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Prince Consort, 1862
Type: Broadside ironclad frigate ; Armament 31
Launched : 26 Jun 1862 ; Disposal date or year : 1882
BM: 4045 tons ; Displacement: 6832 tons
Propulsion: Screw
Machinery notes: 4234 hpi 1000 hp

Some brief notes on the Prince Consort.

Laid down as Triumph, as a 2nd rate, 91 guns.

1860 Pembroke, Building: Originally designed and begun as wooden line-of-battleships of 91 guns, 3716 tons (OM), and 800 H.P. nom., but converted, in accordance with an Admiralty Order of May 14, 1861, to armour-plated ships of about 6400 tons displacement, and from 3700 to 4240 H.P.I. As adapted, they were full-rigged broadside ships, with iron armour of a maximum thickness of 4.1 inches, carrying 24 61-ton 7-in. muzzle-loaders. They had single screws, and an extreme speed of from 12 to 13 knots. Building on this vessel as a wooden ship commenced 13 Aug 1860 and conversion into an iron cased vessel on 3 Jun 1861.

14 Jan 1864 Commissioned Devonport.

14 Jan to 31 Dec 1864 Home Station. Reports of Small Pox and Measles onboard. Number of Cases of Disease and Injury.

1870 Mediterranean, 24 guns

28 Dec 1870, Malta, went to sea for the day to try her engines and boilers, which had been under repair.

27 Jan 1871 at Malta.

27 Feb 1871 entered the new dock at Malta.

2 Mar 1871 removed from dock.

7 Mar 1871 the Lord Warden, Caledonia, Prince Consort and Wizard depart for Sicily and Naples.

2 Apr 1871, for census, moored in Naples harbour.

6 Apr 1871 arrived Malta from off Amalfi with 3 cases of smallpox from ships in the squadron, which were sent to hospital on arrival. 1879 Unappropriated, Devonport. Officer borne in Indus.