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Northumberland, 1798
Type: 3rd rate ; Armament 74
Launched : 2 Feb 1798 ; Disposal date or year : 1850
BM: 1907 tons

5 Dec 1798 with the squadron off Cadiz.

3 May 1799 prepared for action on receipt of news that the French fleet had escaped from Brest and was heading towards Cadiz. The French were sighted the following day, but stood on for the Mediterranean.

10 May 1799 arrived with the fleet at Gibraltar, and having watered and victualled departed for the Mediterranean.

20 May 1799 anchored in Port-Mahon : departed on 22nd on a cruise.

30 May 1799 detached to reinforce Lord Nelson at Palermo.

7 Jun 1799 joined Nelson's squadron off Palermo.

13 Jun-mid Aug 1799 departed from off Palermo for a cruise, arriving Naples 24th, where crews were involved in operations ashore.

Feb 1800 blockade of Malta, and 18 Feb capture of the Ville-de-Marseille armed store-ship and the Généreux, 74, off Malta.

18 Feb 1800 sent by Nelson, with the Alexander, to Syracuse, to supervise the Généreux, and await orders.

24 Aug 1800 capture of the 40-gun French frigate, Diane, off Malta, added to the British navy under the name of Niobe.

8 Jan 1801 the Penelope, in Sight of the Swiftsure, Tigre, Minotaur, Northumberland, Malta Schooner, and Florentin, captured, on the Mediterranean station, French Bombard St. Roche, laden with Wine, Liqueurs, Iron Ware, Delfth Cloth, and various other Merchandize, from Marseilles bound to Alexandria.

31 Jan 1801 anchored Marmorice on the coast of Karamania. 2 Mar 1801 arrived in Aboukir bay. 7 Mar 1801 commenced opposed landing of troops, seamen, artillery and stores.

8 Mar 1801 of the personnel employed disembarking the army in Aboukir Bay three seaman were killed and four were wounded.

13 Mar 1801 of the personnel employed on shore in Aboukir Bay one officer, Midshipman Wright and four seamen were wounded.

21 Mar 1801 of those employed on shore were killed and wounded in action in Aboukir Bay 3 seaman wounded.

7 Apr 1801 a letter from the Swiftsure off Alexandria commences : "We have, in our endeavours to keep off the shore, been obliged to carry sail to such a degree as nearly to tear our ships to pieces ; and we received further proof of the impossibility of forming an effectual blockade of any port, even in this fine country. On the night of our return from the offing we spoke the Pearl frigate, bringing us advice of the sailing of a French squadron of 7 sail of the line, a frigate, 2 sloops, and 2 store ships, for this place, having 7,000 troops, and 3 generals on board. Lord Keith has been busy preparing the Stately for the line, and our force now consists of the Foudroyant, 84 ; Tigre, 80 ; Ajax, Northumberland, Swiftsure, Kent, and Minotaur, 74 ; Stately, 64, and several small vessels.

29 Jun 1801 cruising off Alexandria, per UK newspapers of this date, reporting news received from off Egypt.

25 Aug 1802 arrived Motherbank for quarantine off Ryde Isle of Wight, the Northumberland, 74, Captain Martin, and Bonne Citoyen frigate, from Malta.

26 Aug 1802 HM ship Northumberland was released from quarantine in the Motherbank.

9 Sep 1802 the Northumberland, 74, Captain Martin, at Spithead, is ordered to Plymouth, to be paid off.

14 Sep 1802 departed Spithead the Northumberland, 74, Captain Martin, and the Tigre, 80, Captain Curry, for Plymouth, to be paid off.

16 Sep 1802 arrived Plymouth Sound from the Straits, last from Spithead, Le Tigre, 84, and Northumberland, 74. They performed their quarantine at the Motherbank, and go up the harbour this afternoon, to be stripped and paid off, and laid up in ordinary.

Circa 27 Jun 1803 Hon Capt Cochrane, apptd to the Northumberland.

