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Phoenix, 1832
Type: 2nd class sloop ; Armament 6
Launched : 25 Sep 1832 ; Disposal date or year : 1864
BM: 909 tons ; Displacement: 1024 tons
Propulsion: Paddle - Screw
Machinery notes: 260

27 Aug 1832 Rhadamanthus, Salamander, and Phoenix are fitting out for sea, but will not be commissioned until required.

6 Dec 1832 arrived at Woolwich, from Chatham, to be completed with her engines etc.

1 Jan 1834 Employed on various home port services.

16 Jan 1834 at Woolwich.

6 Mar 1834 departed Plymouth for Woolwich, for repairs.

6 May 1834 departed Portsmouth for the river with seamen for the Hastings.

24 May 1834 arrived Portsmouth this morning from the river, and departed for Plymouth with marines paid off from the Ariadne.

9 Jul 1834 arrived at Woolwich today.

28 Feb 1835 is reported to have been paid off. It is intended that she will be manned by men from the guard ships at Woolwich when required.

12 Sep 1835 has been commissioned at Woolwich.

3 Oct 1835 departed Portsmouth for the north coast of Spain.

14 Nov 1835 is reported to be on the north coast of Spain or at Lisbon.

19 Dec 1835 reported to be on the North coast of Spain.

11 Feb 1836 has arrived Plymouth, Tuesday, from the North coast of Spain and is anchored in the Barnpool.

23 Apr 1836 departed Portsmouth yesterday for Plymouth and Santander with marines for the North Coast of Spain.

5 May 1836 the Phoenix and Salamander, San Sebastian, are reported to have opened fire on behalf of the British Legion and Her Catholic Majesty's forces against the Carlist fortifications.

7 Jul 1836 at Passages supporting the British Legion. See p. 276 at

19 Feb 1837 reported to be at Passages.

21 May 1837 was reported to be at Passages.

28 Jul 1839 Portsmouth Commander James Hamilton Ward, appointed to the Phoenix ; Purser John Colwell, appointed from the Rose, to the Phoenix steamer.

3 Aug 1839 Commander, Robert Spencer Robinson, appointed to the Phoenix, Second Master Edward Williams appointed to be acting master of Phoenix.

7 Sep 1839 Portsmouth sails to-morrow for the north coast of Spain, taking out two officers of the Royal Artillery, and First Lieutenant Travers, of the Royal Marines, the latter to join the battalion at St. Sebastian.

12 Oct 1839 arrived Malta Wednesday last from Gibraltar.

16 Oct 1839 Malta, sails shortly to join Admiral Stopford's squadron at Besika Bay.

14 Dec 1839 Malta, Mr Robert Lower, purser of the Gorgon, came down here in the Phoenix on account of ill health.

11 Jan 1840 Malta Mr. Bridges, mate of the Phoenix. has left the service, and takes a passage to Malta in the Castor.

11 Jan 1840 left Malta with mail on the 27 Dec., arriving Vourla the 31st. The weather for the last ten days of the year has been unusually mild at Vourla ; but the new year opened with winter snows, the thermometer falling to 36 degrees.

8 Mar 1840 at Vourla.

10 Apr 1840 Malta, sails for Naples as soon as the Prometheus arrives from Marseilles with the London overland mail.

28 Jun 1840 arrived Malta and departed with despatches for the Admiral, on his way to Corfu.

16 Aug 1840 Lieutenant Henry John Douglas (pro tem.), appointed from Princess Charlotte to the Phoenix ;

16 Aug 1840 fell in with the Revenge on the 20 Jul, and departed for the coast of Syria.

Aug 1840 arrived at Corfu on the 1st, from Athens, and returned on the 4th, where she was lying on the 13th, and was to leave on the following day for Vourla.

1 Sep 1840 Malta, departed for Alexandria with despatches for Admiral Stopford and letters for the fleet received by the London mail of the 15th ult.

