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Ranger, 1806
Type: Cutter ;
Launched : 1806 ; Disposal date or year : 1814

N.B with 2 vessels of the same name, built around the same period and working in a similar theatre of war, it is not always possible to know which vessel is being discussed, so there is a good chance I, or the observer, may have confused one vessel with another, especially when one isn't specifically defined as either a sloop or cutter.

6 Jan 1811 Was flying signals of distress from her shrouds during the gale at N. Yarmouth.

20 Jan 1811 departed N. Yarmouth for the Nore.

30 May 1811 drove on shore and burnt a French privateer, name unknown, off Rose Head.

1 Oct 1811 arrived N. Yarmouth with a smuggling vessel with 150 tubs of spirits, the crew of which had previously abandoned her.

4 Dec 1811 arrived N. Yarmouth with a schooner laden with foreign spirits.

14 Dec 1811 departed N. Yarmouth on a cruise.

2 Jan 1812 Remains N. Yarmouth.

circa 19 Jan 1812 departed N. Yarmouth to the northward.

8 Aug 1813 departed N. Yarmouth on a cruise.