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Impregnable, 1810
Type: 2nd rate ; Armament 98
Keel laid down : 23 Feb 1802 ;
Launched : 1 Aug 1810 ; Disposal date or year : 1906
BM: 2406 tons ; Displacement: 3880 tons

Circa 1 Dec 1804 Mr Lemmon apptd to be Master Shipwright at Antigua.

1805 Building

Deal 4 Aug 1811 arrived from the Nore.

Deal 11 Aug 1811 departed for Portsmouth.

Portsmouth 20 Apr 1812 departed for off Cherbourg.

Deal 6 Oct 1812 arrived with 12 ships of the line, from the Scheldt, which have been laying off the North Foreland.

Deal 29 Sep 1813 Remains in the Downs.

Deal 21 Nov 1813 arrived.

Deal 23 May 1814 Remains.

Deal 29 May 1814 departed for Boulogne.

Portsmouth 12 Jun 1814 departed with a squadron for Cherbourg to bring back to England 10-12,000 Russian Guards.

Portsmouth 20 Jun 1814 Returned from Cherbourg without the Russian troops.

Portsmouth 29 Jun 1814 departed for Bordeaux to bring home English troops.

Plymouth 2 Jul 1814 arrived from Portsmouth and will remove her lower deck guns and proceed to Bordeaux to bring back troops.

Plymouth 4 Jul 1814 departed for Bordeaux.

Plymouth 2 Aug 1814 arrived from Portsmouth.

Plymouth 3 Aug 1814 arrived from Portsmouth.

Plymouth 2 Sep 1814 Is reported to have been paid off, and re-commissioned.

Portsmouth 18 Apr 1815 Passed by for the Downs with troops from America.

Plymouth 6 Nov 1815 arrived from the Mediterranean.

Plymouth 6 Jul 1816 Is replacing her upper deck 12-pounders with 18-pounders.

Plymouth 13 Jul 1816 Preparing for the forthcoming Algerine Expedition.

28 Jul 1816 departed as a part of a fleet of 19 vessels from Plymouth Sound, for Gibraltar and the bay of Algiers.

9 Aug 1816 the fleet arrived at Gibraltar, where it joined the Dutch squadron, which had arrived the previous evening, and which, it was agreed, would join the expedition. Whilst at Gibraltar the fleet was victualled and preparations made for the forthcoming battle, with gunnery practice &c. taking place.

27 Aug 1816 circa 1400 hours, no reply having been received to Lord Exmouth's demands, the ships of the fleet took up their stations and the Battle of Algiers commenced, ceasing about 2200 hours. Account of casualties. Account of powder and shot expended. Conferences &c. held with the Dey following the battle regards the demands of the allies and settlements made : honours and awards. See also p. 226 at

3 Sep the fleet departed from Algiers for Gibraltar and England.

Medals granted to surviving officers, seamen and marines (and soldiers who served as marines) per order of 7th June, 1848

Gibraltar 13 Sep 1816 Being in want of a new main mast will have to wait.

Plymouth 5 Oct 1816 arrived from Algiers and Gibraltar and put under quarantine. She has 168 shots in her hull.

27 Nov 1821 Is in commission and based on Plymouth.

Plymouth 1 Apr 1834 being prepared for commission.

Plymouth 21 Apr 1834 docked.

Plymouth 2 Jan 1836 it is rumoured that she is to be prepared for sea service [this would appear to have been little more than sabre rattling to support foreign policy].

8 Aug 1839 Remains in Hamoaze

7 Sep 1839 Assistant Surgeon J. H. Hare, appointed to the Impregnable,

26 Oct 1839 Portsmouth, The Mercury tender has this week conveyed 20 seamen to Plymouth for the Revenge, now only 80 men short, and 20 boys for the Impregnable.

9 May 1840 Assistant Surgeons John King, and John Augustus Corbert (acting) appointed to the Impregnable"

25 Jul 1840 Assistant-Surgeon J. C. Welsh, acting, appointed to the Impregnable.

8 Aug 1840 Assistant-Surgeons --- Dacres, M.D., James Fisher, J. Dill, additional, appointed to the Impregnable.

29 Aug 1840 Master David Gossman appointed to the Impregnable, vice White ;

31 Oct 1840, Commander Arthur Forbes ; Lieutenants C. M. M. Wright, Lieutenant Hadaway, Campbell, Keith, Ogilvy, Stoddart, Etheridge ; Master W. H. Thompson ; Second Master Joshua Writing ; Surgeon William Leyson, appointed to the Impregnable.

7 Nov 1840 Commander Arthur Forbes ; Purser David Clow ; Surgeon William Leyson ; Assistant Surgeons Henry Trevan, and Thomas Denvir, appointed to the Impregnable.

20 Nov 1840 Portsmouth, Mercury tender departed for Devonport, with 30 supernumeraries for the Impregnable and Endymion.

21 Nov 1840 Mates Henry Bailey, R. J. Campbell, appointed to the Impregnable.

2 Dec 1840 Plymouth, is making rapid advances towards completion, having already entered more than half of her complement.

16 Dec 1840 Plymouth, will go out of harbour into Sound next week.

24 Dec 1840 Plymouth, was towed out of harbour to the Sound on Thursday last.

26 Dec 1840 Lieutenant Leopold George Heath ; Mate L. P. Pigott, appointed to the Impregnable ;

31 Dec 1840 Plymouth, In the Sound.

2 Jan 1841 Mate H. W. Baugh appointed to the Impregnable ;

11 Feb 1841 Plymouth, in the gale last Saturday parted one of her chain cables, and drifted some distance. Other anchors were let go which brought her up.

