissioned in Hamoaze last Saturday by Capt T.B. Martin, and is now off the North Jetty Head ; she took in her lower masts on coming out of Dock.

9 Jul 1803 arrived Plymouth, the French ship La Virginie, from San Domingo, for Bordeaux, with coffee, sugar, and cotton, taken in lat 49 58 long 14 32, by the Minerva, tender to the Impetueux, 80, and the privateer Miranda of Falmouth ; out 48 days. In view of the fact that the Minerva was a tender to the Impetueux, then the pay lists of personnel serving on board the Minerva will be carried by the Impetueux, and the names of the personnel concerned should be noted accordingly.

3 Aug 1803 arrived Cawsand Bay, the Plantagenet, with the Thunderer and Impetueux.

6 Aug 1803 has gone up into Hamoaze.

10 Aug 1803 departed Hamoaze for Cawsand Bay, and embarked 187 men from the Neptune, which completes her complement.

15 Aug 1803 took on board 20 live oxen at Plymouth, for the use of the Fleet off Brest, and sailed with a fine wind at ENE.

2 Nov 1803 a letter dated 20 Oct 1803, received at Plymouth, from off Ferrol reports that the squadron under the command of Commodore Sir E Pellew, is all well, and is made up of the Tonant, Cdre Pellew ; Impetueux, Capt T B Martin ; Colossus, Capt G Martin ; Spartiate, Capt Manley ; Dragon, Capt Griffith, all ships of the line ; and the frigate Sirius, Capt Prowse.

23 Nov 1803 arrived Cawsand Bay from off Ferrol, the Impetueux, Capt Martin, and the Colossus, Capt Geo Martin. The were caught in the hurricane at SW in the channel on Monday night last, but weathered it safe and well, having departed the squadron on the 15th.

12 Dec 1803 remained in Cawsand Bay.

15 Dec 1803 departed Cawsand Bay for the Channel Fleet.

31 Jan 1804 the Ville de Paris, Adm Cornwallis, has been obliged by the gales now blowing up the Channel to leave the French Coast and put into Torbay with the Dreadnought, Prince, Foudroyant, Impetueux, Colossus, and Conqueror, from whence they sailed on the 3 Feb.

25 Mar 1804 per a letter from the Squadron off the Black Rocks, it was reported that between eight and nine in the morning, the Magnificent, lying at anchor off the Saintes, with the Impetueux, Colossus, and the Montague, in the act of getting under weigh struck on an unknown shoal of rocks. Not being able to save the ship, the decision was made to save the crew, and to this end the boats of ships nearby, gave their assistance, whilst the Indefatigable and Aigle anchored close to her bows, and the schooner Pickle and cutter Fox were on her starboard quarter.

11 Nov 1804 due to bad weather arrived Torbay the Ville de Paris, Adm Cornwallis, San Josef, Princess Royal, Temeraire, Impetueux, Goliath, Britannia, Plantagenet, Thunderer, and another unnamed 6 ships of the line, but by the time this paper reaches the streets, on the 19th inst., will no doubt have returned to sea.

1 Dec 1804 the Hampshire Telegraph reports that the Venerable was lost last Saturday, having got under weigh with the rest of the fleet, from Torbay, but missed stays and went ashore on a reef of sunken rocks, and bilged almost immediately. The accident is said to have occurred as the man fishing for the anchor fell overboard, and in lowering a boat to save the man, another 2 men fell overboard. The ship was then hove to, to save them, and in the dark of the night drifted on shore, and having lost way were unable to lay off shore. The Goliath, Impetueux, and cutter Frisk, rescued all the officers and men barring 8, who could not be accounted for : boats were sent from Plymouth to rescue the stores, but she was already a total loss by the time they arrived.

May 1805 Cawsand Bay.

22 Mar 1808 action between a British squadron and the two French frigates Italienne and Seine, off the port of Lorient.

Portsmouth 10 Jan 1810 Sailed for Plymouth.

Deal 20 Sep 1811 Sailed for off Flushing.

Portsmouth 16 Oct 1811 Arrived from the Downs.

Portsmouth 8 Jan 1812 Sailed for off Cherbourg.

Portsmouth 1 Mar 1812 Sailed for Lisbon.

Lisbon 9 Apr 1813 Sailed with a convoy for England.

Falmouth 4 May 1813 The Duke of Kent spoke yesterday HMS Impetueux, with convoy from Lisbon for England.

Plymouth 7 May 1813 Passed by this port to the eastward with a convoy.