9 Sep 1840 arrived at Beyrout with the fleet.

11 Sep 1840 Beyrout, the Cyclops opened fire on troops in the south part of the bay.

12 Sep 1840 Beyrout, Gorgon, Hydra, Cyclops and Phoenix landed marines and Turkish troops at nearby Jouna and the Princess Charlotte, Ganges, Benbow, Edinburgh and Revenge bombarded General Soliman's troops ashore.

14 Sep 1840 Beyrout, The bombardment continued and the allied troops fortified their positions.

15 Sep 1840 Beyrout, Fired occasionally as targets showed themselves.

9 Oct 1840 arrived Beyrout from Constantinople.

20 Oct 1840 sent from Beyrout to Kaifa to embark Captain Waldegrave from the Revenge, and thence to Acre to reconnoitre the port to ascertain the situation, and on arriving was greeted by the fire from the batteries. She exchanged fire for about a half an hour before returning to Beyrout.

2 Nov, 1840 arrived off St. Jean d’Acre.

3 Nov, 1840 bombardment of St. Jean d’Acre. Egyptian forces evacuate St. Jean d’Acre overnight and the town was occupied on the 4th by the Turks. See of 1 Dec 1840.

5 Nov 1840 departed Beyrout for England with despatches.

29 Nov 1840 arrived England with despatches for the Admiralty. See of 1 Dec 1840.

1 Dec 1840 Spithead, arrived from off Acre, last from Plymouth, and has since come into harbour to refit with a view to rejoining Sir R. Stopford's squadron shortly.

12 Dec 1840 Lieutenant Marcus Knox, appointed to the Phoenix vice Norway, sick ;

16 Dec 1840 Portsmouth, is ordered to be prepared to return to the Mediterranean.

21 Dec 1840 Portsmouth was undocked ;

26 Dec 1840 Assistant Surgeon Charles Daniell of the Phoenix, appointed to the Apollo.

Aug - Nov 1840 Capture of Acre and operations on the coast of Syria. Turkish Medals awarded to the Officers and Men employed during the Campaign. 16 Oct 1844 those onboard between 9 Sep - 10 Oct 1840, and at the bombardment of St. Jean D’Acre, on the 3 Nov 1840, will be paid their respective proportions of the grant voted by Parliament for the said services.

2 Jan 1841 Commander John Richardson (b) ; 2 Jan 1841 Lieutenant Marcus Knox ; and Mate Brooke Young, appointed to the Phoenix ;

2 Jan 1841 Portsmouth, is ready for sea.

13 Jan 1841 Portsmouth, was paid wages, and is waiting for orders to proceed to Malta.

16 Jan 1841 Assistant Surgeon R. Willcox (acting), appointed to the Phoenix vice Callaghan ;

16 Jan 1841 Clerk J. A. Messum ; First Engineer W. Richardson, appointed to the Phoenix, vice Marshall.

16 Jan 1841 Second Engineer John Henty, appointed to the Phoenix.

30 Jan 1841 Lieutenant J. S. A. Dennis (late First Lieutenant of the Phoenix, having completed his sea time), promoted to the rank of Commander.

12 Feb 1841 Malta, arrived from Plymouth and Gibraltar.

5 Mar 1841 Malta, undergoing repair in the dockyard.

25 Apr 1841 Malta, has gone to Beyrout.

16 Jul 1841 remains at Beyrout.

9 Sep 1841 at anchor off Beyrout.

2 Oct 1841 it is reported in England that the Campbridge and Phoenix assisted the Austrian ship Venere, which had gone aground near St Jean D'Acre.

5 Nov 1841 at Malta, coaled and ready for sea.

23 Nov 1841 arrived at Athens from Malta, and left again for Suda, Rhodes, Cyprus, and Beyrout on the 26th taking the Magpie in tow as far as Cerigo.

