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Recruit, 1855
Type: Gunboat ; Armament 6
Acquired : Jan 1855 ; Disposal date or year : 1869
BM: 540 tons ; Displacement: 468 tons
Propulsion: Paddle
Machinery notes: 160 h.p.

Late Prussian Nix, launched 1851.

25 May 1855, Kertch and Yenikale were captured, along with thousands of tons and coal and provisions, along with factories etc., by some 60 French and British vessels, and allied troops, for which no prize money appeared to be payable, contrary to the Queen's instructions. See Hansard for more details, and approval for a Parliamentary Grant in lieu.

29 Dec 1855 At Kertch, Crimea.

All gunboats from 1 Jan 1856, are to be commissioned as independent commands with a crew of 36 men and officers.

1860 Mediterranean.