12 Mar 1841 Second Master James Cross, appointed to the Impregnable ;

10 Apr 1841 Lieutenant James Lowry ; Assistant-surgeon D. W. C. Hancock, appointed to the Impregnable.

29 Apr 1841 Chaplain Rev. J. A. Burrough, from the Impregnable, appointed to the Cornwallis.

16 May 1841 Plymouth, Mr. G. Watts, boatswain, attempted to put an end to his existence, but immediate assistance being given, the wound was sewed up, and he is now recovering.

29 May 1841 Naval Instructor and Schoolmaster R. M. Inskip, appointed to the Impregnable.

17 Jun 1841 in the Sound at Plymouth.

14 Aug 1841 Lieutenant W. Morris (b), appointed to the Impregnable ;

9 Aug 1841 arrived at Spithead from Plymouth.

21 Aug 1841 Clerk J. M Jefferson, appointed to Impregnable.

27 Aug 1841 Captain T. Forrest, C.B., of the Impregnable is appointed to the Victory, in charge of the Ordinary at Portsmouth.

28 Aug 1841 Midshipman Mr. H. Molyneux, appointed to the Impregnable.

27 Aug 1841 Spithead, the Turkish Ambassador visited.

24 Aug 1841 Spithead, Rear-Admiral Sir Francis Mason, K.C.B., appointed FO2 of the Mediterranean fleet, hoisted his flag.

3 Sep 1841 departed Spithead with the flag of R.-Adm Mason for Malta, via Plymouth.

7 Sep 1841 arrived Plymouth Sound, from Portsmouth.

22 Sep 1841 Plymouth Soundh, the Netley arrived from Liverpool with volunteers for the Impregnable and Belleisle.

7 Oct 1841 Plymouth Sound, the crew were paid wages in preparation for departing for Malta, and will sail for as soon as the wind will permit.

8 Oct 1841 departed Plymouth for the Mediterranean.

21 Oct 1841 off Cape St. Mary, reports that she had encountered very bad weather since leaving Plymouth.

31 Oct 1841 arrived at Malta.

15 Nov 1841 Malta, ordered to make good her defects and prepare for sea.

20 Nov 1841 Lieutenant ------ Johnson from the Impregnable, appointed to Rodney.

5 Dec 1841 at Malta.

17 Dec 1841 Mate W. Crawford (a), has been promoted to Lieutenant and is appointed to the Impregnable.

29 Dec 1841 at Malta.

10 Jan 1842 Valetta, Malta experienced severe weather conditions, with a thunder storm, along with large hailstones, and winds which heeled the nearby Ganges over sufficiently for her lower deck guns to run themselves out.

15 Jan 1842 it is announced that Gunner's Mate John Emey has been promoted to Third Class Gunner.

20 Feb 1842 a report from Malta states that on Tuesday last quarter master Edward Purvis died shortly after being struck by Mr. Goss, a Second Master. A post mortem suggested that the cause of death was probably an anurism of the aorta, and that the blow probably expedited his death rather than causing it. However, following a court martial, Mr Goss was discharged from the service.

1 Mar 1842 in harbour at Valetta.

2 Apr 1842 due to depart Malta shortly, for Lisbon.

19 May 1842 it is reported that the Queen, Impregnable, Calcutta, Vanguard, Cambridge, Devastation had been provisioned and were ready for sea, but that the destination remained a secret.

20 May 1842 departed Valetta with the squadron, including the Queen (flag V.-Adm. Owen) Howe (flag R.-Adm Mason), Vanguard, Calcutta, Thunderer, Cambridge, Impregnable, Devastation and Vesuvius, on a cruize.

4 Jun 1842 returned to Malta from cruise.

15 Jul 1842 the squadron, including the Queen, Powerful, Impregnable, Rodney, Indus, and Devastation departed Valetta, destination unknown, but thought to be queering the French pitch, wherever that may have been ?.

25 Jul 1842 arrived Malta from a cruise with the squadron off the Island.

26 Aug 1842 in port at Valetta.

22 Sep 1842 departed Malta for a cruise and exercises.

11 Oct 1842 a court martial was held on board to try Lt. Edward H. Alston of the Cambridge for indifference in carrying out the orders of the Captain and Commander when coming to anchor ; and in July for having severely beaten 1st Cl Volunteer Francis Fitzgerald, and whilst ashore at Besika, using violent language to him ; verdict : dismissed the service.

2 Nov 1842 ship's boats exercised outside the harbour of Valetta.

2 Dec 1842 at Malta.

Jan 1848 Devonport, in Ordinary.

20 Dec 1848 Flag ship, Devonport

30 Aug 1851 Devonport

25 Apr 1854 the Avon, tender to the Impregnable, detained the Russian barque Carl.

2 Jan 1856 Acting Clerk Waymouth and Asst Clerk Westcott, appointed - Flag Ship, Devonport

4 Feb 1856 Devonport. In Harbour

24 Feb 1856 In Hamoaze

1860 Flag Ship, Devonport

1862 Training ship.

1 Jan. 1862 Commissioned at Devonport.

1864 Training Ship, Home Station, Plymouth. Report of Fevers, Meningitis, Scarlatina and Small Pox onboard. Number of Cases of Disease and Injury.

1870 Training Ship for Boys, Devonport

1 Apr 1876 Recommissioned at Devonport

1879 Training Ship for Boys, Devonport, 22 guns

1879 Tender: Circe (Harbour Service)

9 Nov 1888 Renamed Kent

22 Sep 1891 Renamed Caledonia