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Rainbow, 1809
Type: 6th rate ; Armament 28 (20 carronades, 32-pounders, on the main deck, and six carronades, 18-pounders, and two long sixes on the quarterdeck and forecastle. )
Taken : 2 Jan 1809 ; Disposal date or year : 1815
BM : 587 tons
Complement : 173 men and boys.

2 Jan 1809 off the Welbank near the Texel, Aimable chased and captured the French ship-corvette Iris, bound to Martinique : added to the British navy by the name of Rainbow.

10 Feb 1810 off Pointe Abacou, St.-Domingo, discovered the French frigate Néréide in the distance and departed in chase, and was later joined by the sloop Avon, but they were badly damaged in the action which followed, and the Néréide continued her passage back to Europe.

Portsmouth 17 Jan 1811 arrived from Jamaica.

Deal 13 Oct 1814 arrived from the Mediterranean, and are under quarantine.