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Ranger, 1787
Type: Cutter ; Armament 14
Purchased late Revenue Cutter Rose Feb 1787 ; taken by the French Railleuse 11 Jun 1794 ; recovered by the Indefatigable 14 Oct 1797 ; re-taken by the French Privateer Vengeance 2 Nov 1797 ; recovered again by the Galatea 6 Nov 1797
Disposal date or year : 11 Jun 1794 etc...
Disposal Details : Captured by a French squadron, off Brest. Lt. Issaac Cotgrave.

11 Jun 1794 cutter Ranger, Lt Issaac Cotgrave, captured by the French Frigate La Railleuse off Brest. Name retained by the French as privateer Le Ranger.

14 Oct 1797 the frigate Indefatigable captured the French privateer Le Ranger, late RN cutter Ranger, near the Canaries.

2 Nov 1797 the Ranger was re-taken again, this time, only briefly, by the French Privateer Vengeance.

6 Nov 1797 the Ranger was re-covered again, a few days late off the Gironde, by the Galatea.

6 Nov 1797 following her recapture she was taken back into the Service as Venturer.

With thanks to British Warships in the Age of Sail 1793-1817 by Rif Winfield 2005 for unravelling that saga.