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Raison, 1795
Type: 6th Rate ; Armament 26 (20 x long 9-pdrs ; 2 x 18-pdr carronades in the bridle-ports, on the main deck 6 x long 6-pdrs & 2 x 12-pdr carronades on the QD & FC = 30 guns, (1796))
Taken from the French 17 May 1795 ;
Disposal date or year : 1802
Complement : 195 men and boys
B.M. 472 tons.

17 May 1795 the frigates Thetis and Hussar, captured 4 armed French store-ships off Cape Henry, USA, including the Prévoyante and Raison, which were taken into the RN.

25 Aug 1796 in latitude 41° 39' N., and latitude 66° 24' W., [in the West Indies], the British 20-gun ship Raison, Captain John Poer Beresford, sighted the French frigate Vengeance, which chased the Raison for many hours before the smaller vessel, following exchanges of broadsides, was able to evade capture in fog.

1 Jan 1799 in ordinary at Sheerness.

1799 Returned to England ; refitted as a Store ship

23 Aug 1801 would appear to have been fitted out as a receiving ship at Sheerness, and was now to be fitted out as a floating battery, for Leith, and to be commissioned by a Lieutenant.

11 Oct 1801 at Sheerness to prepare to be paid off following the recent signing of the Peace of Amiens.

2 Nov 1801 remains at the Great Nore.

12 Nov 1801 remains Sheerness, with the Zealand, guard-ship.

30 Nov 1801 remains with the Zealand and some 20 other vessels at the Nore.

30 Dec 1801 remains at Sheerness.

14 Feb 1802 remains at Sheerness the Hebe, Jamaica, Ambuscade (Dutch), Raison, frigates ; Hermes, sloop ; Harpy, Speedwell, brigs ; with 19 gun brigs ; and the Dolphin cutter.

31 Mar 1802 many of the vessels at Sheerness are to be sent to Chatham to be paid off.