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Monmouth, 1796
Type: 3rd rate ; Armament : 64
Purchased (late Indiaman) : 1796 ; Disposal date or year : 1834

29 May 1797 Mutiny on the Nore command. See also p. 72

3 Oct 1797 arrived Yarmouth from off the Texel to victual and store etc.

9 Oct 1797 departed from Yarmouth for the Texel. 11 Oct 1797 engaged the Dutch fleet in what was to be known as the Battle of Camperdown (Admiral Duncan).

21 Feb 1798 prize money resulting from the sale of Dutch ships captured on the 11 Oct 1797 due for payment.

13 Aug-Oct 1799 employed on expedition to Holland.

15 Sep 1799 Sheerness Five Dutch line of battle ships, with three Dutch frigates and one sloop, escorted by the Glatton, Veteran, Monmouth, Ardent and Belliqueux, and two Russian ships arrived last night at the Nore, with the Dutch Republican flags flying under the English.

2 Feb 1801 remains in the Roads at N. Yarmouth.

12 Mar 1801 following the departure of the North Sea fleet earlier this morning, under the command of Adm. Sir H. Parker and Lord Nelson, from Yarmouth, for Copenhagen, the Princess of Orange remains in the Roads at N. Yarmouth, under the command of Adm. Dickson, with the Monmouth, Agincourt, Leyden, and Madras, 64s ; and Assistance, 50 ; with the Ariadne, Solebay and Waakzamheid, frigates ; and the Liberty cutter, and Pouncer gun brig.

27 Mar 1801 during the day the North Sea Fleet departed N. Yarmouth, for a cruise off Holland, including : the Prince of Orange, 64, Adm. Dixon's flag ship, Agincourt, 64, Monmouth, 64, Leyden, 64 ; Assistance, 50, Madras, 50, ; 3 frigates, including the Iris ; a sloop ; and the Attack gun brig &c.

2 Apr 1801 arrived N. Yarmouth Adm. Dixon's North Sea Fleet from a cruise off the coast of Holland.

12 Apr 1801 departed N. Yarmouth, on a cruise off the coast of Holland, a squadron from Adm. Dickson's North Sea Fleet, including the the Princess of Orange, flag ship for Adm. Dickson, with the Leyden, Madras, Monmouth, Texel, Agincourt, Bittern sloop, and Hart and Cobourg cutters.

15 Apr 1801 arrived this morning at N. Yarmouth from a cruise off Goree, a squadron from Adm. Dickson's North Sea Fleet, which appears to have changed somewhat since it departed : the Princess of Orange, Leyden, Assistance, Monmouth, Madras, Agincourt, Latona, Waarzaamheid, Shark, Diligence, Drake and Wright armed ship.

10 May 1801 departed the Princess of Orange, with a squadron from Adm. Dickson's North Sea Fleet including the Monmouth, Vanguard, Madras, Texel, Ariadne, Assistance, Agincourt, Phoenix, and Speculator luggers, Ranger, and Squirrel, and the Narcissus brig, to cruise off Goree.

21 May 1801 arrived N. Yarmouth.

24 May 1801 departed N. Yarmouth for Spithead.

1 Jun 1801 arrived Cawsand Bay from the Downs, the Monmouth, Capt G Hart, to take on board the 24th regiment of foot for Egypt.

5 Jun 1801 this morning embarked for Egypt the 24th regiment of foot, Lieutenant-Colonel Forster: to accommodate the troops the lower deck guns are in the hold.

6 Jun 1801 departed Plymouth Sound for Egypt with the 24th regiment on board.

2 Sep 1801 Off the coast of Egypt.

23 Sep 1802 departed Malta for Sardinia.

4 Sep 1802 arrived Oristagni Bay, Sardinia.

22 Oct 1802 remains Oristagni Bay, Sardinia, the fleet under the orders of Sir R. Bickerton, comprising the Kent, and Hector, 74 guns ; Agincourt, and Monmouth, of 64 ; Greyhound, 32 ; Weasel, brig ; and Thomas, which takes this letter. The reason for being here, 8 miles off shore, remains a secret, and even when going ashore the nearest habitation is reported to be 5 miles off. Whilst the lack of information regarding the ships' programmes is irksome, the ship's companies' are healthy.

29 Dec 1802 departed Oristagni Bay, for Gibraltar.

1 Feb 1803 the Dragon, Renown, Monmouth, Active, Greyhound, and Vincego, are reported to be lying in Gibraltar Bay.

13 Feb 1803 the Dragon, and Renown are nearly repaired, and along with the Monmouth are expected to depart Gibraltar for Malta circa 16 Feb., wind &c. permitting.

8 Jul 1803 with the blockading fleet off Toulon.

9 Jul 1803 a letter as dated from the Superb reports being 2 miles from Toulon, and that they've been cruising off the port for 2 months ; and that the squadron consists of the following vessels : Kent, Donegal, Superb, Triumph, Monmouth, Gibraltar, Agincourt, Belleisle, Renown ; and the frigates Medusa, and Amphion ; with the Termagent sloop ; and Weasel brig.

Circa 14 Oct 1803 the Monmouth arrived Gibraltar in 15 days from Naples.

Circa 17 Dec 1803 per letters received at Portsmouth from Gibraltar the Monmouth and Ambuscade were waiting at Gibraltar for a convoy from the Mediterranean, bound for England.

8 Mar 1804 departed from off Toulon for England.

7 Apr 1804 arrived at Spithead from the Mediterranean the Monmouth, Capt Hart.

14 Apr 1804 dropped down to St Helen's, to do duties as Guard Ship.

Circa 21 Apr 1804 has returned to Spithead to be paid.

12 May 1804 departed Spithead to receive the flag of Adm Russell at Yarmouth.

1804 Flag ship North Sea.

May 1805 Yarmouth Roads

Deal 26 Oct 1811 arrived from the Downs due to bad weather and parted from her cables, but without receiving any other injury.

Deal 5 Nov 1811 remains in the Downs, due to adverse winds.

Deal 26 Mar 1812 remains due to contrary winds.

Deal 29 Sep 1813 Flag Ship for the Downs Station.

Deal 23 May 1814 remains.

Deal 24 Aug 1814 remains.

Deal 21 Sep 1814 Remains in the Downs.

Deal 28 Oct 1814 departed for the River. (In other words, the Downs, as a station, had closed down, at least in the short term.]

1830 Sheer hulk at Woolwich