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Rapid, 1860
Type: Sloop ; Armament 11
Laid down : Deptford 18 Aug 1859 ; Launched : 29 Nov 1860 ;
Disposal date or year : 1881
BM: 672 tons ; Displacement: 913 tons
Propulsion: Screw
Machinery notes: 460 h.p.i., 150 h.p.

1861 Woolwich

12 June 1862 Woolwich. Commissioned.

12 Feb 1863, at Johanna with the Ariel when the Gorgon arrives.

9 Apr 1863, detained a slave dhow Name Unknown.

25 Apr 1863, detained a slave dhow Name Unknown.

1864 Cape of Good Hope and East Indies station. Medical report : fever, and dysentery onboard : number of Cases of Disease and Injury.

1870 Mediterranean

26 Feb 1871 departed Marseilles, for Malta, having been relieved by the Jaseur.

7 Mar 1871 arrived Malta from Marseilles and Villafranca.

2 Apr 1871, for census, at Naples.

24 Apr 1871 taken out of dock.

Corfu Jan, 1878 joined by her new commanding officer. Apart from the odd sortie to Albania appears to have spent much of her time at Corfu. For some musings on his time there, see extract from the then Commander Penrose's autobiography.

Autumn 1878 to Malta for refit.

Winter 1878/79 In the Levant, on the coast of Syria, at Ayas Bay.

Spring 1879 showing the flag along the Syrian Coast.

May 1879 lying in the Bay of Tripoli.

Summer 1879 refitting at Malta. Officers borne in the Alexandra pending recommissioning.

Winter 1879/80 off Constantinople.