30 Jun 1803 it has been announced in the Portsmouth section of the Hampshire Telegraph for 20 Jun 1803, that prize money due to the ship's company of the Foudroyant, Northumberland, Audacious, Alexander, Success, La Bonne Citoyenne, and El Corso, for Le Genereux taken circa 18 Feb 1800, is due to be paid by Navy and Prize Agency, Messrs Mottley and Grout, at Barnard's Inn, Portsmouth. Whilst the London Gazette seems to concentrate mainly on the London Agents, and far less often on other agents based in the home ports, I thought the fact that this agent was advertising his wares, including making loans, and also where and when he was paying out prize and salvage monies &c. might be of some interest.

25 Aug 1803 fitting for sea in Hamoaze.

4 Oct 1803 dropped down from Hamoaze into Cawsand Bay, and is to embark and load livestock and fresh vegetables for when she joins the Channel Fleet.

9 Oct 1803 tenders and cutters have arrived Plymouth from Exmouth, Chester, Liverpool and Londonderry, with seamen for the San Josef, Northumberland, and Foudroyant, bringing the ship's companies of this ships in line with their complements.

13 Oct 1803 departed Cawsand Bay for the Channel Fleet.

7 Nov 1803 would appear to have already returned to Cawsand Bay, and is reported to be remaining there.

21 Nov 1803 the Royal Sovereign, Northumberland, and Defiance have departed Cawsand Bay for off Brest.

7 Dec 1804 off Ferrol with 8 other ships of the line.

Circa Mar 1805 cruising off Ferrol.

May 1805 In pursuit of the Rochefort Squadron.

4 Jun 1805 was at Barbadoes and remained at Antigua when Nelson departed for Europe.

21 Jan 1806 Northumberland and Atlas joined the squadron under V.-adm Duckworth. 1 Feb Kingfisher joined with intelligence that a French squadron had been seen steering for Santo-Domingo. 3rd was joined by the Epervier off Saint-Thomas. 5th Magicienne joined confirming the intelligence. 6 Feb a French Squadron was sighted leaving Santo-Domingo. the action of Santo-Domingo Roads commenced ; 2 French ships (Impérial and Diomède) run ashore and 3 (Alexandre, Jupiter, Brave) taken ; the wash-up ; the casualties ; more wash-up.

9-20 Jun 1806 operations in the West Indies.

4-8 Jul 1806 Northumberland, Elephant, Canada, Agamemnon, Ethalion, Seine, Galatea, Circe, whilst protecting a large convoy bound to England, chased a French squadron under M. Willaumez through the Channel between St.-Thomas and Passage island.

22 Nov 1810 captured the French privateer Glaneuse at sea.

19 Jan 1812 Northumberland departed from off Ushant in search of two French frigates and a brig raiding merchant shipping in the Channel : discovered them off the Isle Groix on the 22nd, and with the Growler in company went in chase, driving all three ships on shore, and destroying them in sight of Lorient and under the protection of 3 shore batteries.

9 Mar 1812 the Tonnant, Northumberland, Colossus, and Bulwark blockading Lorient, discovered the French squadron had escaped ; departed in search. French sighted by the Diana on the 9th and on the 10th, when she was joined by the Pompée and by Tremendous and Poictiers, but lost sight of the French in fog on the 11th.

Plymouth 12 May 1812 Has gone out of the harbour.

Plymouth 18 May 1812 departed for off Brest.

Plymouth 27 May 1812 arrived last night, from L'Orient.

Portsmouth 1 Aug 1815 Embarks troops for St. Helena.

Portsmouth 5 Aug 1815 Has departed and was between St. Alban's and Portland, at ten o'clock this morning.

Torbay 6 Aug 1815 This afternoon anchored off Berry Head, and at 5 o'clock getting under way again.

7 Aug 1815 Napoleon removed from the Bellerophon to the Northumberland.

8 Aug 1815 departed for St Helena.

16 Oct 1815 Buonaparte disembarked at St Helena.

Portsmouth 9 Aug 1818 Passed this port for Sheerness, having completed a 2 month cruise and exercises in the Channel.

Sheerness 23 Dec 1820 Visited by tribal chiefs from NZ.

27 Nov 1821 Is in commission and based on Chatham and Sheerness.

1827 Lazaretto (hospital/quarantine ship) at Standgate Creek, R Medway.

20 Dec 1848 Quarantine Service, Standgate Creek.

15 Jun 1850 The Sydney Shipping Gazette reports that this vessel is due to be broken up.