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Indus, 1839
Type: 2nd rate ; Armament 80
Launched : 16 Mar 1839 ; Disposal date or year : 1898
BM: 2098 tons ; Displacement: 3653 tons

1 Jan 1820 building or ordered to be built, with a circular stern.

1 Jan 1820 built or building of teak.

Jul 1830 Building at Portsmouth

29 Aug 1840 Portsmouth, was taken into the basin.

19 Sep 1840 Portsmouth, is fast progressing for commission.

2 Nov 1840 The Indus, at Portsmouth ; Captain, Sir James Stirling, has been brought forward for commission.

2 Nov 1840 Woolwich, 32-pounder guns for the Indus, are being completed with all possible despatch.

7 Nov 1840 Commander W. L. Castle ; Lieutenant T. Brown ; Lieutenants James George McKenzie, William G. Maude, and Robert Robertson ; Master H. Strutt ; Purser S. Giles ; Surgeon David Findlay ; Mates J. M. Jackson and A. H. Douglas ; Volunteers 1st Class Patrick Johnston and Andrew Stirling ; Boatswain Thomas Stubbington ; Carpenter Joseph Quick ; Captain RM Garmston and Lieutenant RN Timpson appointed to the Indus.

7 Nov 1840 Portsmouth has been commissioned by Captain Sir James Stirling ; her marines were embarked this morning.

21 Nov 1840 Commander Edmund Yonge, appointed to the Indus, vice Castle, sick.

27 Nov 1840 Mates George M. Jackson and F. J. F. Barrow ; Second Master James Drysdale, appointed to the Indus.

5 Dec 1840 Portsmouth, will be taken out of the basin on Monday

5 Dec 1840 Master A. W, Quinlan, appointed to the Indus, vice Strutt, appointment cancelled. Chaplain W. R. Payne ; Mate M. E. Perceval (from the Vestal) ; Gunner David Slow, appointed to the Indus.

12 Dec 1840 Mate Amelius Paget, appointed to the Indus.

16 Dec 1840 Portsmouth, will quit the basin in a few days to go into the harbour to receive her crew.

24 Dec 1840 Portsmouth, some newly raised men from Liverpool arrived on board.

26 Dec 1840 Mate W. A. Bridge, of the Excellent ; Mate George H. H. Greathead, appointed to the Indus.

20 Jan 1841 Portsmouth, being brought forward for commission.

27 Jan 1841 Portsmouth, her ship's company will move on board from her hulk during the week, and is expected to go out to Spithead to complete her crew.

30 Jan 1841 Lieutenant G. Vincent, appointed to the Indus, vice Dennis, promoted ; Volunteer, 1st Class Gerald F. H Wellesley ; George Stratton, from the Queen, appointed to the Indus.

6 Feb 1841 Clerks T. Wiggens, and William Burney, appointed to the Indus.

13 Feb 1841 Gunner Joseph Connor, appointed to Indus, vice Stow, unfit.

19 Feb 1841 Mate Thomas Anson, appointed to the Indus

6 Mar 1841 went out to Spithead.

10 Apr 1841 Portsmouth, the Mercury departed for Sheerness, with a lieutenant of the Indus on board, to recruit men from the Asia.

17 Apr 1841 Master C. B. Hoffmeister ; Second Master James Drysdale, appointed.

19 Apr 1841 Portsmouth, the Mercury arrived with volunteers for the Indus, late of the Asia's crew.

23 Apr 1841 Portsmouth, the Kite brought several men from the Stag frigate at Plymouth, for the Indus.

24 Apr 1841 Naval Instructor A. Gerard, appointed.

24 Apr 1841 The Avon arrived from Liverpool and Bristol, with newly raised men for the ships recently commissioned at Portsmouth.

29 Apr 1841 Lieutenant: Mr. W. Henry Bridge, mate of the Indus (1830), promoted to lieutenant. Midshipman J. E. Parish appointed to the Indus.

8 May 1841 Lieutenant C. Bamber ; Mates E. Hardy, from Excellent ; and Henry Burroughs, appointed to the Indus.

24 May 1841 Portsmouth, A court-martial to try Mr. Joseph Hobb, Assistant-Surgeon of the Indus, for repeated acts of drunkenness, was held on board the Queen. The charges were proved, and he was sentenced to be dismissed the service.

