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Railleur, 1797
Type: Ship-sloop ; Armament 14
Taken : 1797 ; Disposal date or year : 16-17 May 1800
Disposal Details : Foundered at the same time as the Trompeuse and hired cutter Lady Jane. Foundered as is supposed, having parted company in a gale in the Channel : crew perished. Captain John Raynor.
Complement: 76 men and boys

6 Jan 1799 Plymouth, departed for Jersey.

20 Apr 1799 Plymouth, went down into the Sound.

28 Apr 1799 Plymouth, departed for Guernsey.

22 Jun 1799 Plymouth, departed on a cruise.

28 Jun 1799 Plymouth, arrived the Pallas, from Uddervalla, bound to Nantes, sent in by the Railleur.

6 Jul 1799 Plymouth, arrived the Fowey cutter, Lt. Derby, from carrying dispatches to Vice Admiral Sir A. Gardner, Bart. He spoke the Mars, 74, all well, last Monday, off the Isle of Aix ; besides the two vessels already retaken by the Fowey, she has taken the Tiro, with tin, &c. What is remarkable, on her last voyage she was taken by a French privateer, and retaken by the Railleur, 20 guns, Captain Rayner ; her cargo sold, salvage paid, she proceeded to take in tin, and was taken and again retaken by the Fowey, and sent in here.

17 Jul 1799 Plymouth, arrived from off Guernsey.

22 Jul 1799 Plymouth, came in the Railleur and Spider cutter, from a cruise.

24 Jul 1799 Plymouth, in consequence of two expresses to Admiral Sir T. Paisley, the Railleur sloop of war was dispatched off the Isle of Aix to Vice Admiral Pole.

2 Aug 1799 Plymouth, arrived from the Isle of Aix, having been dispatched to recall V.-Adm. Pole, on account of the combined fleet having passed the Straits.

20 Nov 1799 Plymouth, went up the harbour to refit.

13 Jan 1800 Plymouth, Captain Turguard is appointed to La Railleur, 20 guns, vice Capt. Raynor, absent with leave.

27 Jan 1800 departed from Plymouth in search of the of the French 38-gun frigate Pallas, which was captured on 6 Feb, and subsequently purchased into the Service as the Pique. Killed.—Mr. William Prothers, Midshipman ; Alexander Ferguson, Gunner's Mate. Wounded.—Robert Pring, Yeoman of the Sheets ; William Wilde, private marine ; John M'Mullin, boy ; Benjamin Gibson, ordinary seaman.

30 Jan 1800 Plymouth, departed on a cruise with the Loire, and Danae, to look for a frigate and corvette a convoy from St. Maloes for Brest.

7 Feb 1800 Plymouth, arrived a trawler, Harper, master, who fell in with, two leagues S.E. of the Edystone, the Loire, and Railleur, who had in their company a prize, La Pallas, 44 guns and 350 men, taken only six hours after she left St. Maloes, after a well fought close and running action of two hours ; she is quite new, her first cruise, and was bound for Brest, and from thence for the Mauritius. Harper put a pilot on board La Pallas, as she was much disabled, her main-top-mast gone over the side, standing and running rigging and sails cut to ribbons, and scarcely a brace or bowline left. The wind blowing hard at E.S.E. Loire, Pallas, and Railleur bore away for Falmouth.

14 Feb 1800 Plymouth, last night came in the Providence sloop, M'Ausland late Master, retaken by La Railleur,.

14 Feb 1800 Plymouth, it is reported that the Loire and Railleur were driven some 10-14 days ago by an easterly gale to Cork.

26 Mar 1800 Falmouth, arrived the Serpent and Railleur sloops of war, with coasters from Ireland under their convoy.

13 Apr 1800 Plymouth, arrived with the Amethyst, from a cruise.

14 May 1800 Plymouth, departed to join the Channel fleet, with the Atlas, Prince, Havick, and Trompeuse.

18 May 1800 Plymouth, the Channel fleet passed up for Torbay this morning having experienced the fury of the gale when laying to off Brest, on Friday last under storm stay-sails ; the sea ran mountains high, and the wind suddenly shifted from S. W. to N. W. lay several men of war on their beams ends, but soon righted, though they shipped several heavy seas and a number received damage to their masts. The Warrior, 74, and Elephant, 74 ; Railleur, 18 ; Trompeuse, 18, and Lady Jane cutter, were left off Brest.

23 May 1800 Plymouth, arrived from off Brest the Elephant, 74, Warrior 74, and Dolly cutter. This latter vessel passed under the stern of the Railleur, 18, after the storm of last Friday, laying to under her bare poles, apparently without much damage.