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Princess Charlotte, 1825
Type: 1st rate ; Armament 104
Launched : 14 Sep 1825 ; Disposal date or year : 1875
BM: 2443 tons

1 Jan 1820 building or ordered to be built, with a circular stern.

14 Sep 1825 Launched at Portsmouth.

Jul 1830 Portsmouth.

4 Aug 1832 has been taken into the basin in preparation for being taken into the dock for an inspection.

11 Aug 1832 taken into dock at Portsmouth.

30 Aug 1832 taken out of dock.

23 May 1834 taken into the basin at Portsmouth.

19 Nov 1836 was undocked at Portsmouth on Thursday and is reported to be fitting out for service in the Mediterranean.

13 May 1837 goes out to Spithead next week in preparation for her passage to the Mediterranean where she will be flag ship for Adm Hon Sir R Stopford.

2 Jun 1837 at Spithead.

6 Aug 1837 the Rapid, from Port Mahon, reports that the Princess Charlotte was there when she departed.

1 Sep 1837 arrived Genoa.

23 Aug 1837 reported to be in Barcelona Roads.

9 Jan 1839 at Malta.

6 Feb 1839 remains at Malta.

16 Mar 1839 still at Malta.

15 May 1839 Malta, in Port.

1 Jul 1839 Lieutenant H. E. S. Winthrop, appointed to the Princess Charlotte;

20 Jun 1839 arrived Valetta.

2 Jul 1839 Malta, the Princess Charlotte, Rodney, Bellerophon, Pembroke, Tyne and Rhadamanthus departed and joined the Minden, Talavera, Asia, Castor, and Zebra in the offing and departed for the east, but destination unknown.

10 Aug 1839 Clerk C. F. Stevens, appointed (additional) to the Princess Charlotte

Sep 1939 at Besika Bay.

13 Oct 1839 Malta it is reported that a malignant fever had appeared among the crews of both fleets at Besika Bay, but with most intensity on board the French vessels.

4 Nov 1839 Malta, is reported to have departed Besika Bay 23 Oct with the fleet for the winter anchorage at Vourla.

4 Jan 1840 Lieutenant J. Maling, appointed to Princess Charlotte

11 Jan 1840 Malta, Mr. Lillicrap, clerk's assistant of the Princess Charlotte, promoted to be secretary's clerk in the Admiral's office.

14 Mar 1840 Lieutenant Charles E. Patey, appointed from the Princess Charlotte to be first of the Castor

14 Mar 1840 Lieutenant Sir Godfrey Webster, appointed to the Princess Charlotte.

6 Mar 1840 at Malta, released from quarantine.

10 Apr 1840 at Malta, the Princess Charlotte, Tyne and Phoenix will sail for Naples as soon as the Prometheus arrives from Marseilles with the London mail.

28 Jun 1840 Malta departed for Corfu.

6 Jul 1840 The flag officer Mediterranean joined Sir John Louis' squadron at Vourla.

11 Jul 1840 Mr. Inglefleld, volunteer of the 1st class of the Princess Charlotte has been rated as midshipman.

18 Jul 1840 Assistant Surgeons Alexander Wilson, and Edward George Irvine, M.D.. additional acting, appointed to the Princess Charlotte.

19 Jul 1840 at Vourla, departed for the coast of Syria.

3 Aug 1840 arrived Eriseos, Mytelene.

7 Aug 1840 departed round to Mytelene. See p. 310 at

16 Aug 1840 Lieutenant Henry John Douglas (pro tem.), appointed from Princess Charlotte to the Phoenix ;

16 Aug 1840 Lieutenant Bulkeley George Le Mesurier (pro tem.), appointed from Princess Charlotte to the Daphne.

16 Aug 1840 Assistant-Surgeon Oliver T. Miller, appointed to Princess Charlotte.

24 Aug 1840 arrived off Alexandria and anchored with the Bellerophon in front of the Rassettin, the Viceroy's palace."

29 Aug 1840 Lieutenant Lord Henry Russell, appointed additional to the Princess Charlotte (to take passage in the Vanguard.)

6 Sep 1840 Alexandria, departed for the coast of Syria.

9 Sep 1840 arrived Beyrout.

11 Sep 1840 Beyrout, the Cyclops opened fire on troops in the south part of the bay.

12 Sep 1840 Beyrout, bombarded General Soliman's troops ashore.

14 Sep 1840 Beyrout, The bombardment continued and the allied troops fortified their positions.

15 Sep 1840 Beyrout, Fired occasionally as targets showed themselves.

22 Oct 1840 at Beyrout, where sickness has spread amongst the squadron.

2 Nov, 1840 arrived off St. Jean d’Acre.

3 Nov, 1840 bombardment of St. Jean d’Acre. Killed. 1 seaman. Egyptian forces evacuate St. Jean d’Acre overnight and the town was occupied on the 4th by the Turks. See of 1 Dec 1840."

