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Ranger, <-1822-1848->
Type: Revenue cruiser ; Armament 15

Circa 1 Sep 1816 under the command of John Sayers, based on the Sheerness Station, and responsible to the English Board.

14 Oct 1822 got on shore near Winterton, Nr Yarmouth, in the gale, where HMS Invincible was lost in 1801, with 126 officers and men.

Jul 1830 Revenue Vessel - England.

27 Dec 1838 Francis Higginson of the Ranger dived into the harbour at Dover and saved the life of a little boy by the name of John Collins.

18 Nov 1839 Lt. W.H. Baker, apptd. in command of the Ranger, based at Deal.

14 Dec 1839 Mate Robert Synge, appointed Chief Officers of Coast Guard and to the Ranger, R.C.

21 Dec 1839 Robert Synge, from Ranger, revenue cruiser, appointed Chief Officer of the Coast Guard and to the coast of Durham.

1 Aug 1842 still based at Deal with Lt. Baker in command.

20 Dec 1848 Revenue Vessel.

NB I have no knowledge regarding when vessels were built or broken up for the Revenue Service, so these notes may well cover one or more vessels.