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Marlborough, 1807
Type: 3rd rate ; Armament 74
Launched : 1807 ; Disposal date or year : 1835

Early Nov 1807 departed as a part of a squadron under R.-Adm. Sir W. S. Smith, in the Hibernia, for the Tagus, where they commenced a blockade on the 17th.

By 29 Nov 1807 the Portuguese Royal Family had decided to spend the rest of the war in Brazil and the squadron escorted the Royal Family to latitude 37 47' north, and longitude 14 17' west where the Marlborough, London, and Bedford were detached to maintain the escort to Bahia and thence to Rio de Janeior.

Deal 11 Jan 1810 departed for Portsmouth.

Portsmouth 12 Jan 1810 arrived from the Eastward.

Plymouth 3 Feb 1811 arrived from Portsmouth.

Plymouth 5 Mar 1811 departed for the station off Brest.

Plymouth Dock 6 Mar 1811 Put back in view of contrary winds.

Portsmouth 21 Mar 1811 arrived from off Ushant.

Portsmouth 5 Apr 1811 fitting for the Baltic.

Portsmouth 23 Apr 1811 departed for Flushing.

Deal 16 Oct 1811 Is off the North Foreland, and expected to arrive in the Downs this evening.

Deal 5 Nov 1811 Remains in the Downs, due to adverse winds.

Deal 26 Dec 1811 departed for Portsmouth.

Portsmouth 26 Dec 1811 arrived from the Baltic.

Portsmouth 1 Mar 1812 departed to blockade Cherbourg.

Portsmouth 4 Mar 1812 arrived from off Havre and Cherbourg.

Deal 9 Mar 1812 arrived from Portsmouth.

Deal 26 Mar 1812 remains due to contrary winds.

Deal 2 Apr 1812 departed last night for off Flushing.

Portsmouth 21 Sep 1812 Remains with the convoy for Cadiz, and Gibraltar.

Portsmouth 23 Sep 1812 departed with a convoy for Spain and Portugal.

Torbay 26 Sep 1812 Last evening arrived with the outward-bound Lisbon convoy.

Torbay 29 Sep 1812 In view of the strong easterly wind either cut or slipped, and went to sea with a number of merchant vessels.

Bermuda 18 Feb 1813 departed on a cruise to the coast of America.

Mar 1813 the armed US schooners Arab, Lynx, Racer and Dolphin escaped into the river Rappahannock on sighting a British squadron. The ships' boats were sent in, resulting in the capture of all 4. The Racer and Lynx, as Shelburne and Musquedobit, were afterwards added to the Navy List.

20 May 1813 captured the Swedish ship Finland : sent to Halifax.

30 May 1813 captured the Portuguese schooner Noticis Felis and American ship Rolla, which were sent to Bermuda.

13 Jun 1813 captured the American ship Governor Strong, Spanish brig El San lago, and American ship Emily, which were sent to Bermuda.

14 Jun 1813 captured the American ship Star.

18 Jun 1813 captured the American ship Protectress.

5 Sep 1813, arrived Halifax from the Chesapeake.

1-2 Oct 1813 the Poictiers, Maidstone, Marlborough, and Pictou departed from Halifax.

Cork 30 Dec 1813 arrived with a convoy of homeward-bound West-Indiamen.

Cork 7 Jan 1814 Detained with the West Indies convoy by contrary winds.

Cork 10 Jan 1814 departed this morning with the West Indies convoy for Plymouth.

Plymouth 17 Jan 1814 arrived, last from Cork and Scilly, with a part of the West Indies convoy.

1830 Portsmouth.

18 Jun 1832 along with the Illustrious to be cut down to a 52-gun frigate.