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Raleigh, 1845
Type: 4th Rate ; Armament 50
Launched : 1845 ; Disposal date or year : 14 Apr 1857
Disposal Details : Wrecked near Macao. All saved.
BM: 1939 tons

Designed by Mr. Fincham

1846 The Experimental Squadron Portsmouth, Thursday. April 23 Raleigh (coming from Chatham), Captain Sir T Herbert, Mr. Fincham constructor, 50 guns, 1935 tons.

July 1846 The Squadron of Evolution at Cove. Summer Cruise. At daybreak on Thursday, morning the Raleigh, 50 guns, commanded by Sir Thomas Herbert, entered the harbour, and fired, with beautiful precision, a salvo of eleven guns, to salute the flag of Admiral Sir Hugh Pigott, which was hoisted on board the Myrmidon, steamer, a craft by no means entitled to such a distinction ; but obtaining it, to use an Irish phrase, " for want of a better." The arrival of this beautiful frigate, built from the design of Mr. Fincham, master shipwright at Devonport and generally admitted to be, next the Vernon, the handsomest and fastest in the British navy, was considered the harbinger of all the others ; and so it proved, for at half-past three a large ship, with all canvass set, was seen at the harbour's mouth, and nearing the anchorage. She was signalled to be the St. Vincent, 120 guns, bearing the flag of Commodore Sir Francis Collier, in command of the fleet. Within the next two hours the other ships of the squadron had arrived, presenting such a beautiful and attractive sight as was scarcely ever witnessed in Cove before - the light winds which prevailed requiring every inch of their snowy canvass to be set, as they glided gracefully over the tranquil waters, and took up a position in line along what is called the Man-of-War Roads - the steamers lying closer in shore, and in the channel between Haulbowline and the Columbine Quay. The following is a correct enumeration of the vessels now in the harbour forming the " Squadron of Evolution" : See St. Vincent for the full extract from the Cork Southern Reporter.

14 July, 1846. Evolutions for the Squadron of Evolutions See St. Vincent for the full extract from the Cork Cork Examiner

18 Aug 1846, joined the squadron commanded by V.-Adm W. Parker, off the Tagus, with the Constance, Eurydice, and Spartan, having completed trials of sailing on our passage out from England.

22 Aug 1846, carried out sailing exercises off Lisbon with squadron, including the Hibernia (flag), St Vincent, Queen, Vanguard, Canopus, Rodney, Albion, Rattler, Polyphemus, Constance, Eurydice, and Spartan.

9 Sep 1846, further sailing trials were carried out by the squadron between Lisbon and Cape St. Vincent.

17 Sep 1846, departed Cadiz with Squadron, the St. Vincent and Queen, being detached to England that evening.

18-19 Sep 1846, further trials carried out by the squadron, including by the steamers, with their floats unshipped.

20 Sep 1846, off Cape Spartel.

20 Dec 1848 SE Coast of America.

1 Jun 1857 ship's boats crews at Battle of Fatshan Creek (see also of 1 Aug 1857).