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Ranger, 1797
Type: store brig ; brig ; Armament 16
Launched : 1797 ; Disposal date or year : ?

N.B. In an attempt to discover differences between the Sloop Ranger (1794) and the Brig Ranger (1797) have used the dates and details of commissioning officers from Rif Winfield's British Warships in the Age of Sail 1793-1817, thanks Rif, although he doesn't appear to make reference to the Brig, and even Colledge only appears to have limited data on its existence, not detailing when it was disposed of. So, whilst I've attempted to differentiate the vessels, particularly when the Brig was in the Downs and the Sloop was in the North Sea, and where the names of Captains were provided by my sources.

2 May 1799 the Ranger, with the Courier Hired Cutter in Company, captured the Vreeda.

16 Oct 1800 Plymouth, arrived from a cruise after smugglers, and brought in 140 ankers of spirits.

7 Apr 1801 departed the Downs for Sheerness.

12 Oct 1801 remains in the Downs.

20 Nov 1801 remains in the Downs, in company with the Overyssel, &c.

24 Nov 1801 in the Downs, the brig Ranger, outward bound.

28 Nov 1801 the Nemesis, frigate ; Arrow, sloop ; Charger, gun-brig ; and Ranger store brig, during the NNE severe gale last night, drove out of the Downs.

30 Nov 1801 the Ranger arrived back in Dover Roads and remains having been driven out of the Downs on the 28th.

10 Dec 1801 remains in the Downs a dozen RN vessels accompanied by a number of East Indiamen ; wind West, moderate.

20 Dec 1801 remains in the Downs.

8 Jan 1802 remains in the Downs the Amazon, Adm Lutwidge, Capt Sutton ; Nemesis, Commodore Sutton, Capt Owen ; Brilliant, Capt MacKenzie ; Arrow, sloop, Capt Brodie ; Galgo, sloop, Capt Hawkins ; Express, advice boat, Lt Sayer ; and Ranger store brig.

15 Feb 1802 remains in the Downs with the St Albans.

11 Mar 1802 remains in the Downs with the St Albans, &c..

6 Apr 1802 remains in the Downs the St Albans, 74 ; Amazon, frigate ; Hound, sloop ; Conflict, Monkey, and Vixen gun-vessels ; and Ranger, store-brig.

12 Apr 1802 departed the Downs for Deptford.

27 Aug 1802 a Court Martial was held on board the Phoebe, at Sheerness, for the trial of the Gunner of the Ranger, of 18 guns, for carelessness with respect to the magazine, in consequence of which the ship had been nearly lost. The Ranger was at the time employed in conveying volunteers from Deptford to Sheerness, and providentially all the powder was taken out, except such as was kept for the sentinels - this caught fire, and exploded with great violence, setting the ship in flames, and she was saved by scuttling the decks, and half filling her with water. The prisoner was found guilty of negligence, severely reprimanded, and mulcted four months' pay.

4 Nov 1802 departed Plymouth with the Busy and revenue vessels, on a cruise against the smugglers.

Circa 9 Jun 1804 Lieut Burton ? apptd to the Rangler (sic).

15 Jun 1804 the Orpheus, Capt Hill, arrived Spithead, from off Havre. She chased on Saturday last, in company with the Ranger, Capt Coote, a French lugger privateer of 14 guns, within 2 miles of Brighton, but from her gaining the wind on shore, she escaped, after receiving a broadside from the Ranger.

5 Jul 1804 arrived Spithead from the squadron off Havre.