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Implacable, lagte Duguay-Trouin, 1805
Type: 3rd rate ; Armament 74
Taken : 4 Nov 1805 ; Disposal date or year : 1949
BM: 1882 tons ; Displacement: 3223 tons

29 Oct 1805 in search of the Rochefort squadron. 2 Nov Phoenix reported position of the French Squadron : the chase began. 3-4 Nov 4th, the frigates harass the French rear. The action. the French haul down their colours. Casualties. Prizes, including the Duguay-Trouin (re-named Implacable), taken to Plymouth and added to the Service.

May - Oct 1808 in the Baltic with a fleet under V.-adm Sir J Saumarez.

20 Aug 1808. Centaur and Implacable arrived and anchored in company with the Swedish fleet in Oro roads and were subsequently in action with the Russian fleet, and blockading the Russians in the port of Rogerswick.

7 Jul 1809 ships' boats of the Implacable, Bellerophon, Melpomène, and Prometheus capture 6 Russian gun-boats, and sink another : take 12 merchant vessels laden with powder and provisions for the Russian army, and burn another.

2 Jan 1810 Went up into Plymouth harbour to be repaired.

24 June 1811 Reported to be off Toulon.

18 Jul 1811 off Toulon.

10 Sep 1812 departed Gibraltar .

18 Aug 1812 Reported to be with the Fleet off Toulon.

29 Sep 1812 arrived Plymouth Saturday morning from the Mediterranean, and was released from quarantine yesterday.

26 Oct 1812 Went up into Plymouth harbour to be repaired in dock.

Plymouth Dock 17 Dec 1823 The West Briton reports that she dragged her moorings and drifted in the gale, but she was brought up before she made the shore, or received injury.

Jul 1830 Plymouth

29 Oct 1832 brought down the harbour to be docked.

10 Nov 1832 to be brought forward for commission.

2 Jan 1836 it is rumoured at Plymouth that she is to be prepared for sea service.

11 Feb 1836 was docked at Plymouth on Thursday.

9 Jul 1839 Gibraltar, The Ganges, 84, and Implacable, 72, passed here with a fair wind for the coast of Syria ; the Implacable was under all sail, while the Ganges had only her top-sails set.

Sep 1839 at Besika Bay.

13 Oct 1839 Malta, it is reported that a malignant fever had appeared among the crews of both fleets at Besika Bay, but with most intensity on board the French vessels. The schoolmaster of the Implacable had fallen a victim to the malady.

18 Oct 1839 Beshika Bay, The Ganges. Powerful, Vanguard. and Implacable, who have been cruising off Smyrna, have joined the Admiral at Beshika Bay.

4 Nov 1839 Malta, is reported to have departed Besika Bay 23 Oct with the fleet for the winter anchorage at Vourla.

Mar 1840 Mr. Horatio Nelson passed his examination for Midshipman.

8 Mar 1840 is reported to be at Vourla.

5 April 1840 is expected shortly from Vourla.

25 May 1840 Malta, the Princess Charlotte, Implacable, and Carysfort departed for Naples.

6 Jul 1840 joined Sir John Louis' squadron at Vourla.

20 Jul 1840 departed from Vourla on a cruise.

3 Aug 1840 arrived Eriseos, Mytelene.

7 Aug 1840 departed round to Mytelene.

15 Oct 1540 Malta, is reported to be blockading Alexandria.

22 Oct 1840 off Alexandria.

8 Dec 1840 Marmorice Bay, had arrived.

Aug - Nov 1840 Capture of Acre and operations on the coast of Syria. Turkish Medals awarded to the Officers and Men employed during the Campaign.

14 Dec 1840 Marmorice Bay, a court-martial was held on board to try Lieutenant G. W. Winlo, of the Implacable, for having appeared on the quarter-deck of that ship in a state of drunkenness on the 22 Nov. The defendant was acquitted.

28 Jan 1841 Malta, was reported to have arrived off Valetta.

12 Feb 1841 at Malta.

21 Feb 1841 Malta, left for Syracuse, to water.

5 Mar 1841 arrived off Malta, from Syracuse.

5 Apr 1841 Malta, has been recalled from Corfu.

30 Apr 1841 arrived at Gibraltar from Malta.

17 Jun 1841 in the Sound at Plymouth.

3 Jul 1841 Plymouth, departed for the Mediterranean.

12 Jul 1841 arrived at Gibraltar from Plymouth.

15 Jul 1841 departed Gibraltar, for Malta.

25 Jul 1841 arrived Malta.

6 Aug 1841 departed Malta for Tunis.

1 Sep 1841 at Tunis.

12 Oct 1841 arrived Gibraltar, 17 days from Tunis. Volunteers 1st Class J. V. Lovett ; R. H. Burton, appointed to the Implacable.

11 Nov 1841 at Gibraltar : three boats crews from the Hastings and Implacable placed in quarantine having gone on board the bark Magnet, from the Levant, which had run on board the Hastings when arriving in port.

4 Dec 1841 Portsmouth, is reported to be under orders to return to England.

17 Dec 1841 Mate J.M.R. Ince, has been promoted to Lieutenant and is appointed to the Implacable.

17 Jan 1842 arrived at Plymouth from Gibraltar to be paid off.

1 Feb 1842 paid off at Plymouth, and re-commissioned on 3rd Feb.

5 Feb 1842 was commissioned at Plymouth as flag ship for Sir Thomas Cochrane, 2nd in command of the East Indies station, but until the vessel is ready for sea he will fly his flag in the Blenheim.

12 Feb 1842 was taken into dock at Plymouth, and it is reported that she is in a far more defective state than expected and that her repairs will take correspondingly longer to make good than was initially anticipated, and the Agincourt will be commissioned in her place.

15 Feb 1842 Devonport, condemned as unfit for sea service.

19 Feb 1842 paid off at Plymouth, and her officers and men were turned over to the Agincourt.

19 Feb 1842 it is reported that Midshipman Elton, committed to the Marshalsea Prison by a doubtful Court Martial, has been released by the Admiralty, and the Hampshire Telegraph suggests that the whole case has collapsed and that as a consequence he remains a naval officer.

Jan 1848 Devonport.

20 Dec 1848 Devonport.

1855 fitted out at Devonport as a training ship or school for Naval Cadets [prospective officers], but was found to be surplus to requirements, and following the decision to introduce training ships for Boy Seamen in 1859, she was used for that purpose from 1860.

4 Feb 1856 Devonport.

1860 training Ship for boy seamen at Devonport.

12 July 1860 Commissioned at Devonport.

1864 Training Ship, Home Station, Plymouth. Report of Measles and Small Pox onboard. Number of Cases of Disease and Injury.

1870 training ship for Boy seamen at Devonport.

1 Jan 1877 recommissioned at Devonport

1879 training ship for Boy seamen at Devonport.

1879 Tenders: Liberty and Lion.

1912 to be preserved.

NL Jan 1921 Lent to Mr. Wheatly Cobb for preservation.

3 Jun 1932 HMS Implacable arrived Portsmouth and exchanged salutes with HMS VICTORY, her adversary at Trafalgar.

2 Dec 1949 scuttled off the Owers.