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Railleur, late Henry ; 1804
Type: Ship-sloop ; Armament 16 ;
Purchased : Jun 1804 ;
Disposal date or year : 22 Dec 1810
BM : 271 tons ;

1803-4 one of about 20 ship-sloops purchased into the Service, primarily for convoy duties.

Circa 23 Jun 1804 Cdr James Slade apptd to the Railleur.

1-3 Oct 1804 fire ships expended and the trial of a new form of fire boat known as a "catamaran," on the French flotillas anchored off Boulogne. The officers in charge of the fire or explosion vessels were as follows : Capts MacLeod, of the Sulphur ; Jackson, of the Autumn ; Edwards of the Fury ; Collard of the Railleur ; and Searle of the Helder defence ship. Lieuts Stewart of the Monarch ; Lowry of the Leopard ; Payne of the Immortalite ; Templer of the Sulphur ; Midshipman Bartholomew of the Inflexible ; Capts Winthrop of the Ardent ; and Owen of the Immortalite, superintended the operations from the Southward ; and Hon Capt Blackwood, of the Euryalus, from the Northward. Keith.

3 Dec 1804 arrived Spithead the Railleur sloop, Capt Collard, from the Downs.

23-25 Apl 1805 was a part of a squadron which captured off Boulogne the Dutch Armed Schuyts Nos 43, 44, 45, 48, 52, 54, 57, and 58, and the unarmed Transport No 3 and is entitled to Head-Money being one of the actual Captors.

May 1805 Downs Station