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Rattler, 1795
Type: Sloop ; Armament 16 (as rated)
Launched : 1795 ; Disposal date or year : 1815

9 Aug 1795 departed Portsmouth for Plymouth (Capt. Lake).

21 Aug 1795 departed Portsmouth in company with 4 custom house cutters for Guernsey.

24 Aug 1795 arrived Portsmouth with the Albion, Taylor, taken off L'Orient.

20 Sep 1795 arrived off Weymouth and fired a royal salute on sighting the royal standard at St. Fiorenzo's masthead : His Majesty returning to shore circa 1930.

23 Sep 1795 arrived in the evening at Portsmouth, supposedly, from Guernsey.

25 Jan 1796 the newspapers advise that Captain Couche is to replace Capt. Lake, who is appointed to the Proserpine.

16 Feb 1796, in company with the Swallow, arrived Portsmouth from the Downs with a Convoy of 5 transports (Capt. Couche). 13 Mar 1796 arrived Portsmouth with the Sylph and Childers from Guernsey.

20 Mar 1796 departed Portsmouth in search of a French lugger privateer, which was reported to have taken 4 vessels, a part of a convoy, off the coast of Sussex.

Evening of 23 Mar 1796 arrived Portsmouth, following an unsuccessful search for the French privateer.

6 May 1796 Rattler and Diamond captured the French schooner privateer Pichegru, 14 guns, off Cherbourg, in sight of vessels moored in the Roads, following a chase of 14 hours. The Pichegru was reported to have taken the collier Loyal Jane off St. Alban's Head, which was chased on shore near Cherbourg by the Diamond.

9 May 1796, arrived Portsmouth with the Pichegru.

6 Jun 1796, departed Portsmouth on a cruise.

Between Aug and Oct 1797 captured 2 French privateers, names unknown, on the Jamaica station.

18 Oct 1797 capture of La Perle, French privateer, [head-money per London Gazette of 13 Nov 1827].

25 Nov 1797 is reported to have arrived Jamaica with 2 armed barges, per London Gazette.

2 Jul 1798 departed Port Royal, Jamaica.

3 Jul 1798 returned to Port Royal, Jamaica.

Between 12 Feb and 15 Apr 1799 captured a French privateer, name unknown, on the Jamaica station.

20 May - 3 Aug 1800 is reported to have captured a Spanish Gun Boat, mounting 2 guns, per London Gazette.

11 Jun 1802 arrived Spithead the Rattler Sloop of war, Captain Spread, with dispatches from Jamaica.

21 Jun 1802 departed Spithead the Rattler sloop of war, Captain Spread, to the eastward to be paid off.

23 Jun 1802 arrived in the Downs this morning, from Spithead.

Jan 1803 - Jan 1804 in refit.

Circa 7 Jan 1804 Capt E Mason, apptd to the Rattler.

13 Feb 1804, remains Deal. NW gales continue to blow.

15-16 May 1804 action with a division of the Flushing flotilla.

25 May 1804 arrived Yarmouth with the Vixen and Snipe, from off Flushing.

9 Jul 1804 reported to be with the squadron off Ostend.

4 Sep 1804 departed Spithead for Jamaica.

Circa 22 Sep 1804 sent into Portsmouth harbour the Hofnung brig, bound from Lisbon to Dieppe, by the Rattler.

Circa 29 Sep 1804 the Rattler, Capt Mason, has detained and sent into Spithead the galliot Melena, bound for Bourdeaux.

Circa 12 Oct 1804 the Rattler, Falcon, and Camperdown chased 33 French gun brigs and 28 luggers that had escaped out of Havre, but they escaped into Dieppe.

21 Oct 1804 arrived Spithead from off Dieppe, the Rattler, Capt Mason.

Circa 27 Oct 1804 the schooner Dolphin, laden with Purbeck stone from Swanage was captured off Brighton by a French privateer, but was recaptured by the Rattler and brought into Spithead.

Circa 15 Dec 1804 Capt Mason of the Rattler has sent in the King cutter, of Deal, laden with contraband goods.

9 Jan 1805 following an attack by the ships' boats of the Rattler and lugger Folkestone, on a French privateer in Dieppe Roads, reports suggest that 21 men were killed or wounded and 10 are missing.

31 Mar 1805, in Company with HM Ships Harriet and Zephyr, captured the Fran Gertina.

13 Apr 1805 arrived Portsmouth from off Dieppe.

May 1805 Spithead Commander Francis Mason.

30 Aug 1812 in latitude 36 north, longitude 62 west. (See also page 90)

9 Feb 1813 arrived Halifax, from St. John's, N.B.

17 Feb 1813 departed Halifax for St. John's, N.B.

15 Mar 1813 Rattler, Capt. Gordon, departed St. John's, N.B., on a cruise.

26 Mar 1813 arrived the American schooner Sarah, prize to the Rattler.

20 Apr 1813 in company with the Hogue, Rattler, and Curlew, captured the letter of marque brig Vivid, with an assorted cargo.

27 Apr 1813 arrived Halifax a prize to the Nymphe, Hogue, Rattler, and Curlew, the letter of marque brig Vivid.

2 May 1813 captured a U.S. privateer, the 2 gun schooner Gallynippe, with 55 men, in the Bay of Fundy.

5 May 1813 St. John, arrived from a cruise. 10 May 1813 captured the Schooner Columbia on the N.A. & W. Indies station.

19 May 1813 the Rattler and Bream drove the U.S. privateer Alexander, 18 guns, on shore, with between 40 and 70 men, off Kenebank/Kennebank. Once the tide started to flood the vessel, with $10,000 of goods was got off.

24 May 1813 the Shannon, Tenedos, and Rattler captured the Schooner Postboy on the N.A. & W. Indies station.

26 Jun 1813 departed St. John's, N.B., for St. Andrews, with the President and suite on board for the passage.

7 Jul 1813 captured the Schooner Prudentia on the N.A. & W. Indies station.

11 Jul 1813 the Rattler and privateer Retrieve captured the Brig John Adams on the N.A. & W. Indies station.

31 Jul 1813 captured the Schooner Porpoise on the N.A. & W. Indies station.

22 Aug 1813 departed Halifax for New Brunswick.

4 Sep 1813 Capt. Gordon of the Rattler appointed to the Laurestinus ; there was also some discussion that due to her worn out state she might be used as a prison or receiving ship, however, in the light of subsequent events it would appear that she was to remain in commission.

27 Sep 1813 arrived Halifax, with a convoy from St. John's, N.B.

28 Jan 1814 at Bermuda.

7 Mar 1814 the boats of the Rattler, Endymion and Pelorus captured a U.S. privateer, the 15 gun Mars, with 70 men.

17 May 1814 arrived Halifax, with the Arab, and a small convoy from Bermuda.

17 Jun 1814 arrived Halifax, from New London.

18 Sep 1814 departed Port Royal with a convoy.

25 Oct 1814 arrived Halifax, from Jamaica, via Bermuda, 10 days.

27 Dec 1814 arrived Portsmouth from Halifax, having parted from her convoy in bad weather.

8 Jan 1815 arrived Deal and departed for the river.