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Raven, 1805
Type: Gun Brig ; Armament 14 x 24-pdr. carronades.
Launched : 1805 ; Disposal date or year : 1816

28 Jul 1809 a part of a large fleet which departed from the Downs, with troops, with the aim of demolishing the dock-yards, and arsenals at Antwerp, Terneuse, and Flushing, often known as the ill-fated Walcheren Expedition.

1 Aug 1811 whilst cruising off the coast between the Texel and the Elbe, the ships' boats of a small squadron were sent to the island of Nordeney with a view to cutting out a number of gun-boats.

29 Sep 1811 arrived Deal, from the Nore.

13 Nov 1811 departed Deal, for the Nore.

2 Jan 1812 arrived Deal, with a convoy from Portsmouth.

12 Jan 1812 arrived Deal, from Hosely Bay.

3 Jul 1812 sighted a French flotilla of 14 armed brigs exercising to leeward of the Weiling and gave chase, compelling 4 to anchor close to the surf under the batteries and 3 on shore.

17 Oct 1812 arrived Yarmouth, with a convoy from the northward.

19 Oct 1812 departed Yarmouth, with convoy for the Nore.

5 Jan 1813 arrived Yarmouth, from a cruise.

13 Jul 1813 departed Deal, for off Flushing.

27 Jul 1814 Deal, came down the River with American prisoners, for Portsmouth.

24 Aug 1814 departed Portsmouth, with a convoy for North America, &c.

1 Sep 1814, Portsmouth, Liffey and Raven departed with the convoy for Quebec and Halifax.

14 Oct 1814, arrived Halifax, some vessels from the convoy which departed Portsmouth 1 Sep., under the protection of the Liffey and Raven.

17 Nov 1814 departed Halifax, on a cruise to the eastward.

20 Nov 1814, arrived Halifax, from a cruise.

7 Dec 1814 remains Halifax.

Navy Office 19 Jul 1816 Lying at Deptford ; offered for sale for 31 Jul 1816

Deptford 18 Sep 1816 Put up for sale at auction at 1000, she was sold at 740.