29 May 1841 Mate Edward Hill, from the Indus appointed to the Herald.

5 Jun 1841 Assistant Surgeons F. P. Pascoe appointed to the Indus vice Hobb.

10 Jul 1841 Acting Master's Assistant G. T. Wise, appointed to the Indus.

12 Jul 1841 at Spithead.

31 Jul 1841 Midshipman H. Elliot, appointed to the Indus, from the Dublin ;

31 Jul 1841 Spithead, has received her orders, for Malta, and will be paid in advance on Monday.

4 Aug 1841 Spithead, departed for the Mediterranean, with despatches, seamen and boys for the fleet.

22 Aug 1841 passed Gibraltar, 18 days from Spithead, on her way to Malta.

7 Sep 1841 arrived Malta from Portsmouth.

25 Sep 1841 departed Malta, for Tunis.

12 Oct 1841 Mate M. H. Perceval, Indus, passed for Lieutenant at the Naval College.

15 Oct 1841 arrived Malta, from Syracuse.

22 Oct 1841 Malta, a court-martial was held on board of the Howe, to try a marine belonging to the Indus, for striking a corporal in the course of his duty. The prisoner was convicted and condemned to be hanged. It is reported that the marine has a very good character and the sentence may, therefore, be commuted.

15 Nov 1841 departed Malta with sealed orders.

20 Nov 1841 Lieutenant Bamber, of the Indus, has invalided home.

27 Nov 1841 Lieutenant W. K. Hall, appointed to the Indus.

11 Dec 1841 it is reported at Portsmouth, in a letter from the Hastings at Gibraltar, that as a result of the present diplomatic situation the Indus is expected to remain at Lisbon for the duration of the winter.

17 Dec 1841 Mate E. M. Leycester, has been promoted to Lieutenant and is appointed to the Indus.

18 Dec 1841 it is reported at Portsmouth that she had arrived Lisbon, from Gibraltar, with the Revenge, where they are to be stationed.

25 Dec 1841 Lieutenant E. Saunders, appointed to the Indus, vice Bamber, invalided.

4 Jan 1842 it is reported at Malta that Marine Archibald George, of the Indus, now on board the Howe, and condemned to death for striking a superior officer, has had his sentence commuted to transportation in New South Wales.

12 Jan 1842 was in the Tagus with the Revenge when the steam ship Montrose departed for England.

31 Jan 1842, at Lisbon.

10 Feb 1842, the latest packet from Lisbon reports that the preparations are in hand to take the Queen of Portugal and her Consort on board in case the Miguelites take the upper hand in the country.

21 Mar 1842 at Lisbon.

28 May 1842 the Alban departed Plymouth with supernumeraries for the Indus, in the Tagus, for conveyance to Malta.

Circa 6 Jun 1842 remained in the Tagus with the Lynx when the Alban returned to England. The Indus shortly expects to be relieved by the Calcutta from Malta.

10 Jun 1842 departed Lisbon for Gibraltar.

15 Jun 1842 arrived Gibraltar from Lisbon.

2 Jul 1842 arrived Malta from Lisbon.

15 Jul 1842 the squadron, including the Queen, Powerful, Impregnable, Rodney, Indus, and Devastation departed Valetta, destination unknown, but thought to be queering the French pitch, wherever that may have been ?.

25 Jul 1842 arrived Malta from a cruise with the squadron off the Island.

15 Sep 1842 in port at Valetta.

22 Sep 1842 departed Malta for a cruise and exercises.

1 Nov 1842 departed Malta for the Coast of Syria.

9 Nov 1842 at Smyrna.

19 Nov 1842 provided provisions at Smyrna to the Stromboli, just arrived from Constantinople.

Jan 1848 at Devonport.

6 Apr 1858 at Port Royal.

1 Jul 1858 at Halifax.

1860 Receiving Hulk and Guard Ship of Steam Ordinary, Devonport

14 July 1860 Commissioned at Devonport.

1864 Stationary Ship, Home Station, Devonport. Report of Fevers and Scarlatina onboard. Number of Cases of Disease and Injury.

1870 Guard Ship of Reserve, Flag Ship of the Admiral Superintendent, Devonport

1.4.1876 Commissioned at Devonport

1879 Guard Ship of Reserve, Flag Ship of the Admiral Superintendent, Devonport

1879 Officers are also borne as Torpedo Boat Instructors

Apr 1886 Devonport

1 Jul 1888 New books opened.

1890 Guard Ship of Reserve, Flag Ship of the Admiral Superintendent, Devonport. Tender "Impregnable"

Sep 1891, considerable additions are to be made to the naval barracks in order to accommodate the additional 1,000 officers and men at present accommodated in the Indus guardship, which is planned to be run-down in the next 5-7 years.