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Ranger, 1835
Type: Packet brig ; Armament 8
Launched : 25 Jul 1835 ; Disposal date or year : 1867
BM: 363 tons

Portsmouth 18 Jun 1836 is reported to have arrived at Falmouth from Rio de Janeiro (17 Apr), Bahia (30), Pernambuco (7 May).

Falmouth 15 Oct 1836 arrived from St Thomas's (15th ult.)

Lisbon circa 24 Dec 1836 arrived from Falmouth with mail.

Falmouth 7 Jan 1837 arrived.

Shortly after 29 Dec 1840. was sighted by the Ringdove when off St. Croix, and in chase of probable slave schooner.

2 Jan 1841 Assistant Surgeon John Andrews, appointed to the Ranger;

13 Feb 1841 arrived Falmouth from St Thomas' (1 Jan) ; Porto Rico (2/1) ; Cape Henri (6/1). 19 Feb 1841 arrived at Portsmouth from Jamaica (29 Dec), via Falmouth.

17 Mar 1841 at Falmouth, for Vera Cruz, awaiting a change in the weather.

18 Mar 1841 Falmouth, departed for Mexico, but had to return the following day due to the bad weather.

29 Jul 1841 arrived Falmouth, from Mexico, with $180,000 in freight, having called at Belize (20-22/5) ; Vera Cruz (30/5-12/6) ; Tampico (14-17/6) ; Havannah (27-29/6).

30 Nov 1841 departed Rio with freight from the St. Joao del Rey Mining Co., and the Brazilian Mining Co. totalling Ł11,000, with a passenger, Sir Geo. Jackson, a member of the British and Brazilian Court of Mixed Commission, Rio de Janeiro, responsible for condemning or restoring slave vessels brought to Rio for justice to be meted out, although by this date in view of the way the Mixed Courts have been abused by the member nations of Brazil, Portugal and Spain etc. they were now little used, most cases now being referred to the Vice-Admiralty Courts at St. Helena and Sierra Leone etc., see below. It is reported that whilst at Bahia one of the crew was stabbed to death by a Portuguese, and another was wounded by the same man, stabbed in the leg. In view of the state of lawlessness that exists in the region, it is doubted whether a satisfactory punishment will be possible, although the local diplomats will do their best.

22 Jan 1842, is reported to have arrived Falmouth from Rio de Janeiro with specie. While at Bahia one of the crew was killed when ashore, and a ship mate was wounded in the leg.

22 Jun 1845 detained the Brazilian slave brigantine Emprehendedor / Empreendedor, 80 tons, no slaves embarked, owned by José A Ferreira, would appear to have been detained on the West Coast of Africa, but subsequently released without court proceedings. Voyage ID No. 4687 in the on-line slave database.

20 Dec 1848 Coast of Africa

15 Mar 1850 detained in lat. 6° 11' N. long. 1° 36' E., the Brazilian slave schooner Destimida, 43 tons, Verissimo Jozé da Costa, master ; condemned 22 Apr 1850, by the Vice-Admiralty Court at Sierra Leone, being equipped for the slave trade.

30 Aug 1851 Coast of Africa

1860 Hulk.

1860 Church Ship, Kingstown, Dublin