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Lively, 1804
Type: 5th rate ; Frigate ; Armament 38
Launched : at Woolwich 23 Jul 1804 ;
Disposal date or year : 26 Aug 1810
Disposal Details : Wrecked on some rocks near Malta: crew saved. Captain George M'Kinley.

Circa 28 Jul 1804 Capt Hammond has been apptd to the Lively.

3 Oct 1804 with a squadron, consisting of the frigates Indefatigable, Medusa, Amphion, and Lively, which captured 3 valuable Spanish frigates Medea, Fama, Clara, which should have been four had not the Mercedes exploded, an event which was to bring about a return to war with Spain.

17 Oct 1804 arrived Spithead, the Lively, Capt Hammond, from off Cadiz, with La Fama, Spanish frigate, her prize. See also prison hulk Royal Oak regarding the disposal of prisoners from the Fama.

Circa 27 Oct 1804 the captain, officers and crew of the Lively have donated 50 to Thomas Tough, a marine, who lost his arm in the action with La Fama. Plans are being made to transfer the specie found on board the Fama to the Bank of England. The Spanish officers are allowed ashore, and on Tuesday were entertained to dinner by Adm Montagu, and the next day by Capt Bennet, MP.

31 Oct 1804 departed Spithead with sealed orders, but returned the following day with storm damage, ie with the loss of her mizen top-mast and fore-yard.

8 Nov 1804 departed Spithead the Lively, Capt Downman ; the Wasp, the Hon Capt Aylmer ; and Beagle, Capt Burn, to join Sir John Orde's squadron.

7 Dec 1804 Sta.- Gertruyda, 34, Captured, by the Polyphemus 64 and Lively frigate, off Cape Santa-Maria.

31 May 1805 the Lively, off Cadiz, exchanged a few ineffectual broadsides with the Glorioso 74.

18 Sep 1809 Lively and Plover captured the French privateer Aurore.

29 Apr 1810 At Cadiz

15 May 1810 is reported by the Leda to be at Cadiz