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Rattlesnake, 1861
Type: Corvette ; Armament 16 x 8 ", 1 x 7 ", 4 x 40 pdr.)
Laid down : Chatham Mar 1859 ; Launched : 9 Jul 1861 ;
Disposal date or year : 1882
BM: 1705 tons ; Displacement: 2431 tons
Propulsion: Screw
Machinery notes: 1628 hpi 400 hp

1860 Chatham, Building

20 Aug 1862 Devonport. Commissioned.

3 Nov 1862 at anchor off Ascension.

8 Nov 1862 departed Ascension for Cape Coast Castle, and joined the Brisk at anchor on the 16th inst.

17 Nov 1862 departed Cape Coast Castle and arrived Jellah Coffee, near Quittah, later that day, and having spoken to local Europeans it would appear that the Portuguese are still active in the Slave Trade in that area.

19 Nov 1862 arrived Little Popoe and was entertained by the local chief and entertained by his people. From Popoe went to Whydah and met various dignitaries, including the slave trader Domingo Martinez, who states that he no longer deals in the slave trade. Went on to meet local tribal chiefs and concluding a satisfactory visit, but by the presence of the senior officer, apparently making it clear to those who might get involved in the Slave Trade that the Royal Navy was still around. Was unable to return on board that night, the surf being too high. Left the ship's boats at Whydah to keep an eye on a Brazilian brig which was hanging around.

23 Nov 1862 departed Whydah.

24 Nov 1862 arrived Lagos, in company with the Brisk, and gave the Wrangler her programme for the forthcoming months as she departed for the South Coast.

25 Nov 1862 handed over the lifeboat-cutter, received at Ascension, for Lagos, and having transferred to Mr. McCoskry's tug Wrangler crossed the bar and went to visit the Governor, Lieutenant Glover, C.O. of the Handy, and various tribal chiefs.

29 Jan 1863 off Lagos.

1864 West Coast of Africa station. Overview and medical report of diarrhoea, fever, Guinea-worm, and heart disease onboard : number of Cases of Disease and Injury. Further note on fever when some of crew were lent to the Investigator for service up the River Niger.

16 Oct 1869 escorted the Flying Squadron clear of the Cape - see p. 153->

1870 Cape of Good Hope and West Coast of Africa station.

2 Apr 1871, for census, Cape of Good Hope.

1879 Devonport