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Lancaster, 1797
Type: 3rd rate ; Armament 64
Launched : 1797 ; Disposal date or year : 1832

A converted East Indiaman.

3 Oct 1797 arrived Yarmouth from off the Texel to victual and store etc.

9 Oct 1797 departed from Yarmouth for the Texel. 11 Oct 1797 engaged the Dutch fleet in what was to be known as the Battle of Camperdown (Admiral Duncan).

21 Feb 1798 prize money resulting from the sale of Dutch ships captured on the 11 Oct 1797 due for payment.

1 Jan 1799 at Plymouth.

31 Jan 1799 Plymouth, orders came down from the Admiralty for the Canada, Mars, Russell, and Lancaster, now in Cawsand Bay, to be in readiness to sail at a moment's warning.

27 Feb 1799 Plymouth, departed for Torbay with the Formidable, Canada, Dragon, and Superb.

4 Mar 1799 came into Cawsand Bay from Torbay with the Atlas.

19 Mar 1799 Portsmouth, arrived from the Channel fleet.

31 Mar 1799 Portsmouth, came into harbour to refit.

6 Sep 1799 Portsmouth, this morning departed from St. Helen's for the Cape of Good Hope with the Pitt, Queen, Highland Lass, and Rambler store-ships, and the Houghton East Indiaman.

3 Feb 1800 in Table Bay.

10 Nov 1800 following the return of the Jupiter to the Cape of Good Hope on completion of a 6 months cruise off Mauritius, but having since experienced an awful storm off Madagascar causing the ship to become leaky. As a result the Flag Officer transferred his flag to the Jupiter and sent the Lancaster, with the Adamant and Rattlesnake under the command of Captain Hotham to cruise off Mauritius. See p. 91 of Naval Chronicle 1801 Vol 5 - Jan - Jun.

19 Oct 1801 reported to be at the Cape of Good Hope, the Diomede, Lancaster, Tremendous, Jupiter, Imperieux and Penguin, brig, when the Belliqueux, Adamant and their convoy of HEIC vessels departed for England.

22 Apr 1802 arrived Spithead from Sheerness, with seamen paid off, for Plymouth.

15 Oct 1802 prize money due to be paid at the Cape of Good Hope on the Spanish Ship L'Edouard, the French Brig Paquebot, and Hull and Cargo of the Spanish Brig Numero Setet, on the the Cargo of the French Brig La Mouche, and such Parts of the Cargo, and Materials of the Brig L'Uranie, as was saved from wreck, by the Lancaster, Adamant, Rattlesnake, and Euphrosyne, September 1800 ;

15 Oct 1802 prize money due to be paid at the Cape of Good Hope on the Spanish Xebec St. Josef y Animas, captured by the Lancaster April 1801.

Circa 26 Dec 1801 Mr. Meik, Midshipman of HM ship Lancaster, and the eldest son of Dr. Meik, Physician, is promoted to the rank of Lieutenant of the same ship.

Circa 24 Feb 1802 Lieutenant Fothergill, of the Lancaster, is promoted to the rank of Commander, and appointed to the Hindostan, vice Captain Mottley, who succeeds Captain Curtis in the Rattlesnake.

Circa 24 Feb 1802 Mr. Willmott, of the Lancaster, is made a Lieutenant into the Hindostan.

Circa 24 Feb 1802 Lieutenant Comyn, of the Hindostan, is appointed to the Lancaster.

Circa 20 Oct 1802 Lieutenant Fothergill, of the Lancaster, who so nobly defended the Rattlesnake against the Preneuse French frigate, in Algoa Bay, to be Master and Commander of the Hindustan.

Circa 10 Jan 1803 when the Imogene packet departed the Cape of Good Hope the Lancaster, Tremendous, Diomede, Jupiter, Hindustan, Braave and Penguin were lying there, and when she departed St Helena on 24 Jan., she did so in company with the Orpheus, and a number of East Indiamen.

1 Feb 1803 when the Dutch national brig Echo departed the Cape of Good Hope the Lancaster, V.-Adm Curtis ; Hindostan, Capt Le Gros ; Jupiter, Capt Losack ; Penguin, Capt McFarlane, and another vessel remained there.

Circa Mar 1803 departed the Cape of Good Hope the Tremendous,74, and Lancaster, 64, with troops which garrisoned the Cape, for the East Indies.

5 Jul 1803 with France attempting to recover her war-time losses in the East Indies news that a renewal of the war was imminent brought about a number of manoeuvres and events between the French and British ships-of-war on the station.

May 1805 East Indies

Early 1806 Cape of Good Hope

20 Apr - 31 Dec 1806 a part of an expedition to Monte-Video and Buenos-Ayres.

1 Jan - Sep 1807 operations continue in the Rio de la Plata.

1815 Lent to the West India Dock Company

1830 Lent to the West India Dock Company

4 Jan 1832, Lying at Deptford, Lancaster, of 64 guns and 1430 tons, put up for sale.