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Impregnable, 1886

1885 Howe renamed Bulwark, 1886 Bulwark renamed Impregnable.

1919 Impregnable renamed Bulwark.

Apr 1886 Devonport.

1886 Devonport, Training establishment for boys.

1 Jul 1888 New books opened.

1890 Training Ship for Boys, Devonport. Tenders: "Circe" for Harbour Service ; "Nautilus" ; "Pilot"

1891 Rumours are circulating that with the increased number of recruits passing through the training ship she is becoming overcrowded, and that the Caledonia has been brought into service, not only to relieve this problem, but to provide training facilities in Scotland.

1892 Training Ship for Boys at Devonport, with the Lion.

Mid Apr 1892 is still in quarantine owing to scarlet fever amongst the boys.

20 May 1892 was inspected by the Duke of Edinburgh.

Nov 1892 rumours of over-crowded conditions onboard the Devonport training-ships persist ; 1,400 boys are now on the books, in addition to the ship's company of 202, the establishment has been in quarantine for several weeks due to an epidemic of mumps, which it has been found difficult to stamp out.

2 Nov 1892 100 boys will be sent away on leave to-morrow instead of at Christmas to help alleviate the problem of overcrowding.

9 Dec 1892 a large number of boys are invalided out of the service each year, particularly from the training ships at Devonport : the medical board has surveyed 30 boys this month, who have been found unfit for further service, the majority suffering from chest complaints.

1919 Impregnable reverted back to Bulwark.

Nov 1919 Powerful renamed Impregnable.