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Rapid, 1829
Type: Sloop ; Armament 10
Launched : 1829 ; Disposal date or year : 12 Apr 1838
Disposal Details : Wrecked off Crete, Mediterranean ; Lieut. Hon Graham Hay St. V de Ros Kinnaird

26 Nov 1829 departed Portsmouth.

Plymouth 28 Nov 1829 arrived in the Sound yesterday, from Portsmouth, and departed shortly afterwards for the Mediterranean.

20 Dec 1829 arrived Malta from Plymouth with despatches.

5 Jan 1830 was expected to depart Malta for Smyrna shortly.

4 Jan 1830 remains Paros.

9 May 1830 reported to be in the Archipelago.

6 Feb 1830 at Napoli de Romania.

Nov 1830 at Napoli de Romania.

6 Jan 1831 at Napoli.

Mar 1831 arrived Malta from the Archipelago, during which passage she experienced severe gales, lasting five days, and was under storm top-sails.

28 Oct 1831 departed Malta for Napoli di Romania.

26 May 1832 arrived Malta from Nauplia.

30 Jun 1832 at Malta.

28 Jul 1832 at Malta when the packet Alban departed for England.

25 Aug 1832 her Commanding Officer writes from Malta that in accordance with orders dated 10 Jun 1832, he examined the spot where the volcanic island, known as Graham's Island, presumably after the Adm. of that name who was a member of the Board of Admiralty, and advises that it has disappeared leaving a dangerous shoal at 37 N. 12 43' East of Greenwich, 2 suitable buoys having been left at the spot, 120 yards apart.

4 Sep 1832 has been sent to Vostizza for the protection of British merchant shipping.

22 Sep 1832 arrived Patras from Malta.

5 Oct 1832 at Sicily.

30 Nov 1832 at Malta.

3 Jul 1833 arrived Portsmouth from Malta (27 May), and Gibraltar (18 Jun).

6 Jul 1833 In Portsmouth harbour.

26 Aug 1833 Taken out of the basin.

31 Aug 1833 Will go out to Spithead next week, prior to sailing for the coast of Africa.

Portsmouth 11 Sep 1833 departed Portsmouth to Plymouth.

14 Sep 1833 arrived Plymouth from Portsmouth.

1 Oct 1833 arrived Portsmouth from Milford.

16 Oct 1833 departed Portsmouth but later returned due to a gale.

19 Oct 1833 departed Portsmouth on trials.

1 Jan 1834 On the South America Station.

27 Feb 1834 the Admiralty (John Barrow) requests the Foreign Office (Viscount Palmerston), to order Warrants from the French, under the recent Conventions for the Slave Trade, for the Brazil Station for the commanding officers of the Snake, Satellite, and Rapid, at the same time cancelling and returning those that had previously been issued for the Rattlesnake, Samarang, and Pylades.

21 Mar 1835 is reported to have been at Rio de Janeiro on 19 Jan., and due to sail to the Falklands Islands to relieve the Snake.

26 May 1835 arrived Rio de Janeiro from the Falklands Islands.

28 Dec 1835 was reported to have been in the Falkland Isles.

17 Apr 1836 is reported to be at Rio de Janeiro.

2 Jun 1836 arrived Portsmouth Thursday from Rio de Janeiro (8 May), and Pernambuco (19th).

26 May 1837 in Valetta harbour.

6 Aug 1837 arrived Malta from Port Mahon.

14 Aug 1837 departed Malta for Barcelona.