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Racoon, 1795
Type: Brig sloop ; Armament 18
Launched : 1795 ; Disposal date or year : 1806
Displacement : 317 tons (BM)

Built of Fir

Apr 1796 captured the French privateer Furèt on the coast of France.

22 May 1796 Racoon, Resolution, and Fairy captured the French privateer Hazard in the Channel.

19 Jul 1796 Sloops Fairy and Racoon, and Resolution, Flora, Venus (1) , and Grace cutters, captured the Aurora.

29 Sep 1796 captured the French privateer Active.

16 Dec 1796 the Racoon, with the Eurydice, Fairy, and Grace Armed Cutter in sight, captured the Galliot Concordia.

20 Apr 1797 in company with the Grace captured French privateer Les Amis in the North Sea.

20 Apr 1797 in company with the Grace re-captured the Brig Good Intent.

15 Nov 1797 in company with the Grace re-captured the Cutter Mary.

11 Jan 1798 early in the morning, after a chase of 2 hours, captured the French privateer cutter Policrate, 16 Guns, 72 Men, bound to the West Indies, some 7 leagues off Beachy Head. Mr. George Kennedy, Master, was killed, and 4 Seamen were wounded ; 2 severely.

12 Jan 1798, in the Downs, commanding officer Rob. Lloyd.

22 Jan 1798 captured the French privateer Pensée in the Channel.

22 Jan 1798 prize money resulting from the capture of Les Amis and salvage monies resulting from the re-capture of the Good Intent and Mary due for payment.

20 Oct 1798 sunk the French privateer Vigilante in the North Sea.

4 Jul 1799 off Dungenness, the weather foggy, heard shots being fired and departed towards the sound and re-captured the merchant ship Benjamin and Elizabeth, which had been taken by two luggers who had wounded many of the crew, some apparently after they had surrendered. The fog lifting a little the 2 luggers were sighted and one being still within musket shot received a broadside from the Racoon and sank without trace. At that moment the fog came down again and the other lugger disappeared from view.

2 Dec 1799 in company with the Cormorant, captured the French lugger privateer Vrai Decide, 14 guns, 4 swivels, and 41 men, Citizen Desgardri, of Boulogne, E.S.E. of Portee, in the Channel.

3 Dec 1799 chased and captured the French privateer lntrépide, off Calais. The Stag, hired cutter, who had joined the chase, was sent in pursuit of the brig which was in the process of being taken when the Intrépide was first observed by the Racoon.

30 Nov 1800 re-capture of the Ship Portland.

30 Dec 1800 departed Deal with the Nemesis on a cruise.

31 Dec 1800 arrived off Dover with the Gannet from a cruise off the Coast of France.

4 Jan 1801 departed the Downs with the Gannet on a cruise.

5 Jan 1801 returned to the Downs due to a westerly gale.

7 Jan 1801 departed the Downs with the Gannet on a cruise.

19 Jan 1801 salvage money resulting from the re-capture of the Portland due to be paid on her next arrival in port at Deal.

27 Jan 1801 prize money resulting from the capture of the Galliot Concordia due for payment.

28 Jan 1801 departed Deal on a cruise.

8 Feb 1801 remains in the Downs.

27 Feb 1801 in the Downs ; has raised a signal for a convoy for the Westward.

5 Mar 1801 departed the Racoon from the Downs with the outward bound convoy for Spithead.

6 Mar 1801 put back yesterday evening the Racoon to the Downs with her convoy. This morning the Racoon and the Attack gun vessel departed the Downs with her convoy for Spithead.

7 Mar 1801 arrived Spithead the Camel store-ship, the Dart, and the Racoon, with a large convoy from the Downs, among which are the following outward bound East Indiamen ; True Briton, Hindustan, Lord Hawkesbury, Airley Castle, Charlton, Duke of Montrose, Dover Castle, Calcutta, Asia, Windham, and Lord Duncan ; and the Admiral Rainier and Kent for the Cape of Good Hope.

13 Mar 1801 the Racoon remains in the Downs, bringing together the next outward bound convoy with the Savage and Gier.

8 Apr 1801 arrived Spithead, the Racoon, Capt Rathbone, with the Liberty brig, from Jersey.

23 May 1801 arrived Spithead from the Downs.

30 May 1801 Spithead on a cruise.

28 Jun 1801 arrived Spithead from a cruise.

19 Jul 1801 arrived at Torbay last night after post, from a cruise, with the wind about WNW, but this morning it had shifted round to ESE, and sailed.

30 Jun 1801 departed Spithead on a cruise.

31 Jul 1801 arrived Spithead from a cruise.

20 Aug 1801 arrived Spithead the Swedish brig Charlotte, Anderson, master, from Gottenburg, to Lisbon, sent in by the Racoon.

2 Sep 1801 arrived Spithead the Racoon, with 170 kegs of liquor, which she picked up at sea.

9-10 Sep 1801 departed Spithead for the Westward, on a cruise.

