Index of 19th Century Non-seagoing Naval bases, establishments, dockyards, hospitals etc.


Index of 19th Century Non-seagoing Naval bases, establishments, positions, dockyards, hospitals and Misc. Notes etc.

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Admiralty Agent for Transports Afloat
Admiralty Agent in charge of Mails
Admiralty Agent of one of the Halifax packets
Admiralty Court, Malta
Agent for Prisoners of War at the Leeward Isles.
Armed Neutrality of the Northern Powers (Russia, Sweden, Prussia, and Denmark.)
Ascension Island
Astronomer at the Cape of Good Hope
Barbadoes Naval Hospital
Bermuda Dockyard
Bermuda Hospital
Boards of the Admiralty, Commissioners, Lords of the Admiralty
Burial ground for convicts from the Hulks - Forton Marine Barracks
Canadian Lakes
Cape of Good Hope Dockyard, Medical and Victualling Establishments
Cawsand Bay
Chatham Dockyard
Coastguard : RN officers appointments to Coastguard Stations and Revenue Cruisers
Coastguard, Coast Blockade, Revenue Cruisers, Excise, Preventive Waterguard, and Riding Officers
Convict burial ground - Forton Marine Barracks
Coroner's Reports - for Plymouth Devon.
Deal Hospital
Deptford Dockyard
Devonport Dockyard
Dockyard - Antigua
Dockyard - Bermuda
Dockyard - Cape of Good Hope
Dockyard - Chatham
Dockyard - Deptford
Dockyard - Devonport
Gibraltar Dockyard, Harbour and Upper Signal Station
Dockyard - Halifax
Dockyard - Hong Kong
Dockyard - Jamaica yard
Dockyard - Malta
Dockyard - Pembroke
Dockyard - Plymouth
Dockyard - Portsmouth
Dockyard - Sheerness
Dockyard - Woolwich
Dorset : notes relating to RN, Coastguard, Revenue and the occasional Merchant Vessel working in the Dorset coast :
Embassy Staff - Naval Personnel appointed to Embassies
Emigration Agent, London.
Emigration Agent, Liverpool.
Emigration Agent, Dublin.
Emigration Agent, Cork.
Emigration Agent, Belfast.
Emigration Agent, Londonderry.
Emigration Agent, Sligo.
Emigration Agent, Limerick.
Emigration Agent, Leith.
Emigration Agent, Greenock.
Falkland Isles
Falmouth packet station, and other items connected with Falmouth and Carrick Roads.
Fernando Po
Forton Marine Barracks - convict burial ground
French war effort and supervision of French prisoners held in the UK etc.
Gibraltar Dockyard, Harbour and Upper Signal Station
Great Yarmouth Hospital
Greenwich Hospital
Greenwich School
Gunnery School, Whale Island (Excellent)
Gun boats, when not identified.
Halifax Yard
Harbour Captain (Master ?) at Quebec
Harwich Yard
Haslar Hospital
Haulbowline Hospital and Establishment
Hospital - RNH Barbadoes
Hospital - RNH Deal
Hospital - RNH Greenwich
Hospital - RNH Haslar
Jamaica & Port Royal Hospital
Hospital - RNH Madras
Hospital - RNH Malta
Hospital - RNH Stonehouse, RNH Plymouth
Hospital - Torbay (1801)
Irish Station
Jamaica yard
Keyham College
Keyham Dockyard
Land surveying service
Letters of Marque, and British Privateers, recounting various incidents, as found.
Liverpool Packet Establishment
Lords of the Admiralty
Mail Agent for Peninsula
Malta Dockyard
Malta Hospital
Marine Barracks at Forton - burial ground for convicts from the hulks. Miscellaneous.html
Naval Prisons
Naval Liaison Officers (for want of a better title for officers appointed to various locations under various titles).
Norman Cross Packet station at Dover / or aka Royal Mail Steam vessels
Packet station at Falmouth
Packet station at Halifax
Packet station at Liverpool
Packet station at Weymouth
Paignton Hospital
Pembroke Dockyard (P.D.)
Peninsula Mail Agency
Plymouth division of Royal Marines
Plymouth Dockyard
Plymouth Hospital
Plymouth ordinary
Plymouth Victualling Bakery
Plymouth Weather - 1801 -->
Portsmouth Dockyard
Portsmouth Ordinary
Post Office Packets
Press Gang.
Prison Ships general (see also individual prison ships.)
Revenue Cruisers etc.
British Privateers and Letters of Marque, recounting various incidents, as found.
Quarantine establishment at Stangate-creek
Quebec Harbour Captain (Master ?)
Rendezvous, Recruiting and Manning of the Service
Regulating Service
Riding, Revenue Officers, Coastguards, and their cruisers, Coast Blockade, Revenue Cruisers, and Preventive Waterguard ; for Revenue Cruisers and Cutters etc., see vessel's name under main index.
Rio de Janeiro, Store
Royal Marines
RN Barracks, Chatham (see Pembroke)
RN Barracks, Devonport (see Vivid)
RN Barracks, Portsmouth (see Victory)
RN Barracks, Sheerness (see Wildfire)
RN College, Portsmouth
RN College, Greenwich
RN Prison Carradino, Malta
Sea Fencibles
Sheerness Dockyard
Sick and Hurt Board
Signal Stations - Admiralty Stations / London - Portsmouth and Coastal Semaphores.
Slave Trade - Misc Notes
Store, Rio de Janeiro
Surveying service
Transport Board
Valparaiso store ship
Royal Clarence Victualling Yard, Gosport, including bakery
Royal Victoria Victualling Yard, Deptford, including bakery
Royal William Victualling Yard, Stonehouse, Plymouth, including bakery
Victualling - Misc, transports etc.
War Department Vessels.
Woolwich Dockyard
Weather : Plymouth / Devonport harbour 1801
Weather : UK - occasional notes, as they occur. Weymouth Packet Establishment
Yarmouth Roads and Harbour
Zanzibar : Hospital, Naval Base etc. from 1914.

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