28 Nov 1841 arrived Beyrout, from Malta.

8 Jan 1842 at Beyrout.

26 Jan 1842 at Beyrout.

20 Feb 1842 arrived Constantinople from Beyrout.

6 Mar 1842 departed Constantinople.

14 Mar 1842 departed Smyrna for Beyrout.

6 May 1842 arrived Malta from Syria where all was reported to be anarchy and confusion pending the restoration of Emir Bechir.

15 May 1842 departed Malta with mail for Corfu and Patras.

10 Jun 1842 departed Tunis.

15 Jun 1842 arrived Malta from Tripoli.

16 Jun 1842 departed Malta to the Ionian Islands and Greece with the mail which would normally have been taken by the Vesuvius which was sent to Marseille.

26 Jun 1842 arrived Malta from Patras and the Ionian Islands.

28 Jun 1842 having coaled &c., departed Malta with special orders.

6 Jul 1842 off Athens.

5 Aug 1842 the Geyser is understood to have relieved the Phoenix in the Levant and she is expected shortly at Malta, before heading home to England.

5 Aug 1842 the Devastation is understood to be replacing the Phoenix in the Dardanelles.

13 Sep 1842 arrived Malta from Alexandria.

15 Sep 1842 in port at Valetta.

25 Sep 1842 departed Malta for England with a mail.

4 Oct 1842 lying in the Bay at Gibraltar.

6 Oct 1842 departed Gibraltar for England.

18 Oct 1842 arrived Spithead, departing the following day for Woolwich.

02 Nov 1842 is due to be paid off at Woolwich.

29 Aug 1849, detained in lat. 13° 48' N., lon. 20° 54' W., the Portuguese brigantine Leao, Manoel Joaquim de Fontes, master, and was sent to the Court of Mixed Commission at Sierra Leone, but there being no court for a Portuguese vessel, she was sent on to Boa Vista, where she arrived on 21 Oct, and claimed to have been going about he legal business and on 3 Nov was restored to her master and super-cargo, with all costs, damages and expenses, there being no prima facie evidence of being involved in the slave trade.

31 Oct 1849 detained in lat. 5° 12' N., lon. 3° 54' E., the Brazilian slave vessel Palmyra, 79 ft. long, 25 ft. broad, 9½ ft. deep.

24 Mar 1850 detained between Fernando Po and Whydah, the Brazilian slave brig Positivo.

13 Apr 1850 chased a slaver, which, on being pressed, turned and ran her on board, reducing her to a perfect wreck aloft. The sloop, however, lowered a boat, which took possession of the enemy. The Phoenix took eight other slavers at about the same time - see p. 393 at

18 Apr 1850 the Phoenix and Hecla detained in lat. 5° 45' N. Long. 3° 0' E., the Brazilian slave brigantine Dous Amigos.

15 May 1850 detained off Port Novo, West Coast of Africa, the Brazilian slave schooner San Antonio Vencedor.

2 Jun 1850 detained off Lagos, the Brazilian slave brig Bom Destino.

15 Sep 1850 detained off the River Congo the Brazilian slave schooner Maria Theresa, Pedro Fernando Gallino, master, which was sent for adjudication to the Vice-Admiralty Court at Sierra Leone, and on 17 Feb 1851 sentenced to be condemned.

10 Oct 1850 detained up the River Congo, following a chase, during which stores were thrown overboard, a slave felucca, Name Unknown, which was sent for adjudication to the Vice-Admiralty Court at St. Helena and on 17 Feb 1851 sentenced to be condemned.

31 Oct 1850 detained off the River Congo a slave felucca / launch, Name Unknown, which was sent for adjudication to the Vice-Admiralty Court at St. Helena and on 17 Feb 1851 sentenced to be condemned.

22 Dec 1850 detained in Lat. 7° 30' S. Long. 12° 32' E. by the ship's pinnace, near the Pillar of Granite, a slave launch, Name Unknown, with 39 slaves on board which was sent for adjudication to the Vice-Admiralty Court at St. Helena and on 14 Feb 1851 sentenced to be condemned.

Feb 1851 Seen "cruising off Coquimbo" on anti-slave trading operations.

1860 Sheerness