21 Sep 1801 arrived Spithead from a cruise.

24 Sep 1801 departed Spithead for the Downs.

27 Sep 1801 arrived in the Downs with a convoy from Portsmouth, which are now sailed for the River..

29 Sep 1801 departed the Downs for Portsmouth.

3 Oct 1801 arrived Spithead the Racoon, with a smuggler, which she captured off Beachy Head, with 830 casks of spirits.

22 Oct 1801 departed Spithead the Racoon, for Falmouth, to collect the outward-bound Mediterranean convoy.

2 Jan 1802 letters received at Plymouth from Gibraltar, of 16 Nov., state the safe arrival there, with part of a convoy, of the Racoon, 18, Captain Rathbone. She and the convoy experienced dreadful weather on their outward-bound passage, in the Bay of Biscay. The Racoon fell in with, steering for Brest, his Majesty's late ships of war Hannibal, 74, and Speedy, 14 ; the former taken in Algesiras Bay by Admiral Linois, and the latter by Gantheaume's squadron in the Straits ; they were both under jury-masts and French colours: found the British fleet at Gibraltar all well.

3 May 1802 letters received at Plymouth from an Officer of the Racoon, of 18 Feb., last, state the arrival there of the Mondovi sloop of war from Egypt, she brings intelligence that the Turks and Mamelukes were at open war in upper Egypt, and much blood had been spilt on both sides. Vice Admiral Sir R. Bickerton, Bart. was preparing to sail from Malta, in the Madras, 54, Captain Dilkes, to endeavour to put a stop to this effusion of blood, and to try to effect an accommodation between both parties, if possible.

2 Jul 1802 arrived Spithead the Racoon sloop of war, Captain Rathborne, from Malta, last from Gibraltar.

24 Aug 1802 departed the Downs for the Texel, the Glenmore, Amelia, and Oiseau, and Galatea frigates ; Sophie, and Racoon, sloops, with the Prince of Orange's troops on board.

1 Sep 1802 passed by the Downs at the back of the Goodwin Sands this morning : the Glenmore, Amelia, Galatea, and Oiseau, frigates ; and the sloops Sophie and Racoon, bound from the Texel to the westward.

1 Sep 1802 arrived Spithead from the Texel.

Circa 18 Sep 1802 came into Portsmouth harbour. Was paid off and recommissioned.

15 Oct 1802 went out to Spithead having been recommissioned.

20 Oct 1802 is being fitted out at Spithead for Service overseas.

23 Oct 1802 departed Spithead the Racoon sloop with sealed orders, but subsequently understood to have gone to Jamaica. RW

25 Oct 1802 arrived Torbay, (Brixham Quay), from Spithead, with dispatches for the West Indies, and remains, due to variable SW winds and rain making progress down the Channel almost impossible.

28 Dec 1802 when the Falmouth packet Princess Elizabeth arrived at Port Royal, Jamaica the Leviathan, Desiree, Trent, Racoon and Pelican were lying there, and the she departed in company with the Bellerophon and Elephant.

13 Jan 1803 when the Falmouth packet Leicester arrived at Port Royal, Jamaica, she found lying there the Leviathan, 74 ; Bellerophon, 74 ; Vanguard, 74 ; Elephant, 74 ; Desiree, 40 ; and sloops Shark, Pelican and Racoon ; the De Ruyter arriving on the 17 Jan, with the 87th Regt., from Curacoa, and on the 21st the Theseus, 74 ; Cumberland, 74 ; Goliath, 74 ; and Ganges, 74, from a cruise.

30 Apr 1803 per a letter received at Portsmouth, from the Ganges in the West Indies, amongst other info reports that Captain Rathborne had been appointed in command of the frigate Santa Margarita.

11 Jul 1803 capture of the French brig-corvette Lodi.

16 Jul 1803 off the east end of Jamaica.

17 Aug 1803 ran the French national brig la Mutine on shore.

27 Aug 1803 a letter from Jamaica reports that the Racoon, Capt Bissel, arrived Montego Bay, Jamaica, from a cruise during which, apart from her meeting with La Mutine, detained 10 vessels of different descriptions, several of which, when with passengers, were allowed to depart : but four schooners and a sloop were sent into Port Royal.

13-14 Oct 1803 attacked and captured the French national gun-brig Petite-Fille, the schooner Jeune-Adèle, and national cutter Amélie, however, the crew of the former over-powered the prize crew and ran the brig on shore.

16 Mar 1804 captured the French national transport L'Argo, 6, and 50 men, in ballast.

2 Apr 1804 captured the French privateer Jean Baptiste on the Jamaica station.

5 Apr 1804 captured the French privateer L'Aventure, 1 & 2 swivels, 28 men, off Great Henage on the Jamaica station.

Circa 30 Jun 1804 on Tuesday se'nnight, the Committee of the Patriotic Fund, presented a sword to Capt A Bissell, late of the Racoon.

1 Aug 1804 captured the French privateer L'Alliance on the Jamaica station.

26 May 1805 captured the Spanish privateer San Felix e1 Socoro, felucca, 1 gun 40 men, off Jamaica.