8 Nov 1840 off St Jean d’Acre, See of 15 Dec 1840.

Aug - Nov 1840 Capture of Acre and operations on the coast of Syria. Turkish Medals awarded to the Officers and Men employed during the Campaign † .

21 Nov 1840 Purser Young (from the Admiral's office, Princess Charlotte), appointed to Jaseur.

9 Dec 1840 arrived in Marmorice Bay, from Beyrout.

2 Jan 1841 Lieutenant Alexander Murray, of the Princess Charlotte, promoted to the rank of Commander.

2 Jan 1841 Lieutenant A Farquhar, Robert Jenner, Arthur Cumming, Richard Hoops, John Allen, appointed to the Princess Charlotte; John M. D. Smith, Richard D. White, George Johnson, Thomas C. O. D. Whipple, Lindsay P. Burrell, G. H. C. Sunderland ; 2 Jan 1841 Commander Henry H. Bingham, appointed to the Princess Charlotte;

9 Feb 1841 Malta, arrived from Marmorice ;

6 Mar 1841 Mates Henry Broadhead, Arthur Jerningham, J R. Rodd, of the Princess Charlotte, promoted to Lieutenant.

12 Mar 1841 Mate Mr. Warre, of the Princess Charlotte, promoted to the rank of Lieutenant, vice Charles Wemyss, deceased

10 Apr 1841 Lieutenant J. E. F. Risk, from the Princess Charlotte appointed to the Bellerophon, vice Saunderson, invalided ;

24 Apr 1841 Surgeon John Kay (late of the Princess Charlotte) promoted to Deputy Inspector of Hospitals and Fleets.

19 May 1841 departed Malta for Corfu in company with the Talbot and Cyclops.

11 Jun 1841 arrived Malta from Corfu with the Cyclops.

12 Jun 1841 Lieutenant Charles J. Walton, appointed to the Princess Charlotte.

12 Jun 1841 Malta, was expected at Malta from Corfu, on her way to England.

26 Jun 1841 Lieutenant Charles John Walton, appointed to the Princess Charlotte ;

29 Jun 1841 reported to be some 90 miles east of Gibraltar.

17 Jul 1841 Portsmouth, arrived from the Mediterranean, and anchored over-night at St. Helen's.

17 Jul 1841 came up to Spithead early on Sunday morning and came into harbour the following day, and is preparing to be paid off.

30 Jul 1841 paid off at Portsmouth ; the ship's company subscribed £8 ; 16s. ; 3d., to the Dreadnought hospital ship. The following have been awarded medals, &c. for long servitude and good conduct:-
William Polkenhome, quarter master, pension of £28. 16s. ; and a gratuity of £15
Thomas Harris, admiral's coxswain, pension of £28. 4s. ; and a gratuity of £15
Thomas Powell, captain of the hold, pension £28. 16s. ; and a gratuity of £15
Thomas Anderson, quarter master, pension of £31. 12s. ; and a gratuity of £15
W. Douglass, quarter master, pension of £30. 8s. ; and a gratuity of £15.
Charles Ferris, sergeant, Royal Marines, has received the medal.

4 Aug 1841 Mr. Charles Bromley (late Princess Charlotte), passed for Lieutenant, on board the Queen.

10 Aug 1841 Henry Ashburton Kerr, late Princess Charlotte, passed for Lieutenant at the Naval College.

14 Aug 1841 Portsmouth, will be taken into dock on Monday.

19 Aug 1841 Portsmouth, was taken out of dock on Thursday.

7 Sep 1841 Portsmouth, was taken out of the basin.

10 Oct 1842 to be fitted as an "Advanced Ship," at Portsmouth, her masts, spars, and rigging, are to be prepared, fitted, ticketed, and housed in the Dockyard, and the ships are to have their bulk heads put up, their anchors, chain cables, and tanks on board, and their armament is to be kept ready in the Gun Wharf.

† 16 Oct 1844 those onboard between 9 Sep - 10 Oct 1840, and at the bombardment of St. Jean D’Acre, on the 3 Nov 1840, will be paid their respective proportions of the grant voted by Parliament for the said services .

Jan 1848 Portsmouth, in Ordinary (reserve)

20 Dec 1848 Portsmouth.

25 April 1857 Portsmouth. Commissioned as Receiving Ship, Hong Kong.

6 Jan 1858 arrived Hongkong, from England & Calcutta.

1 Oct 1856 - 26 Jun 1858 Parliamentary Grant of £33,000, for services (in lieu of Prize Money) on the China Station to be divided between 56 Vessels

1864 Receiving and hospital Ship, Hong Kong. Medical report : fever onboard number of Cases of Disease and Injury.

Nov 1870 Receiving and hospital ship, Hong Kong.

2 Apr 1871, for census, Hong Kong.