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President, 1829
Type: 4th rate ; Armament 52
Launched : 20 Apr 1829 ; Disposal date or year : 1903
BM: 1537 tons ; Displacement: 1969 tons

1830 Portsmouth

21 Jul 1832 the Nelson, along with the Hibernia, Bellerophon, Edinburgh, Benbow, Spartiate, Pembroke, President, Naiad, Amphitrite, and Trincomalee, it is noted, in the Hampshire Telegraph, were brought forward to be commissioned last summer, at considerable expense, and except for the Spartiate, Edinburgh, and President, and are now to be put back into Ordinary, also at some expense.

14 Dec 1833 is being brought out of ordinary at Portsmouth and is to be rigged etc. in readiness to go to sea, should circumstances dictate.

25 Mar 1834 undocked at Portsmouth.

29 Mar 1834 preparing at Portsmouth to take passage to Halifax.

29 May 1834 departed Portsmouth for Halifax.

26 Jul 1834 Is reported to have arrived at Halifax, from Portsmouth, previous to the 1st.

22 Jul 1834 at Bermuda.

29 Sep 1834 Refitting in Halifax harbour.

28 Feb 1835 is reported to have departed from Barbadoes to Trinidad on 1 Jan.

23 Mar 1835 reported to be at Bermuda.

7 Aug 1835 reported to be at Halifax.

26 Aug 1835 arrived Quebec.

28 Nov 1835 at Bermuda.

22 Jan 1836 is reported to have departed Bermuda for the West India islands.

5 Mar 1836 was reported to be at Bermuda.

7 Jun 1836 arrived Portsmouth Monday from Bermuda, having been relieved on 2 May by the Melville.

18 Jun 1836 will be paid off at Portsmouth on Monday.

7 Jun 1838, the flag ship for R.-Adm Ross, HMS President, arrived at Callao, where the Imogene, Harrier, sloop Sulphur, Starling and Victoria, along with the French vessels Andromede, 60, and brig Alacrité, and the US ship North Carolina, 80, and corvette Lexington, who were all watching the motions of the belligerents, Peru and Chile.

Circa Jan 1839 in the Pacific.

15 Jan 1839 Callao, about to proceed on a cruise.

2 Aug 1840 arrived Valparaiso from Talcahuano.

3 Jul 1841 Mate P. Parkhurst, promoted to Lieutenant

4 Jul 1841 arrived at Lima, from Ysslay.

28 Aug 1841 had arrived at Valparaiso from Callao.

14 Dec 1841 arrived Callao, from Islay.

30 Jan 1842 departed Valparaiso for Rio de Janeiro.

5 Mar 1842 arrived Rio de Janeiro from Valparaiso.

4 May 1842 arrived Spithead from Rio de Janeiro with the flag of the late CinC Pacific, after a passage of 52 days.

6 May 1842 came into Portsmouth harbour to be paid off.

14 May 1842 paid off at Portsmouth.

23 May 1842 when she paid off recently the following medals, gratuities and pensions were awarded :
Wm. Young, carpenter's crew a medal for Long Service and Good Conduct, a £5 gratuity, and £19 16s. pension p.a. ;
James Wood, seaman, Long Service and Good Conduct, a £15 gratuity, and £32 8s. pension p.a. ;
Stephen Binstread, seaman, Long Service and Good Conduct, a £15 gratuity, and £34 8s. pension p.a. ;
Thomas Newson, seaman, Long Service and Good Conduct, a £15 gratuity, and £33 16s. pension p.a.
In addition, on the 30 May it was announced that Thomas Bottle had been awarded a pension of £22 8s. p.a. ;
John Jackson a pension of £25 8s. And John Hopgood a pension of £15 4s.

23 May 1842 it is reported that when the President was making her passage round Cape Horn seaman George Hopkins fell from the mizen top and broke his arm, leg and thigh, and received internal injury, and has now been admitted to Haslar Hospital ; £31 0s. 6d. being subscribed for his benefit by the ship's company, independent of what ever was raised by the officers.

23 May 1842 £1 11s. was subscribed when paying off, to the benefit of the Royal Victorian Schools ; the also subscribed £1 4s. 8d. to the Dreadnought Hospital Ship in the R. Thames.

26 May 1842 taken into dock at Portsmouth.

10 Oct 1842 to be fitted as an "Advanced Ship," at Portsmouth, her masts, spars, and rigging, are to be prepared, fitted, ticketed, and housed in the Dockyard, and the ships are to have their bulk heads put up, their anchors, chain cables, and tanks on board, and their armament is to be kept ready in the Gun Wharf.

1 Mar 1846, at Simon's Town. The President relieved the Winchester as Flag Ship.

3 Apr 1846, had departed Simon's Bay for Algoa Bay with the Governor.

Circa 27 Jul 1846, arrived Port Louis.

1847 the ship's boats attacked a stockaded position at Anjoxa. The fighting, however, was not of a very serious description - see p. 366 at

4 Sep 1848 Flag Ship at Simon's Town.

1 Dec 1848 Flag ship, at Simon's Town.

11 May - 7 Sep 1854, when news of the war being declared against the Russians was received the British force on the China and Japan station consisted of the President, Pique, Amphitrite, Trincomalee, Virago and the French the Forte, Eurydice, Artemise, and Obligado. A number of operations appear to have been carried out, none of which were carried through to a satisfactory conclusion - see p. 429-> at

7 Sep 1854 the President, Virago and Pique detained the Russian ship Sitka.

Feb 1855 At Valparaiso.

18 Mar 1855 departed from Callao with the flag officer for Petropalovski.

23 May 1855, met up with and spoke to the Barracouta and FNS Alceste not far off the coast of Kamschatka, and separated.

31 May 1855, rendezvoused with Pique, Dido, Brisk, Alceste, Encounter, Barracouta, and the American store ship Nile off Petropalovski.

1 Jun 1855, the squadron entered the harbour of Petropalovski, but discovered that despite appearing to have reinforced the fortifications the Russians had departed for the River Amur.

1860 Chatham, re-rated as a 50

1 April 1862 Woolwich. Commissioned as RNR Drill Ship for Service at West India Docks.

1864 Home Station, as RNR Drill Ship at West India Docks. Number of Cases of Disease and Injury.

1870 Royal Naval Reserve, West India Docks.

1870 Officers borne for duties in Admiralty

1 May 1873 Recommissioned.

1879 Drill Ship for Royal Naval Reserve, West India Docks

1879 A number of officers are borne on the books for duties in Admiralty, also RNC Greenwich, Surveying Service and Hydrographer

1879 Tender: Rainbow

Apr 1886 W. I. Docks

1890 West Indies Dock. Drill Ship for RNR. Officers in various administration posts around the country are included on the books: Deptford Victualling Yard, those in service at the Royal Arsenal, RN College etc.

1890 Tender: "Frolic" Harbour Service - for Drill of RN Artillery Volunteers.

1903 Renamed Old President