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Irresistible, 1782
Type: 3rd rate ; Armament 74
Disposal date or year : 1806

Chatham 29 Dec 1784. Remains.

2 Feb 1794 Vice-admiral Sir John Jervis departed from Barbadoes with a fleet, including the Irresistible, Captain John Henry, for Martinique. Seamen from many of the ships played an important role in moving heavy guns over difficult terrain and in the various assaults required to subdue the Island. Elements from the fleet then went on to take Sainte-Lucie, Guadeloupe, and other islands, in subsequent months.

March and April 1794, operations at the Islands of Martinique, St. Lucia, and Guadaloupe.

Circa May 1794 sent down to Jamaica.

31 May 1794, the Irresistible, Captain James Richard Dacres, Belliqueux, Sceptre, Europa, three frigates, and three sloops, from Cape Nicolas-Mole, arrived off Port-au-Prince with troops.

1 Jun 1794, the Belliqueux, Sceptre and Penelope bombard the fort, with additional support from the Europa and Irresistible, whilst troops were being landed under the supervision of Captain Thomas Affleck, of the Fly sloop.

12 Jun 1795 the Channel Fleet, under Lord Bridport, including the Irresistible, Captain Richard Grindall, departed from Spithead for Quiberon bay. 22 Jun sighted the French fleet to west of Belle-Isle, and finding the French admiral had no wish for a fight, ordered the Fleet in chase and to engage as ships came up. During the chase the former British 74, Alexander was retaken, along with the French 74s Tigre and Formidable (subsequently renamed Belleisle). And so ended the Battle of the Isle de Groix.

20 Sep 1795 Lord Bridport remained with his fleet off the coast protecting the ill-conceived Quiberon Bay expeditions until 20 Sep, when he returned with 2 or 3 ships to Spithead, leaving Rear-admiral Harvey in command.

19 Jan 1797 detached from the Channel Fleet to Gibraltar.

6 Feb 1797 joined Sir John Jervis's squadron off Cape St.-Vincent.

14 Feb 1797 Jervis's action with the Spanish off Cape St Vincent.

31 Mar 1797 departed from Lisbon to blockade Cadiz.

26 Apr 1797 the Irresistible, in company with the Emerald, captured two Spanish frigates Ninfa and Santa-Elena, the former being taken into the Service as the Hamadryad.

1 - 2 May 1800 prize money resulting from the operations at the Islands of Martinique, St. Lucia, and Guadaloupe due for payment.

24 May 1801 the Irresistible, Capt Bligh, arrived Sheerness from Chatham.

10 Jun 1801 A Court-Martial was held on board the Irresistible, laying at Blackstakes, in the Medway, for the trial of John M'Donald, alias Samuel Higgins, for aiding and assisting in carrying his Majesty's late ship Danae into a French port, and delivering her up to the enemy.
After the Court was sworn, Lord Proby, late Commander of the Danae, appeared as prosecutor. On his examination, he identified M'Donald, pointed out to the Court the part of the ship he did his duty in, and swore positively that he was active in the mutiny. Before his Lordship withdrew, the prisoner asserted that he never was on board the Danae, and that he never before had seen Lord Proby ; but he could adduce no one circumstance that confirmed his assertions.
After Lord Proby withdrew, Lieutenant M'Nevin, who was First Lieutenant of the Danae, and who met and seized the prisoner in the streets of London, confirmed Lord Proby's evidence in every particular; and further swore, that the prisoner, when he got him into a public house, had told him that men of the names of Jackson, Williams, and Ignatius Finney, the latter an Irish priest, and a little before he came on board the Danae an Officer in the rebel army), were the persons who proposed the mutiny, and induced the others to assist to carrying the ship and giving her up to the enemy.
When put upon his defence, the prisoner persisted in his innocence, but it was unsupported by any evidence. The Court pronounced against him the sentence of Death, which he received with very great unconcern ; and during the whole trial, he conducted himself with indifference. His conduct, while Lord Proby and his Officers were in prison, and himself at large, was insulting and cruel.
On Saturday June 20, this unhappy man was executed at nine o'clock on board the Zealand, guard-ship at the Nore, pursuant to his sentence, he behaved with the most hardened depravity to the last.
At the time Lieutenant M'Nevin met with the prisoner in Wapping, he instantly seized him, and had him conveyed on board the tender off the Tower, from whence he was removed to the Nore for trial. It appeared that he had been for some time on board an American schooner which had lain for a fortnight alongside the tender. He had an American protection, and was disguised as an American, with ear-rings in his ears. While on board the Danae he acted as captain of the forecastle.

11 Jun 1801 departed Sheerness the Irresistible for the Great Nore.

16 Jun 1801 was paid today, and sail the first fair wind for N. Yarmouth.

18 Jun 1801 departed Sheerness the Irresistible, 74, Capt Bligh, for N. Yarmouth.

21 Jun 1801 arrived N. Yarmouth from Sheerness.

1 Jul 1801 remains N. Yarmouth.

7 Jul 1801 departed N. Yarmouth yesterday afternoon to join Adm. Dickson's fleet, now cruising off Goree.

Circa 23 Jul 1801 V.-Adm. C. Parker hoists his flag on board the Irresistible, under the command of Adm. Dickson, off Goree.

18 Aug 1801 arrived from the fleet off Goree, with V.-Adm. C. Parker, who is reported to be in extreme bad health. The Irresistible will reprovision, top up water and complete her stores before sailing for Goree, under Adm. Dickson.

23 Aug 1801 departed N. Yarmouth to join the fleet off Goree.

16 Nov 1801 departed N. Yarmouth [for Spithead].

19 Nov 1801 arrived in the Downs from the Northward, and sailed shortly afterwards, for Spithead.

21 Nov 1801 arrived Spithead the Irresistible, from the Downs.

28 Nov 1801 departed Spithead to join the Channel Fleet.

28 Dec 1801 remained with the Channel Fleet in Torbay with the Ville de Paris.

24 Jan 1802 the following ships, are to be victualled and stored for 5 months for Channel service, viz. Magnificent, 74, Capt Gifford ; Irresistible, 74, Capt Bligh ; Audacious, 74, Capt Peard ; Courageux, 74, Capt Southeby ; Robust, 74, Capt H Jervis ; Bellerophon, 74, Captain Loring, and lighters will arrive shortly at Torbay from Plymouth. The Excellent remains in Cawsand Bay and will be victualled and stored before she returns to Torbay.

24 Jan 1802 the Prince of Wales, previous to her leaving Torbay, discharged all her spare provisions into the Bellerophon, 74, and Irresistible, 74.

2 Mar 1802 departed Torbay the Irresistible, Robust, Edgar, Audacious, Magnificent, Excellent, and Bellerophon, on a cruise, but there being little wind the exercise was performed by the various ships' boats towing them out.

3 May 1802 the Barfleur, London, Irresistible, Ramillies, Magicienne, and Sirius, departed Torbay yesterday evening with a light air, to be paid off at Plymouth and Portsmouth, leaving just the fire ship Magaera, and sloops Childers, Atalante, and Sylph off Brixham.

9 May 1802 passed through the Downs from Portsmouth, en route for Sheerness.

16 May 1802 arrived at Sheerness, to prepare to be paid off, and will depart for Chatham the first fair wind to be paid off.

21 May 1802 departed Sheerness for Chatham.

31 May 1802 is reported at Sheerness to have been paid off at Chatham.

19 May 1804 dropt down to St Helen's the Irresistible, Capt Bayley ; with the Chichester, Capt Spear ; the Prospero, Capt Humphries, to join the Athenian and Revolutionaire.

May 1805 Sheerness in Ordinary.